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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – This is not healthy, folks.  You want a dose of this?  Play Michael Eric Dyson from yesterday’s Black Lives Matter rally.  This is a counter-inaugural protest that was – I think the Reverend Al Sharpton began the festivities, if you want to call them that, with a rambling 35-, 40-minute-long speech where he harangued, pumped, threatened: He’s not my president.  We’re not gonna let him rule us.  We’re not gonna let him do this.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Rod Dreher commenting on this.  This is about John Lewis, the Congressman from Georgia.  He did not attend George W. Bush’s inauguration in ’01 or ’05.  He’s not going to attend Trump’s:


My view is that it was irresponsible for John Lewis to say that Donald Trump is not a “legitimate” president. In this, Lewis is no better than Trump himself was when he . . .
The greater sin, if that’s the word, was Trump’s absurd overreaction to what John Lewis said. I don’t believe that being a black man who is a Civil Rights hero, as Lewis absolutely is, gives you the right to say whatever you want to without criticism . . . [Mike: Then he knocks Trump for his response.]

“It must be said that the whole business of questioning a president’s right to hold office is pernicious. It puts a hard stop on all civility and cooperation. The worst instance, of course, was the claim that Barack Obama . . .”

[end reading]

Mike:  And then he gets into the claim that Obama was born in Kenya, wasn’t an American citizen, etc., etc.  By the way, Rod, that’s never been conclusively debunked.  There’s a very good case to be made that Obama was born in Indonesia or Kenya and is not an American citizen, especially since his father, Barry Soetoro, was not a citizen.  Under the original understanding of natural-born citizen, that would make Obama not a natural-born citizen.


“Trump often justifies his attacks as counterpunching. Even a glancing blow seems to merit a nuclear response. But this is the exact opposite of the ethical teaching . . .”

This is one thing that’s so strange about Trump. He’s an extremely wealthy man who took on the entire Republican Party establishment, defeated it, then went on to win the US Presidency in a victory with world-historical implications — and still, he can’t stop himself from going to the mat with a Congressman from Atlanta . . .

It’s clear that Trump and his enemies on the left are going to be at each other’s throats for the next four years . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  This is not healthy, folks.  You want a dose of this?  Play Michael Eric Dyson from yesterday’s Black Lives Matter rally.  This is a counter-inaugural protest that was – I think the Reverend Al Sharpton began the festivities, if you want to call them that, with a rambling 35-, 40-minute-long speech where he harangued, pumped, threatened: He’s not my president.  We’re not gonna let him rule us.  We’re not gonna let him do this.  Isn’t it interesting, isn’t it funny that when democracy doesn’t go as left as a smarmy, snickety, pinko, Commie lib’s way, their first reaction is to make a reaction.  I remember this, as I’m sure many of you do.  I attended the first Tea Party rally and protest on the 15th of April 2009.  I was at the one in Mordor on the Potomac.  I actually went to DC.  XM Satellite Radio has their studios there.  I did the show there that morning.  The Mike Church Show Band came out.  We played “Mr. Jefferson” live.  Then we went to Lafayette Square where there was a big Tea Party rally.  I got to speak after Laura Ingraham.  It was pouring rain.  It was cold.  It was 35 degrees.  It was absolutely miserable.

There were no calls for violence.  I know, I was there.  There was no call for anyone other than peaceful, civil opposition to what Obama was promising to do.  That was the exact message, peaceful, civil opposition to what Obama was promising to do.  I think, for the most part, over the next two years that was carried out.  It didn’t matter.  This is going to be my point.  It didn’t matter.  The Pelosi Congress wouldn’t pass Obamacare anyway.  The Pelosi Congress passed the porkulus, succubus, stimulus act anyway.  Neither one of those two items was popular.  Neither one of them had vast majority of support.  Obama won.

What did we do?  We are currently living peacefully and trying to figure out how to escape the ravages of Obamacare.  No one that I know of that was in opposition has blown any buildings up, has surrounded anyone and threatened violence against them, or any of the shenanigans that are going on here.  What are we witnessing here, folks?  You are witnessing disorder.  These people’s lives are so disordered that they think you can extend the disorder in their personal, mortally sinful lives out into the world with the rest of us.  Somehow they’re protected to do this by the First Amendment and by protesting and all this.  This is all going to end in tears.

As a matter of fact, as I’m reading all these stories this morning, you know what I’m’ thinking?  My poor baby girl Madison is attending an institution of higher learning, Louisiana State University, LSU.  I actually had a thought.  I need to have a conversation with her.  I actually need to tell her: Sweetheart, I know you’re innocent and you think that everyone is cool and everyone loves you and all your friends and all that.  You’re on a college campus now.  I guarantee you there are factions of these radical nutbags that are on the LSU campus.  Name your university, they’re there.  If you don’t have a chancellor or university president that’s going to tell these punks where to go and how to get there, you’re going to have trouble.  Don’t attend any protest.  Don’t go to any rallies.  Stay away.  Don’t go to any parties where there is even the possibility that you might wind up in the company of the wrong people.  Just don’t go.  Take your friends and go somewhere else.  I’ll even pay for it.  Don’t go.  Avoid these close encounters with radicals by thinking ahead.

[mocking] “Mitter Church, you’re scaring people.  These children are crying on their way to school.”  We would be irresponsible if we did not caution our children, especially high school and college-aged kids: You’ve got to use your smarts.  I can’t be there and do this for you.  You’ve got to think in advance, sweethearts, young men, especially you young men.  We need chivalrous young men now.  You have to think in advance.  You’ve got to think out loud. You’ve got to analyze these situations.  You’ve got to go: Wait a minute, I heard one of these whacko radicals – there’s a BLM group that said they’re going to show up at this.  No, I’m not going to go.  Don’t go.  Don’t go anywhere near where these people are.  I’m telling you, folks, I smell Mammon.  I smell the evil.  I smell the rat.  I smell what the rat is doing.

Watch O’Keefe’s video.  These people are conspiring to attack.  There’s one diabolical moment in here, in the video, the undercover video filmed by James O’Keefe where the two conspirators, this Kuhm creep, actually says, [mocking] “Yeah, man, after we stink ‘em out of the building and then the sprinklers go off and they get all soaking wet, we get the added benefit of watching them all stand out in the freezing cold.”  Salivating over the prospect that another human being might come down with pneumonia, might get frostbite.  [mocking] “Mitter Church, that’s not . . . .”  Yes, it is.

This is what the cult of death hath wrought.  This is what it has produced, callous disregard for all human life now.  You can’t even go to a private party now and have the reasonable expectation of, number one, privacy, and, number two, safety.  Knowing that these creeps, these goons might find out you voted for Trump.  Somebody in your group is a Trump supporter.  Social justice warriors plotting your demise.  Christopher, play the clip from Michael Eric Dyson.  You can start at a minute in.  We don’t need to hear the introduction because it’s boring.  He doesn’t get going until he’s about two minutes in.  This was recorded at, it wasn’t Black Lives Matter, but I think it was BIL, a BIL group.  They were all black people that were screaming and ranting and raving and hollering and screaming about – Trump hasn’t ‘even taken office yet and apparently he’s already a war criminal.  Listen to Dyson:

[start audio clip]

Michael Eric Dyson: . . . professor [cheering] belligerent, bellicose, and bullying. A man who is unmolested by enlightenment. A man who is addicted to the United States of Amnesia. [Mike: He’s talking about Trump.] A man who has refused to study his history. He is here in a moment of incredible importance and yet he lacks the gravitas and the study and the scholarship and the erudition and the insight and the courage and the heart to bear witness to the truth. He has put in place of our government a baronocracy. Tycoons who are billionaires and multi-millionaires, who are without competence. Just ‘cause you got a bunch of money don’t mean you know what you doin’. [Mike: It doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re doing.] [unintelligible] . . . The reality is, we’ve got a president-elect who is unconscious of the deep and profound waters that have washed over our lives, and, so, we are here to remind him that we will not be moved. We ain’t goin’ back. [Mike: Go back where?] And [unintelligible] incompetence, don’t ever again say you are against so-called preferential treatment and the worst meaning of affirmative action. We have got the most incompetent, incapable people putting in place to run the government, mostly white men, and some white women, [Mike: Can’t have that.] and a brother. That’s the soft bigotry of pro-expectations. But the reality is that we must . . .

[end audio clip]

Mike:  I want you to pay attention to this.  It is now soft bigotry to hire a white man.  You just heard it.  Soft bigotry to hire a white man or a white – folks, I am telling you, these maniacs, they plan violence.  Do not take this lightly.  Let me take you back.  This is why I brought up William Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn, Weather Underground and the SDS, Students for a Democratic Society.  In 1972, over 1,900 bombings.  It didn’t happen by accident.  People were injured.  In one case, in one of those bombings, people were killed.  The Pentagon was bombed.  There was a bomb planted in Congress.  There was a bomb at the San Francisco Police Headquarters, the one that Bill Ayers actually himself personally planted.  There were other bombs that were placed in government facilities, police offices.  Police officers were targeted.  Police officers were killed.  People that didn’t agree with, that were on the “wrong side” of the questions were targeted to be bombed.  Sometimes it would just indiscriminately pick a target, like a tugboat company was blown up.  For what reason?  I don’t know, maybe it was run by a white guy.

Michael Eric Dyson is one of these – his book is – roll the rest of the – I just wanted to point out, soft bigotry, now, according to the social justice warriors, we’re now gathering together – of course, they’re anarchists, so they can’t get too close together.  They’re now of the position that if you hire a white man or a white woman, you have just committed an act of soft bigotry.

[start audio file]

Dyson: We must remember that we are all in this together. Gay and straight and lesbian and transgendered and bisexual, Christian and Muslim, black and white, we are told that this is the revenge of the white working class. I love the white working class, but there’s a black working class, and a brown working class, and a yellow and a red working class. We are all in this together. What we must tell our white brothers and sisters is that you’ve got to learn from us as well. Don’t be hoodwinked and snookered by investing in white supremacy and the unconscious reflex of bigotry. You’ve got to push beyond that to understand we are all in this together . . .

[end audio file]

Mike:  You just listed thirteen groups.

Christopher:  Did he just insult the Native American community by saying red, the red working class?

Mike:  Maybe he meant his buddies in the communist movement.

Christopher:  I thought the Native Americans weren’t [unintelligible] being called red.

Mike:  He just gave you thirteen distinct groups, but they’re all in it together.  You had the token mention of the straight, then the gay, then the lesbian, then the trans, then the bi.  Folks, you see – what does error produce?  This Michael Eric Dyson guy is a well-known radical.  Error produces error.  There is no force on Earth that can stop what these people are thinking because their thinking is warped and erroneous.  Don’t hold out that maybe the moralists among them – the moralists among them?  Where?  Where are you going to find one?

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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