EXCLUSIVE-Ron Paul: Cain & Perry's Plans Won't Stop Insolvency

todayOctober 25, 2011 1

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Mandeville, LA, EXCLUSIVE Audio & Transcript – Ron Paulvisits the Mike Church Show again and answers listeners questions aboutwhat he means by "militarism" and Mike’s question on his reaction toHerman Cain’s charge that he does not trust Paul to be President.


Ron Paul Segment 1 on what militarism means | Interview/Oct_2011/25102011_Interview_Ron_Paul_seg1of3_militarism.mp3;Ron Paul Segment 2 on his humble foreign policy taking a beating since Awlaki and Ghadaffi successes | Interview/Oct_2011/25102011_Interview_Ron_Paul_seg1of3_modest_foreign_policy_fading.mp3;Ron Paul Segment 3 on Herman Cain saying he is not fit to be President | Interview/Oct_2011/25102011_Interview_Ron_Paul_seg3of3_Cain_Perry_plans.mp3

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Ron Paul: Because when you get outside of the groups of people coming that know a little bit about what youre doing, thats different. But if youre going to try to talk to everybody who has been a supporter of Romney and Perry, theyre going to say, oh, no, thats too much. We need government. You want to just cut all this stuff off. But I think its foolhardy because theyre going to continue what were doing. And they will be the participants of a very bad resolve.

Mike: Did you take any offense to Herman Cain saying he would trust you the least with the presidency, and that all you want to do is cut, cut, cut and not fix, fix, fix?

Ron Paul: Not personally. But philosophically, yeah, I take a lot of offense to it. But I put the whole other group in one lump as far as philosophy goes because theyre just theyre all, they all fall Keynesian economics. None of them some of them now are starting to talk about auditing the Fed, but nobody else is saying we dont even need the Fed, and we need to bring our troops home; we need to balance our budget immediately; we need to protect our civil liberties. None of them are saying that. Some are just a little bit more offensive when they start name-calling. But I think philosophically they all support the same thing, and thats…

Mike: I had a question for you. I have two questions left on my sheet here.

Ron Paul: Okay.

Mike: The first one was yesterday the President said, and Im quoting here, that We cannot wait for Congress, and so Im going to have to go around them. Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution says that all legislative powers herein granted are granted to a Congress of the United States. No. 1, if the President does this, is this yet not another example of executive authority overreaching? And as you said earlier, theres no stomach for impeachment, but this could be an impeachable offense. And, No. 2, would you ever use, as President, your executive pen to go around the Congress?

Ron Paul: No, absolutely, that is whats wrong. Now, theyve been doing it for years because technically all regulations written by the executive branch are illegal. Executive orders other than those functions that youre permitted to do as President, they are illegal. They cant legislate that way. So I would say that this is more dangerous because hes blatant about it. Hes, you know, they go to war without declaration. But this thing going into Libya, he was very blatant about it. He said, I dont need to tell you. I get my orders from NATO and the United Nations.

So theyve done it before. But this attitude I think is very significant. I mean, it was sort of the attitude about, you know, we do now have the authority to assassinate American citizens. This is very dangerous. Theyve been assassinating people for a good while, and our CIAs been involved. But they at least knew it was wrong, and they kept it secret. But the fact that theyre putting it out on the table I think is a very dangerous trend.

Mike: Okay. So the final question is, you were in Iowa over the weekend, and you spoke to the Value Voters Summit or the Family Values Coalition there. And I actually saw your speech on C-SPAN yesterday. And I noticed that you spend a good deal, a good amount of time talking about how you cannot restore laws without people understanding that laws come from God. And I dont hear you talk about this very much, but I think when you do theres another side of you that people are not aware of. So, if you want, elaborate on that for just a moment.

Ron Paul: Well, my point is, is too often some people who put themselves into the conservative fundamentalist camp think that, if you have more laws, youll be more moral. And I say that laws cant make you moral. But if we are a moral people, which was advised by our Founders, then a free society can work. Then the laws can be moral. But you cant do it the other way. You cant mold people by more legislation. Im sure you understand that because, if people have bad habits, just passing a lot of laws are not going to make them moral.

But if you have a correct moral understanding of the law, and I like to think about the moral understanding that Bastiat had about the law, the government cant do anything that you and I cant do, I think thats quite different. And I bring that in the context of our religious beliefs and the Old Testament and the responsibility to the family and the local church, rather than the federal government trying to solve all our problems.

Mike: All right. Congressman Paul, Godspeed to you. Best of luck to you. Keep up the good hard work. And I know youve got to go, but thanks for rejoining us after the technical stuff.Ron Paul: Okay.

Mike: Thank you. Well talk to you again soon.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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