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todayMarch 21, 2017

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “Maybe you make the bold statements and they start as, as Samuel Adams said, for a revolution of liberty to succeed, it doesn’t require a mass of people; it requires a bunch of devoted people lighting small brushfires of liberty.  Of course, Sam Adams was a radical.  The guy was a “Remember, remember, the fifth of November” type.  The man was unstable.  He was not all there.  Anyone that would participate in a tar and feathering is not all there.  That is not an activity that Christians participate in.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I called out to you earlier and did my worst impersonation of Kreslins.  I was thinking about you, seriously.  All last night when I was reading, I was going: That’s Mark.  He’s withdrawn his support.  I’ve been talking for a while.  I want to hear your take on this.  Is that an accurate description?  Did I give you an accurate description?

Mark Kreslins:  Absolutely.  I think this is where Christians have to move.  It’s funny because there’s an article out there this morning that I’m going to use on my show this afternoon by Matt Bai, I think his name is.  He writes for the New York Times occasionally.  The title of the article is “Is Trump’s Presidency an Existential Threat?”  Of course, this is a hit piece on Donald Trump, but I think there a bigger existential threat that caused me to withdraw my consent, to withdraw from this mess we have here, and it’s called Washington DC.  It’s an existential threat to Christianity in America.  It’s not an existential threat to Christianity in toto, but as we attempt to live it out here in #ThisExceptionalAmericanUnion, Washington DC is an existential threat.

We better get a grip on this, because if we don’t and we wait for them to – they may already have it, Mike.  This is what you and I were kidding around about and with Greg Carpenter yesterday on my show.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

With what we learned on Tuesday, that, again, gets no news coverage out there, they may have everything they need to fulfill an existential threat on Christianity and force us into the catacombs or force us into our houses, force us to not be able to publicly proclaim what we know to be the truth, the eternal, transcendent truth we are trying to defend here on the Crusade Channel.  They may have the tools.  They haven’t acted on them yet.  We still are free because you and I are on the radio talking about this, but we always have to put this kind of qualifier in there, don’t we?  They could stop us.  They may have the tools to end all this.  You accurately represented me.  I withdrew a long time ago.  I’m now trying to persuade as many people as I can to say: Stop trying to make this thing work.  It can’t.  It was flawed from the beginning.  It created this monstrosity we have in Washington DC.  We’ve just got to think differently, especially as Christians, Mike.

Our devotion is not to this country.  Our devotion must be to Him and Him alone.  Can it be practiced out in the context of a representative republic, in a theocratic monarchy?  Yes, it can.  Where we are right now – you live in Louisiana; I live in Oklahoma.  We’re here.  I don’t live in Italy or Spain.  I live in Oklahoma.  Where we are right now, we better take a grip of this and understand that our first devotion is to him.  Living in the context in which we live, we better figure out how to withdraw now.  I think Dreher has been onto this for a while.  I think he’s totally right.  I think we’ve got to start having these types of conversations.

Mike:  For the – this is, I think, where it becomes – you have to start making bold statements and then sticking to them.

Kreslins:  Yes.

Mike:  Maybe you make the bold statements and they start as, as Samuel Adams said, for a revolution of liberty to succeed, it doesn’t require a mass of people; it requires a bunch of devoted people lighting small brushfires of liberty.  Of course, Sam Adams was a radical.  The guy was a “Remember, remember, the fifth of November” type.  The man was unstable.  He was not all there.  Anyone that would participate in a tar and feathering is not all there.  That is not an activity that Christians participate in.

Kreslins:  Right.

Mike:  Having said that, in reading Deneen last night – I have been following Dreher very closely, more closely in the last year, but very closely for the past two years.  To the sources that he quotes and what he uses in his work has led me to many other sources and to many other writers and many other authors.  As a matter of fact, I think I can credit Dreher for leading me to Alasdair MacIntyre.  When I was reading Deneen last night, when I got to the paragraph about – that’s from the last page.  If you want to get to the end of a great book, just read the last page.  That would be one I’d say go ahead and cheat.  I already read part of it to you.  Read the last page of Alasdair MacIntyre’s After Virtue.

This is where I think we are and where previous attempts at a revival or a reform or a fix or a solve or a repair of the current imperium have failed.  That is, people now can see – if you can’t see it, then you’re just being willfully blind or you’re being – what’s the, it’s not willful ignorance but it’s something like that.  You’re just being intentionally ignorant of the fact because you like Olive Garden.  You enjoy being a Regal Cinemite and an Olive Gardenian.  You don’t really care about Christianity.  [mocking] “I’m a Christian.  I raise my hands to the sky every now and then.  I might even join the kids in an ‘Our Father’.”  If you can’t see now that the American government has become actively hostile – it’s no longer neutral.  That’s BS.  It is actively hostile to Christianity.  I don’t know what to tell you.  I’ve just got to say: You know what, brother?  Your eyes don’t work the same as mine.  They can’t see the inglorious bastards right in front of them.

When I read Deneen last night, of course, I immediately thought of you, and then I thought of David.  Not to toot the horn, but this is where we, I think, can make a difference, and I think we are making a difference.  Even though the band of brothers is small, the band of brothers gets it.  Our band of brothers doesn’t ever shrink.

Kreslins:  That’s right.  It doesn’t.

Mike:  We don’t have any defectors yet that I know of.

Kreslins:  No, I think all – I’ve been studying this the past couple years, Mike.  When you think about massive societal or cultural change, it always begins with a small group of people.  It never starts big.  It’s just not the nature of how they take off.  Even when we go back to 1774, they sat over kitchen tables and around pubs and talked about they’re sick of the king.  It you go to 1832, it took a lot of stoking of the fires there in South Carolina to really get to the point where they were willing to throw down and say: If you don’t back down on this abomination –

Mike:  The tariff, the abominable tariff.

Kreslins:  – right, then we’re going to secede.  Look at Martin Luther King.  They didn’t start out with thousands of people on the streets.  They started out with a couple hundred on the street.  If the cause is just and the cause is moral, then eventually it starts to counteract the status quo, if you will.  This is what we’re trying to do here on the Crusade Channel, aren’t we?  When we talk about defending eternal and transcendent truths, everybody that I know of on the network here is serious about that.  It’s not just a clever line.  It truly is.  We are trying to defend eternal and transcendent truths, one of them being don’t murder your babies.  One of them being, don’t authorize the changing of biology to gender so that you can essentially do whatever you want and frolic around with whomever and use the law as the justification for that.

Mike:  Don’t reject nature.

Kreslins:  Exactly.  And that’s not out there on mainstream conservative talk radio.  You and I both know that.  We are doing something good here.  We don’t know right now, what we do here every day, Monday through Friday, that we send out sonar pings and wait to hear back.  Is there any bounce out there?  I’m looking at the membership list this morning.  People are signing up.

Mike:  Let’s change our name.  We’re going to change the project from SETI, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence to SICI, Search for Intraterrestrial Christian Intelligence.  How about that?  Would you like to join the SICI project?  We send a ping out every day.  Hello?  Hello?  Wait a minute, Mark.  [mooing sound]

Kreslins:  The federal tax cattle.

Mike:  We should make a t-shirt, “I am not a federal tax cattle.”

Kreslins:  Of course, the reality is, we’re going to find out on April 15th, yes, we all are.

Mike:  Let’s get back to – I think it’s also important to try and get people excited and prayerful and serious about this.  To actually describe what it is that we’re calling for here.  Let’s be very clear, in case the CIA actually is listening.  We’re not calling for, and I don’t want to be a part of, any effort or attempt whatsoever to overthrow the American government.  I don’t want to be a part of an attempt, at a coup to overthrow the government of Louisiana.  I don’t want to be a part of a coup or an attempt to even overthrow the government of the Parish of St. Tammany, or of the Town of Madisonville.  What we want to be a part – what we’re saying, and what we realize, is this.  When St. Benedict went to Monte Cassino, and when he looked around after Rome was sacked, and he saw this diabolical civilization all around him, in order for him to pursue his faith, a holy death and a blessed eternity, he determined that he could not live in their world.  It’s kind of like a scene from The Little Mermaid where Ariel wants to be part of their world.  Do it in reverse: I want to be out of their world.  Benedict determined this.  This is key to understanding this.


When he went to Monte Cassino and he started living his life, he did it by himself.  There were people that then said, [mocking] “Hey, man, what are you doing?  You used to be friends with us.  You used to be cool, man.  What’re you doing, Bennie?  Why aren’t you hanging out with the rest of us, Bennie?  Don’t you want to be one of Jets?”  Benedict said: I can’t be a part of that.  I don’t support it anyway.  It’s destructive.  It counters – it’s hostile to my Christian faith and the life I’m trying to live as a follower and imitator of Christ.  I can’t do it.  So I went over here to go: I can do it here.  There’s nothing I can do about it.  Do you want to join?  Then, of course, he wrote a rule down that said if you join you have to do this, that, and the other.  He always left the door open for others to join.

Folks, no one that I am aware of, other than small instances of this – there was a little village created by the creator of Domino’s Pizza, Tom Monaghan.  He created a little village called Ave Maria.  All Monaghan did was he just wanted to be left alone.  Like the Vendee in France, just leave me alone.  He was attacked savagely.  The government of the State of Florida went after him, went after him and ultimately he got tired of fighting.  We have to now live with and in your cesspool, your culture, your corrupt government?  Okay, fine.  It’s still there, but not under the vision that Monaghan ultimately had for it.

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I want to tell you, though, that there are places out there, and you live in the state where there is one, the Clear Creek Abbey in Eastern Oklahoma, which is – it’s in the Ozarks.  It is near the Oklahoma / Arkansas border.  It’s a community that was started by – this order of monks from France had dwindled down to two.  There were two.  Two guys went and found this piece of property in Oklahoma.  From two, now there’s a community of thousands.  They have their own beekeeper.  They have their own little town.  They built their own church.  They have their own school.  They’re not telling anyone that you can’t – as a matter of fact, if you Google the site, it’s a beautiful website.  The place is beautiful.  The site says if you want to – as a matter of fact, I’m thinking about this June trying to schedule a retreat and actually going there and visiting the brothers and staying there for a week.  They’re asking people to come in and join them, but only if you’ll live by the rules.  Some people think, [mocking] “I’m not that kind of moral person.  I like to have fun.”

This is where, of course, we have to have the teachings of Aristotelian and Thomistic philosophy in order to – our way of thinking is so influenced by and obsessed of modern cesspool culture of nonstop, never-ending pornography, never-ending and nonstop acquisition of material wealth.  You can’t get there by acquiring toys, folks.  Jimmy Buffett is wrong.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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