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EXCLUSIVE Interview: Dr. Tom Woods Responds to Mark Levin on War Powers

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STUDIO-D – Dr. Tom Woods responds to the ad hominem attacks levied againsthim over the controversy surrounding the Constitutional ability or lack thereoffor a President to wage "offensive" war without receiving a proper Declaration for suchfrom the Congress. The issue became a point of derision for radio host andformer Reagan cabinet adviser Mark Levin who pointed to previous instances ofthe Executive branch waging undeclared wars as justification and labeled Dr.Woods a "propagandist" and an "outlier professor" for whom he [Levin]

Tom Woods: "Find Me ONE Federalist who said President would have the Power to Launch Non-Defensive Wars."

Dr. Tom Woods on the DudeMaker Hotline

was embarrassed. The issuecontinued to heat up this past weekend across multiple social-networkingwebsites including Facebook and Twitter, with a flurry of comments and other Facebookusers urging Mark Levin to debate Dr. Woods in order to settle the matter.

The KingDude & Dr. Woods walked the audience through the entire episode and conducted a 2 man clinic on the Original Intent of the Constitution’s Framers for our foreign policy. Dr. Woods punctuated the interview with insight from America’s founding father of modern "conservatism" Russell Kirk and then finished off what many have called "a smack-down" of the war powers argument by wondering what today’s DeceptiCONS would think of "Mr. Republican Senator Robert Taft who had admonished Harry Truman for beginning this unconstitutional empire building by invading Korea.

"I have a challenge for Mr. Levin’s follower’s, by all means, please read Mark Levin’s book ‘Liberty & Tyranny’ THEN please read Congressman Ron Paul’s book ‘Revolution: a manifesto’ and draw your own conclusions about which side of "conservatism" you want to stand on."


About Dr. Tom Woods

Thomas E. Woods, Jr., is the New York Times bestselling authorof 11 books. A senior fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Woodsholds a bachelor’s degree in history from Harvard and his master’s,M.Phil., and Ph.D. from Columbia University.

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