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Every Discarded Virtue Tradition Treasured Will be Burned This Election Campaign

todayAugust 9, 2012 2

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New Obama ad has man accusing Romney of killing his wife who was struck with cancer 8 years after Romney left left Bain and died “with no health insurance” – A. she HAD insurance and B. Romney didn’t even work at Bain when the husband’s plant was closed!

There’s at least ONE member of the social media punditocracy of the Stupid Party that agrees with me: Andrea Saul put the proper spin on the Soptic ad by NOT going Coulter on Bill Burton

Ann Coulter loses her mind over the Obama ad above… at Romney’s CAMPAIGN SPOKESGAL who apparently didn’t breathe enough “all Democrats are sleazy killers themselves” fire on Hannity – this is what conservative “women” are now – Basic Instinct with Donkeys in pots

The DeceptiCON war machine will get their war if Romney is elected and all our pleadings and protestations will matter not EVEN THOUGH only 40% of the people want it

WaTimes: Why is this race even CLOSE (ummm because Romney doesn’t know what he believes and so people don’t know what to believe about him)

The Party of “Survey says “dumbass” strikes again as Jonah Goldberg wonders if Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio will finally attract YOUNG VOTERS to the GOP and if not them then WHO!? Well, you might want to ask Ron Paul that question Jonah

A great book to read on the (non) Culture Wars and how beauty-a recurring theme on my radio show-will save the culture (and maybe the country)

Good grief-will the last free loader over the bridge pull up the drawbridge before we REALLY go broke – HALF of all immigrants are on welfare after 20 years

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