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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – The whole arc of human history is wrapped up in this sin.  There’s so rare an incidence where this sin is not at the root of war, is not at the root of other horrific activities or other horrors visited upon the once-great Christendom and the cities and peoples of Christendom. Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  The LGBTQ person, by the fact that the designation is being made publically – we always do this.  I’ve talk about this for over a decade now.  We take the sex, the abominable act, and we separate it from the distinction.  [mocking] “She’s just a lesbian.”  No, she’s committing an atrocious mortal sin.  It’s not just a lesbian.  [mocking] “Well, he’s just a gay guy.”  No, he’s creating an atrocious mortal sin.  Not only that, it’s not healthy.  Seventy percent of all venereal disease cases come from who?  Homosexual men.  That’s not me; that’s the CDC statistic.  It might even be like 78 percent.  It’s not healthy.  Why?  Because God goes: I’m not blessing this.  I’m not signing off on this.  We always do this.  [mocking] “Mitter Church, Mitter Evangelical, please we have to let them do and feel and think the way they want to feel and think.”

This is the same rot that’s crept inside the mind of the average member of Western civilization that thinks that marriage is some sort of an idiosyncrasy to them, or that it’s an anachronism.  It doesn’t mean anything anymore.  [mocking] “We used to have marriage.  We don’t need it anymore.  We’ve evolved.”  I beg to differ.  Until God repeals the Fourth Commandment, “Thou shall honor thy father and mother,” until he repeals the Sixth and Ninth Commandments that prevent us and order us not to commit adultery and other mortal sins of the flesh, then it’s still in effect.  Homosexuality is not compatible with it.  To be clear, in the same manner that prostitution is not compatible with it, that bigamy is not compatible with it, that polygamy or polyamory is not compatible with it.  Add your sexual deviance here, that being a tramp or a horndog is not compatible, being promiscuous.

The whole arc of human history is wrapped up in this sin.  There’s so rare an incidence where this sin is not at the root of war, is not at the root of other horrific activities or other horrors visited upon the once-great Christendom and the cities and peoples of Christendom.  You can’t have it both ways.  This is the major problem here.  It’s not so much that we ought to purge all the LGBTQ.  No, I’m sure they’re perfectly functioning in their positions there.  It is the public expression and the demand that I have to accept it, the demand that I have to endorse it, the demand that even though I’m looking at you and I know you’re a woman you demand that I call you a man.

As Ben Shapiro did yesterday, I’d like to play this little digital media file for you.  Ben Shapiro is a video blogger, a news guy, a graduate of Harvard University.  He appeared at a college – what’s the name of the school?  Ferris State University in Upstate Michigan, I believe, over the weekend or late last week.  His talk was about conformity to the new LGBTQ standards and the pronouns that are demanded that people use.  In other words, I’m staring at a young woman and the young woman says I’m staring at a man.  You must call me he.  I demand that I get to choose the pronoun.  Shapiro is answering questions.  The clip is self-explanatory.  What you’re about to hear is objective moral truth.  You know what?  What you’re about to hear is objective defense of natural law.

[start audio file]

Female: So, how do you say that some people don’t have privilege when you basically just said that trans people aren’t valid, they’re not a thing, they’re just girls pretending to be boys or boys pretending to be girls? Sex is biological, but gender is a completely different thing.

Ben Shapiro: No, gender is not disconnected from sex.

Female: It’s not completely disconnected but it’s still a cultural thing. It’s still from society. It’s still . . .

Shapiro: Okay. No, it is not in the mind. You’re not a man if you think you’re a man. And I didn’t say pretending, or if I did, I shouldn’t have said pretending.

Female: You said playing.

Shapiro: Okay. I said a boy who thinks he’s a girl. That’s the usual phraseology I use, not playing. I usually say a boy who thinks he’s a girl or a girl who thinks he’s a boy, which is technically what we’re talking about here. As far as the actual psychological issues at play, it used to be called gender identity disorder; now they call it gender dysphoria. The idea that sex or gender are malleable is not true. Okay? And I am not denying your humanity if you are a transgender person. I am saying that you are not the sex to which you claim to be. You’re still a human being, and you’re a human being with an issue that I wish you Godspeed in dealing with in whatever way you see fit. But if you are going to dictate to me that I am supposed to pretend, I am supposed to pretend that men are women and women are men, no. My answer is no. I’m not going to modify basic biology because it threatens your subjective sense of what you are.

[end audio file]

Mike:  Right there, bam, that just happened.  Note the phraseology here.  Not “I’m gonna consider it.  You have the right to do this, that and the other.”  Note that Shapiro says that the young woman has the right, and he wishes her Godspeed on dealing with the issue, but, no, I am not going to admit, I am not going to say, I’m not going to lie, I’m not going to pronounce a falsity because it upsets your subjective moral reality.  I’m not going to call you a man or a boy when I know you’re a girl.  Look, the hits just keep on coming here because she will not relent and Shapiro just shines here.

[start audio file]

Female: Okay. But you’re still saying these kids should, like, not be accepted because they don’t really fit in either place. They can’t just, like –

Shapiro: I’m saying that the Boy Scouts have a standard. You must be a biological boy to be a Boy Scout. You have to be a boy to be a Boy Scout.

Female: Where’s that written, though?

Shapiro: In the name Boy Scouts.


Shapiro: Because this is a very –

Female: [unintelligible] just because a name says something.

Shapiro: Because for all of human history, boy meant boy and girl meant girl. Boy did not mean girl –

Female: It’s 2017, though. Like, people are [unintelligible] –

Shapiro: And if I call you a moose, are you suddenly a moose? If I redefine our terms –

Female: That’s a completely different thing.

Shapiro: Yes, that’s right. Men and women are a completely different thing. This is true. Have you ever met a man or a woman? They’re completely different.

Female: They’re a completely different thing. You can’t just say you’re a cat. It’s not a thing. It’s genders. It’s not saying you’re –

Shapiro: Okay. Why is that – I don’t understand. Why – okay. Let me ask you this. How old – okay. I won’t ask you how old – I will ask you how old you are. Okay? Because you’re young enough that it’s probably not insulting to ask you. So –

Female: I’m 22, so I’m probably really naïve, right?

Shapiro: No. Why aren’t you 60? Why aren’t you 60?

Female: Because it – that’s – [unintelligible] –


Female: – it’s just something that you –

Shapiro: Why can’t you identify as 60? What is the problem with you identifying as 60?

Female: Because it’s not the same as gender. You can’t just –

Shapiro: You’re right. Age is significantly less important than gender. You can’t magically change your gender. You can’t magically change your sex. You can’t magically changer your age.

Female: You can still legally change it. People recognize –

Shapiro: You can’t legally change your age, by the way.

Female: Obviously. You can change your name. You can change your sex. You can change your identity.

Shapiro: Just because you can do things legally doesn’t mean that they are correct biologically. You could do lots of things in the past that were incorrect biologically and correct legally. For a long period of time in the United States, sterilization of the mentally ill took place. That didn’t make it okay. Skinner v. Oklahoma, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote the decision.

Female: Right. I still don’t understand why you can’t –


Female: – be open-minded and accepting of these children that are, have gender –

Shapiro: It’s not a matter of open-minded and accepting. I want them to get treatment that they see fit, but that’s not involving – the idea behind the transgender movement, as a civil rights movement, is the idea that all of their problems would just go away if I would pretend that they were the sex to which they claim, to which they claim membership. That’s nonsense. The transgender suicide rate is 40 percent. It is 40 percent. And according to the –

Female: Do you know why that is, though?

Shapiro: According to the Anderson School at UCLA, it makes no difference – there’s a study that came out last year. It makes no difference, virtually no difference, statistically speaking, as to whether people recognize you as a transgender person or not, which suggests there’s a very high comorbidity between transgenderism, whatever that mental state may be, and suicidality. That has nothing to do with how society treats you.

Female: Do you think it could be because of they’re bullied at school?

Shapiro: No, I don’t think that – I do not think that the discrepancy – I do not think the discrepancy – first of all, I’m against bullying of any sort. Okay? The idea that somebody would beat somebody up is terrible. Okay? As somebody who was viciously bullied in high school, I am not a fan of bullying. But the idea that the normal suicide rate across the United States is four percent; the suicide rate in the transgender community is 40 percent. The idea that 36 percent more transgender people are committing suicide because people are mean to them is ridiculous. It’s not true and it’s not backed by any science that anyone can cite. It is pure conjecture. In fact, it is not even true that bullying causes suicide according to a lot of studies . . .

[end audio file]

Mike:  Enough of that.  I just wanted to make the point here of what is at stake and what the danger of promoting this is.  Folks, there is a significant cost in promoting this.  There’s a significant cost in human lives, thus in human souls in promoting this.  Yet it precedes apace as if it’s the greatest thing that ever happened.  Man, oh man, if only, please, we had more acceptance of LGBTQ and trans, just imagine what a wonderful world this would be.  As Shapiro demonstrates, I have talked about this.  Folks, it is not healthy.  Homosexuality and transgenderism is not healthy.  It does not make one holier.  It simply does not.  But because modern man doesn’t care much about holiness today, why not?  [mocking] “Yeah, man, I care about it, I just don’t have time.  I’m busy.”  We don’t have time to not care about it.  That’s why it’s disturbing.

When I read that the Trump administration is continuing the abominable policy of the Obama administration with LGBT, lesbian, gay, bisexual – what does the T stand for?  Trans.  So, the Trump administration is going to do what the previous administrations did, certainly the Obama administration, when it came to promoting murder of the soon-to-be-born through abortion.  The Mexico City Policy sought, instituted a ban on this and sought to eliminate the practice that the United States would ever cooperate with, fund in any way, shape, or form the taking of human life in the womb.  It’s not going to happen.  That’s what the Mexico City Policy is all about.  To his credit, Trump reinstated it.  Well, he just reneged on a significant portion of it, because if you’re going to get out there and start harassing countries that don’t promote transgenderism, then you’re going to start harassing countries that need to acknowledge and get with the American program that being a transgender is cool.  It’s what all the cool kids with the pumped-up kicks are doing.  If they’re doing it, then we ought to do it.  If you’re not doing it, then there’s something wrong with you.

So you’re promoting a policy that is pro-death.  Again, this is against the cult of life.  Lesbianism, homosexuality, by definition, is against and stands opposed to – look, we don’t even have to get theology involved – to the natural order of life.  Homosexuals in a closed environment cannot breed.  You know, folks, it’s not an accident.  Why am I the only person that ever talks about this or brings this up?  Please encourage your Eddie and the Breakfast Flake host to bring this up.  It’s not an accident that that commandment is in the Ten Commandments and was given to Moses.  Thou shall honor thy father and thy mother.  That is as powerful – [mocking] “Mitter Church, you always say that and I don’t ever get it.  You’re an idiot.”  Okay, then you explain it to me.  Explain to me what more powerful of a statement that Almighty God could have made than the Fourth commandment, thou shall honor thy father and thy mother.

If you’re a new listener or you just came over on the Facebook Live or on your preview stream today, just found out about the show, or maybe you’re an old listener and just found out we’re still alive and reports of my death in broadcasting have been greatly exaggerated, you may not have heard this.  It takes a minute to explain it.  Here you go.  Honor thy father and mother, the recipe for a society or a civilization.  It’s pretty simple.  What does that mean?  You can’t honor a father or a mother unless children have been produced.  Do you get it?  Do you understand this?  Obviously there are some people that are infertile?  [mocking] “What about infertile people, Christian, Catholic boy?”  What about them?  Pray for them.  They can adopt.  Honor thy father and thy mother is an imperative command to produce, to make future humans.  Why?  God created us in his image because he loves us.  Look up in the sky in the morning and see the moon or the Milky Way or planets or stars or your favorite constellation or whatever the case may be.  Marvel at the fact that all that was put there – what other purpose does it serve other than for our imagination, for our wonder?  What other purpose is there?  What other purpose matters?  [mocking] “No, it’s there for us to discover so we can know the chemical makeup of it.”  Even if you don’t, are you telling me that I can’t enjoy the beauty of it if I don’t know what it’s physically made of?  Honor thy father and mother is an imperative command for mothers, fathers, marriage.  It is not an imperative command for anything else.  If it was, then you’d have another commandment that would say: Honor thy father and father.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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