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Feds To Texas: Obey Your Federal Overlords & Help Kill Those Babies Like We Told You

todayApril 30, 2012 1

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Federal Judge rules that Texas MUST provide funding for “women’s health care” program that funds Planned Parenthood-Wack: Judge says “free speech” rights violated by TEXAS law

VIDEO: Ron Paul vs Paul Krugman allegedly debate economics. Krugman spends his time telling fairy tales about miracle bankers while Paul argues the history and facts of the Fed

I knew it: Two hack political scientists spend millions of 501c3 slush to prove that it is all ONE party’s fault that there is gridlock in Mordor (can you guess which party they finger!?)

Libtards in MN gubbmint experiment spending “boatloads of federal money” to help their citizens suckle up some free health care services (I wonder what happens when the Fed spigot dries up…hmmmm?)

Remember that talk we had about “self-censorship”? Well Dan Savage could use some recordings of the bit while learning some humility when given great opportunity(video link)

Governor Christie hints he would be happy to leave the Jersey Shore and shack up in Mordor on the Potomac as another episode of “It’s Just Stump” shows Romney testing out VP Ayotte

De Rugy: The SS trust fund is exhausting faster than ANYONE anticipated – see Zerohedge’s charts on this here (2008) and here (2012)

Even NRO posts the Krugman/Paul debate recap mostly being kind to Paul who is now returning to his role as crotchety grandpa who knows it was better back in his day (so they THINK!)

Where do you find THIS in the Constitution: DeceptiCON REPUBLICANS send letter to Boehner asking for the Import-Export Bank to be re-authorized so Boeing can keep making profits. The Letter is posted at the “The Club For Growth” which gets this one 100% correct

Lionel Ritchie Danced On The Ceiling While Obama Dances In The EndZone-still bragging and boasting about how he single handedly took out bin-Laden and Romney is a sissy, I say settle this with a DUEL

The new Obama campaign slogan “Forward” is actually German and was used by the National Socialists to promote, well, National Socialism (NOT a shockuh)

What if Justice Sotomayor turns out to be Obama’s David Souter and miraculously finds her copy of the pocket Constitution given her at Law School graduation (lawyers don’t study the Constitution so the document is handed out as graduation gift)

The Four Step process to critically thinking through problems is missing from today’s teaching and today’s sheople, maybe we should bring it back

When members of Congress suffer a TSA gropapalooza they get angry, write letters to agencies and then complain to news stations as if THEY had nothing to do with authorizing the agencies funding year after year

Thanks Tea Partiers: 78% of the ‘conservative” wind of the House GOP-The Party Caucus- votes FOR the unGodly CISPA creature as the stain of Weak Tea’s Obsession with the Police State (as long as Republicans run it) further makes the Beer Party’s/RFFS case

James Antle III: A funny thing happened on the way to Paul Ryan’s coronation as Budget Guru in-chief

Larison: Romney’s previous statements on bin Laden and the “worldwide Caliphate” could be damning but NOT in the way Obama & co are using them

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aaron ybarra

Love the new website just wish on the pile of prep articals there was the button to repost them on my Facebook or twitter. If you guys could add those that would be great.

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