The Fate Of Obamacare Lies In The Hands Of State Legislatures

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – What remains to be seen is whether or not it does survive the funding mechanism and if it does go into effect.  What remains to be seen of the 24 states that nullified or interposed against it and the ones that still refuse to open the exchanges up — we have a spring session coming up in most legislatures, Texas excluded because they just met, it remains to be seen what those legislatures will do.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  David, how you doing?

Caller David:  I’m doing great.  How are you doing this morning, Mike?

Mike:  Fine, wonderful.  I am well.  I am well, sir, thank you.


Patrick_Henry_American_Statesman_paperback_cover_DETAILCaller David:  Greetings from the great state, or the most hated state in the nation, which is Texas.  The thing that most people do not understand about the Affordable Care Act, because most of them haven’t read it, and that includes our illustrious Nancy Pelosi, it’s actually designed to fail.  I think it’s designed to fail on a miserable scale.  I think they’ve set the dominos up in order.  After reading the close to 3,000 pages of the bill, what it does, in essence, is it creates any new practitioner or any new doctor who takes any type of a student loan from the federal government, they’re co-opted into a federal government program that is overseen by the surgeon general.  That means they are part of the federal government before they graduate.  They owe their lives and their duty to the federal government, which means private practice is essentially gone.

With private practice gone, they set up all the dominos now so that all my other doctor friends are now selling their practices and running to hospitals, which means the hospitals are the only ones who are actually moderately benefitting from this law.  The final pillar kicks in, which is bundling.  Once bundling kicks in on the hospitals, their revenues will go down and the Affordable Care Act will fall down of its own accord, leaving basically the insurance companies who will make billions on this thing because they get to raise rates indiscriminately on every citizen to make billions and then leave with those billions in their pockets after they donate some of that share back to the politicians, who started the whole thing.  What you’ll get is socialized medicine.  The federal government will step in and go: Obamacare didn’t work.  Sorry, now we have to have a one-payer system, which is what Obama says he wants all along.  By the way, the federal government has already proven their avarice and deception by slapping each other on the wrist for any violations of any constitutional or state or federal laws through letters of dissent or correction, as you will.  They have already set themselves apart as a class above.  That’s why they’ve done this whole thing about we don’t have to do Obamacare for ourselves or our families either.

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Mike:  So they are, as John Adams desired, they are a class of aristocracy.

Caller David:  Exactly.  They’ve been that way a long time.  Charlie Rangel violated I think it was 13 federal laws and he was already reelected.  All he got was a letter in his file.  If you remember —

Mike:  In defense of Rangel, you and I have probably violated two or three during this phone call.  I just think happy-go-lucky Charlie Rangel, [mocking] “I didn’t get a chance to read that part of the act when I voted for it, so how could you say I violated it if I didn’t know it was in the bill while I was sunning myself on the beach over there in the Bahamas?  I wasn’t trying to defraud the government.  This is just a charge by the partisan opposition.”  That is too close to Rangel.  I must go and take a break and cleanse my brain of putting myself into Charlie Rangel’s shoes for that brief moment of weakness.

Mike Church Show Transcript – Obamacare Funding Is Up To The House, NOT The Senate

Everyone is in violation of a law without knowing it, which is why the government having the power to snoop on all of us is so freaking dangerous.  If they want to get you, if they want to silence you, shut you up, financially torture you, legally torture you, or do any of those things, it’s easy pickings for them.  They have a couple million laws to choose from and they can find one that you and I have violated and then begin the process of harassing us to the point where we give up and agree to shut up.  This is why the State assuming these powers is so dangerous.  When Wal-Mart does this, all it can do is deny you the bargain basement sale on two and a half dozen eggs.  When the government does it, they can prosecute you for bringing the eggs to market at Wal-Mart without getting them properly inspected first.  They can lock you up or fine you for doing so.  All Wal-Mart can do is kick you out.

Caller David:  I just paid $5,000 to a compliance expert and he told me, after I paid the five grand, there’s no way to be 100 percent compliant.  They’re going to get you if they want you.

Mike:  Sure they are.  That’s exactly right.  I would concur.  You should keep that guy around.  At least he tells the truth.

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Caller David:  Unfortunate that I already paid him for that advice.

Mike:  Your question is: What’s the endgame for Obamacare?  I think that is a double-barreled political question. What remains to be seen is whether or not it does survive the funding mechanism and if it does go into effect.  What remains to be seen of the 24 states that nullified or interposed against it and the ones that still refuse to open the exchanges up — we have a spring session coming up in most legislatures, Texas excluded because they just met, it remains to be seen what those legislatures will do.  Will the people in the states demand to be protected from the penalty, demand to be protected from the confiscations, demand to be protected from all the other insidious parts of the Affordable Care Act, and demand that their legislatures stand in defiance and defy the federal government, even if that means to the point where they are willing to part ways with and tell the Feds to go pound sand.

For those that say this is the endgame, once it starts to get implemented, that it’s all over and we’re all going to be socialists now, then you don’t have any understanding whatsoever of how a federal system and how life living under a compact like the Constitution is supposed to work.  This is what caused the great political crisis of the 1850s and ultimately led to a war.  It would be better, for those that wish to oppose this and will never go along with it, it would be better for them to be pardoned or to be let go before anything ever rises to the level of people say: We have to make them comply because it’s not fair.  They’re not suffering like the rest of us.  Those are fighting words there.  That’s how wars and internecine civil wars get started.

Mike Church Show Transcript – Senate Votes On Defunding Obamacare

I think we’re in a very precarious situation, and I think we’ve been in one for quite some time now.  It’s not just Obamacare.  What happens when granny doesn’t get her social security check?  What happens when Ben Bernyankme loses control of the currency — because he can’t control it forever — and the first spike of inflation happens followed by a massive deflation and there is serious destabilization in all these things called our financial affairs?  What’s the glue that’s going to hold the fragile — I think the union right now is fragile.  What’s the glue that’s going to hold the fragile union together, David?  For what purpose would you remain in it if you faced bankruptcy and all these other maladies that are going to come along with it?

Caller David:  That is the big problem.  The biggest problem here in Texas is: Is the new governor going to have enough backbone — this one says he has a spine of steel — to move to that last level if the people of the state ask him to?  All we should have to do is ask for that representation and it should be granted.  The solution is still with the states.  We need strong state amendments to the state constitutions to limit power and even to limit terms and get rid of pensions for elected officials.  They’re all elected in the states first.  It resides in the state power, period.

Mike:  I don’t disagree.  I appreciate the phone call, my friend.

End Mike Church Show Transcript



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