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Naya Rivera Has An Abortion So She Could Stay on ‘Glee’

The_MiracleMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “Let me read that headline to you again, “Actress Naya Rivera Had An Abortion So She Could Stay On ‘Glee’.”  She traded the life of her child to be filmed, so that on the Internet Movie Database, IMDB, there would be another line, another notch on the old filmography, another photograph taken on set, another episode she could appear in in Glee re-runs.  This is as sad, as tragic, and as regrettable as anything that you could possibly read.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Actress Naya Rivera had an abortion so she could stay on Glee.  If you don’t know, Glee was a TV show that ran on Fox back in the day.  I guess it was cancelled a couple years ago.  I never watched it.  I think daughter number one watched a couple seasons of it.  This story is written by Kristin Iversen.  The fact that this is published, and it’s published in beautiful pastel pink colors, published with beautiful photographs of the actress to make her look all glamorous, there is nothing glamorous about what this woman has done.  There’s nothing glamorous, there is nothing virtuous about what she has done, admitted, and is now encouraging others to do.  That’s the extent of it.

You see, folks, this is why the adage that we use here on this show often that error has no rights.  Error does not have rights.  When it does, and when it is elevated – not only does it have rights in our society but it’s mandatory.  You will conform your mind and you will endorse these errors or we will publically, if not legally, castigate, ostracize, and emasculate you.  Error has no rights.  People that repeat error don’t have any rights.  They should not be admired.  They should not be elevated.  They should not be profitable.  They should not be prosperous or any of these other things.  Error has no rights.

Let me read that headline to you again, “Actress Naya Rivera Had An Abortion So She Could Stay On ‘Glee’.”  She traded the life of her child to be filmed, so that on the Internet Movie Database, IMDB, there would be another line, another notch on the old filmography, another photograph taken on set, another episode she could appear in in Glee re-runs.  This is as sad, as tragic, and as regrettable as anything that you could possibly read.  Could you think of anything that is more sad than this?  The fact that more people don’t think that it’s sad and will not realize and immediately – you don’t have to dwell upon this – read the headline and want to throw up, want to vomit.  The fact that others will not read it and want to vomit but instead will put it on their little Facebook walls: Look, Naya Rivera is so cool!  Sad and tragic, folks.

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In her new memoir, Sorry Not Sorry . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  In other words, you people that are pro-life, you idiots that are out there, you Christians that think it’s wrong for women like me to cavort about with men we’re not sacramentally married to and don’t ever care to be, and participate in shack-up culture and then deal with the results of the shack-up culture are taking it out on the child.  Screw you.  Screw you and your moralizing and your morality.


In her new memoir, Sorry Not Sorry, actress Naya Rivera opens up about many of the struggles and triumphs she’s experienced over the course of her life.

[end reading]

Mike:  What about the struggle that that child of yours was undergoing as it was trying to avoid the vacuum cleaner or the hot saline acid or forceps, whatever was used to terminate the pregnancy?  What triumph is there unless it is salvation, repentance, Glee posterand then through contrition and renouncement of what it is that you have done so that others will not think it acceptable?  This is what the culture of death produces, ladies and gentlemen.  When you allow the error that is promiscuity, contraception, shacking up, living together, whatever you want to call it, casual – the fact that we have a term, there’s an actual term in our American lexicon that is “casual sex,” what is that?  What is casual sex?  What is casual about it?  It’s not like putting on a pair of jeans.  There’s a reason and a purpose to it and behind it.  Then again, you’d have to know that there is a God and a creator.  Then if you knew that, then we wouldn’t be having these conversations.


Best known for her portrayal of snarky cheerleader Santana Lopez on the incredibly popular TV show Glee, Rivera started acting and modeling as an infant and, as such, has plenty of revealing stories about what it’s like to grow up in the spotlight. [Mike: Oh, poor pitiful you. Poor, poor Naya Rivera. Grew up in the spotlight, just wanted to go to kindergarten like every other kid. Please elevate me to royalty.] As a surprise to probably no one, the scrutiny that a young woman faces while growing up is only exacerbated when she is being constantly judged and assessed for her appearance. Such was the case for Rivera . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  I have to ask the question of the diabolical imbeciles that run this website and this entity known as Nylon.  How did it become so that women like Naya Rivera are objectified or subjectified and judged principally and solely based on their looks?  How’d that come about?  How’d that come about?  Is that a byproduct of Shakespearean literature?  Is that what came out of the ages of faith and the ages of Christendom?  Is that where we got that from?  Or was that a result of the Darwinian perversions visited upon the Western world that we’re still possessed of today, the Lockean, the Hobbesian perversions visited upon an unsuspecting population that we’re still trying to recover from today?


As Rivera told People magazine in a recent interview, she wasn’t fully aware that what she was dealing with was that different from the experiences of her peers: “I was so young and it just seemed to be the norm. Everyone was going through similar stuff. I had no way of knowing if I was going through it worse.” Rivera also spoke to People magazine about another major revelation in her memoir.

[end reading]

Mike:  Folks, I am reading this from a website that is publically accessible to your daughters and your sons, my daughters and my son.  It is publically accessible to anyone.  It is framed, like I said, in beautiful little pastel colors.  There are wonderful, beautiful, glamorous photographs of the actress here.  All is right with the world.  There is a dead baby buried in the story.  There’s no remorse.  There’s no sadness.  There’s no nothing.  To use a phrase from the television show, we’re supposed to react to this with glee.  We’re supposed to be excited about this.  [mocking] “Yay!  Another baby killed!”  And another woman boasting and bragging about it publically to a culture that digests it and will not dishonor her for her acts.  If anything they’ll elevate her.  Heck, she’ll probably get more starring roles now.  You had an abortion?  Awesome!  Give me five!


[mocking] “Mr. Church, you just don’t understand what a woman is going through.”  No, we’re not playing that game.  I do understand.  I do understand that humanity is devoid of the part that we’re supposed to be possessed of, and that’s the human part.  It cannot now even bring itself to be revulsed and repulsed and sickened when its more feminine, tender, gentler sex, females, have no remorse about committing wanton acts of violence, unthinkable to be uttered publically in prior ages in any civilization, save for maybe the Aztecs of the Mayans.

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Are we any better than the Aztecs or Mayans or Incans, those portrayed in Mel Gibson’s movie Apocalypto, that would take babies, children, infants to the top of these pyramid towers, these diabolical, demonic towers and sacrifice these children alive, pull their hearts out of their chest still beating, hold them aloft and then hand them to some person called a priest or shaman or whatever they were called so they could take a bite in order to bring good weather to these people?  At least the Mayans and the Incans had an excuse.  They were trying to get the alleged gods, the gods they thought were there, to bestow upon them bountiful crops.  The weather needed to produce those bountiful crops.  At least they had an excuse.  What’s Naya Rivera’s excuse?  What is society’s excuse that accepts this?  I’m just saddened by this.  You can’t read this story and not be saddened by it.


Rivera also spoke to People about another major revelation in her memoir: The actress had an abortion in 2010, about a year after she started working on Glee. Rivera discovered she was pregnant with the child of her then ex-boyfriend (and now current husband), Ryan Dorsey, and, People reports, “made the call to put her career first and terminated the pregnancy during her one day off from filming an episode of Glee.”

[end reading]

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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