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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Cultural Marxism, also you and I have had several conversations where we both express an, I think, valid fear that Islamism is also on the rise, and that Marxism, cultural Marxism is certainly a departure away from the faith that kept Christendom free from Islamic takeover.  It’s not going to assist in dealing with that problem.  That’s still looming out there.  We’re being assaulted.  Very soon, because of the demographics, the Muslims will be in significant number in many countries in Europe to do something that their forefathers could only have fantasized about, and, that is, to make Islamic states like Sweden, which is probably going to happen.  Unfortunately maybe even your home country, Denmark may fall.  Finland might fall.  I’m pretty well convinced that England will begin to fall.  Whether or not they raise an army to combat it is another question.  So, you have it on this front.  You have the attack.  Then you have the attack of the cultural Marxists, as you point out.  These are all things that come from Satan.  These are all the fruits of believing that the devil doesn’t exist and that he doesn’t pose any fear to us, that we can manage our own affairs.  In other words, they are, as you point out, flights away from Christendom and from what is needed is a Christian response to both fronts.  I don’t think we’re going to get it.  As you point out, the numbers just aren’t there right now, are they?

Iben Thranholm:  Miracles can happen.  I’m afraid that people are so hardened in their hearts, so they would rather lose the freedom to, I would say be submissive to Islam, than go back to the Church.  I am afraid that we have lost our faith so much that people are so hardened so they’d rather – people are very naïve.  They do still believe that Muslims or even radical Muslims would adjust and become secular like us.  They still believe in that.  The most scary thing is that secularism, militant secularism, atheism, those radical leftists, Antifa and those kinds of movements, they are in bed with the radical Islamists.  Somehow they have joined forces to destroy the Christian culture.  Even though those radical Muslims are against everything the leftists are for, all these kind of rights.  Sharia law does not allow that.  Yet they are helping each other.  I have no idea why.  I can only see a spiritual explanation, and that is that the hatred, the left’s, the Marxists’ hatred against Christianity is so strong that they would even join forces with radical Islam.  That’s really scary.

I think they have a kind of perverse joy to see how the radical Muslims are destroying Christianity because they hate Christianity so much.  That’s also why they hate Russia, because they can’t forgive Russia that they threw out Marxism and Communism and now embrace orthodoxy.  That is the real reason why we see all this Russia bashing, because they hate Russia for not any more accepting the Marxist ideology.  That’s why they hate Russia, not because Russia is any danger or any enemy to us.  On the contrary, as a Christian, we should feel that the Russians are our allies in this battle.  We’re certainly not going to be able to fight this battle on our own.  We need to team up with Christians in other places.  The Russians, they’re very tough because they have suffered a lot.  They’ve been through this.  The Church in Russia has been through this that we’re going through now.  They have some experience with this.  We should listen.  I think we should listen to their experience and see –

The interesting thing is also that in Russia, the communists couldn’t really kill the faith.  There was an underground church.  The faith was very strong, even though it was mainly – the babushkas took care, the grandchildren were baptized.  You still have a whole generation of people in Russia today that are secretly baptized by their babushkas, by their grandmothers.  These are people like Putin and this generation.  He was also secretly baptized.  His father didn’t know anything about it because he was a member of the Communist Party.  Anyhow, in the West, Marxism – that’s one of [??]’s points, that they were much more successful in the West because they were able to infiltrate academia, the universities, the media, the entertainment industry, everywhere, even the Church.  It was much more effective here.  There were no counterbalance.  The faith here in the West was much easier for them to kill than in Russia.

Now you see it’s the old Eastern European countries and Russia that has no problems with Islamic mass integration because they’re simply saying no, because they have their Christian foundation.  That’s really completely absurd, more or less, that those people who have gone through so much persecution because of Marxism, today they have a much stronger faith than we have because we lost the faith.  Our own intellectuals that was inspired by Marxism and were Marxists, they did the job for the Russians.  Now these people, they’re in the government, they’re in the media, they’re at universities.  They’re everywhere.  You’re stuck with them.  You can’t do anything about it.  It takes a whole new generation.  Who is there to educate this new generation with patriotic values, with Christian values, with eternal moral values?  Who’s going to do this job?  I don’t know.

Mike:  Some of us are trying to step into the breach and are reaching out to ask people to join us.  By definition, we have a channel here called the Crusade Channel.  The term crusade basically comes from the term crucifix.  It’s what those warriors took – that’s why they wore the crosses on their chests and on their shield when they went into the holy land to go get the relics back and to retrieve somewhere on the order of one million Christians that had been captured by orthodox Muslims and impressed in various conditions.  We have a bit of a crusade going here.  I think that there are crusaders out there, Iben.

By the way, Iben Thranholm is on the SkypeMaker Hotline with me and is our European correspondent.  There are those out there that are crusading again for the truth.  As you point out, God can do this.  God can work a miracle and revive the faith overnight if he chose to.  What appears to be happening, and it’s not lost on me and shouldn’t be lost on any Christians out there, that this is happening in 2017.  It’s 100 years after Our Lady appeared at Fatima.  She comes to Fatima almost to the day the red October Revolution starts.  For six months prior to October 13 and the miracle of the sun, to prove that she meant business and that it was not a coincidence that she was just longing around in Heaven and needed a vacation in Portugal, to drive the point home, almost to the day after the miracle of the sun, is when the red October Revolution that you wrote about began.

Here we are 100 years to the day afterwards.  The errors of Russia have certainly multiplied themselves, as she predicted that they would.  What are the estimates, 150, 175 million dead between Mao Tse-tung, the Soviets, and the Germans?  Now here we are on the threshold now of, as you point out, a cultural Marxist takeover that is not being implemented – I think this is the scariest part about it.  It’s not the government that’s doing it.  It is Apple computer and Google and Microsoft and all these other multinational corporations.

Thranholm:  Yeah, but the governments are behind them, or even the governments are controlled by these organizations, so they’re linked somehow, in my opinion.

Mike:  I concur.  This is from a mutual friend, Brother Andre Marie.  He has a woman that he interviewed – I don’t know if you know who Maike Hickson is.  She wrote this – your piece and her piece are almost identical, so I think there’s something going on here.  Hers is called “The Roots of Violence is the Hatred of the Truth – Dialectical Neo-Communism in America.”  She wrote this.  I thought you’d find this interesting.


“Organizing revolution” and “organizing resistance” means – in all of these cases – that there is an elite, or oligarchy, who makes those groups aware of their “dispossessed” status and organizes them for resistance. None of these revolutions happened naturally or spontaneously; they were instead organized by a small elite: the “agents of revolution,” “agents of change” or “chaos managers.” And such an elite always needs money in order to be able to reach and influence those marginal or unjustly treated and discontented groups. Thus, every revolution has discreetly in its background the financial men. Karl Marx’ companion, Friedrich Engels, used up his father’s fortune in order to support the author of Capital (Das Kapital). The Frankfort School had the multi-millionaire Felix Weil as its financial supporter. Today the name of George Soros will also likely be known to many of us. He is a great supporter of PICO (People Improving Communities through Organizing) and of Black Lives Matter, which has been in the middle of many of the anti-Trump protests . . . Thus, from the very inception of these largely left-wing revolutions, they have to deal with the paradox that they are heavily relying on financial (or “capitalist”) forces that are, in principle, a contradiction in themselves to what these restive and discontented movements stand for.

[end reading]

Mike:  There she refers right back to the multinationals who we were just talking about, who are in cahoots with the elites that are planning this and perpetrating it, which you believe are government men.

Thranholm:  Yeah.  I think it’s a huge complex.  They’re really deceiving the world because they are trying to control us by freedom of speech.  I also wrote another piece called “Stalin Would Have Loved Facebook” because everybody is talking about themselves and putting it out.  All this information is being stored.  It means the day that they want to come and put you in jail, they have everything on you because you have given it voluntarily.  It’s a fantastic tool to control everybody and to know everything about everybody.  It’s really good.  It can be highly misused.  I’m sure they’re going to do that.  Right now they are creating all those networks to control the world.  It’s not a matter of free speech.  One day they’re going to stop you from speaking the truth or whatever you think is the truth because there will be no mercy.  You will be in camps.  They will take over.  You’re just useful idiots if you believe in that.  Every time you post something on Facebook, you should think about: Do I really mean this so much that I want to go to jail for it one day?

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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