Ferrara: Behind The Great Facade Is A Real God

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Christopher Ferrara Talks Catholic Liberalism

The-Great-Facade-new-168x201Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Meanwhile, let’s go back to the Skype Hotline where we currently are speaking with special guest Chris Ferrara.  Chris, in The Great Façade, given the – let me try to phrase the question this way: Given the circumstances of the campaign and the election cycle and all the things that are going into it that we see happening as part of our modern wrong world today here in 2016, reflecting on The Great Façade, how might things be different politically if The Great Façade had failed?”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Meanwhile, let’s go back to the Skype Hotline where we currently are speaking with special guest Chris Ferrara.  Chris, in The Great Façade, given the – let me try to phrase the question this way: Given the circumstances of the campaign and the election cycle and all the things that are going into it that we see happening as part of our modern wrong world today here in 2016, reflecting on The Great Façade, how might things be different politically if The Great Façade had failed?

Chris Ferrara:  First of all, a word about the title.  Great Façade indicates changes in the Church that are not official but are presented as if they were official.  Various words and gestures that don’t rise to the level of authoritative Church teaching but which are conveyed to people in order to give them the impression that there is a change.  When you look behind the façade, you see that the original teaching remains intact.

In fact, I never tire of saying the Second Vatican Council did not change a single jot or tittle of what a Catholic has to believe in order to be a Catholic.  It’s all an illusion, this idea that the Church has been updated and renewed and is now open to the modern world.  These are all attitudes and prudential decisions about how the church should behave itself in civil society, but nothing in the way of an official change in Church teaching has happened since the Second Vatican Council.  You can live and practice the faith as if Vatican II never happened, but numerous churchmen are trying to create the impression that that isn’t so.  Somehow the Church today is different from what it had always been down through the generations.

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The purpose of the book is to expose the façade for what it is and to show that in fact there is nothing by way of official change in what the Church believes or practices that a Catholic is obliged to adopt.  You can just go on being the same Catholic you were before 1962.  The consequences of the great façade are a de facto liberalization of the Church.  We see this in such things as dialogue, ecumenism, ecumenical dialogue, the social justice perversion of the gospels.

Mike:  Charismatic Movement.

Ferrara:  Yes, the Charismatic Movement.  These babbling people who think they can turn the Holy Ghost on and off like a water faucet, summoning him whenever they please, all these novelties were unheard of in the Church before 1962.  The results since then have been disastrous.  You pointed me to an article, one of hundreds written on the subject, about the decline in the various indicators of health in the Church.  We have, for example, fewer priests in the Catholic Church today than we did in 1970.  We have something like one-third fewer nuns in the Church today than we did in 1970.  There are one million fewer Catholic baptisms, infant baptisms per year, today than there were in 1970.  Every statistic you look at shows declining mass attendance, declining adherence to the doctrines and dogmas of the faith.  Paul VI himself had to lament, not long after the council, that the opening of the Church to the world has led to the invasion of the Church by worldly thinking.  He himself admitted this.

Mike:  The worldly thinking that we’re surrounded by today, of course, manifests itself – people think, [mocking] “That’s just you Catholics, you and Ferrara just rambling on.  Get back to bashing Obama.”  Well, it has everything to do with Obama.  This is where you’re mistaken here.  If you don’t want Obama, then you would want a people that were grounded and moored in a morality that would prevent an Obama.  You just don’t get it.  That’s what is the most infuriating and aggravating part about all this.

Ferrara:  The greatest potential opponent of the modern state system, Obama included, is the Catholic Church.  If you can neutralize the Catholic Church, you effectively neutralize all serious opposition to the modern state system.  In fact, if you read the writings of John Locke, you will see that he and Thomas Hobbes alike had in the bullseye of their target for revolution the Catholic Church.  They knew that this was the one institution on the face of the Earth that would not go along with the reordering of society and keeping with the new ideas of freedom.  Catholics have this notion that their first obligation is to follow the law of the gospel and Jesus Christ in the church that he founded.  They pose a constant impediment to the triumph of the new idea of the state as the highest authority on earth, majority will as the determiner of all questions, including moral questions, unlimited gain of property without any restraints Christopher_Ferarrawhatsoever.   You can buy and sell whatever you please, everything from pornography to human zygotes.  This was the new order of the ages that was coming in, unrestrained human liberty.  Until recently, the Catholic Church stood up to it.

Here’s a practical example.  If you wanted to put out a film in America in the 1940s or ‘50s, you had to be darn sure that the Catholic League of Decency would give it an acceptable rating.  If it didn’t, Catholics wouldn’t go to the film and you’d lose your shirt.  That was by no coincidence the same time in which you see great movies with Catholic themes about –

Mike:  Can I interject for just a second, Chris?  I was watching a documentary – it’s a sick, twisted documentary.  I don’t suggest anyone watch it; just take my word for it.  It was a documentary that was made about the work of Hans Ruedi Giger, the artist known as H.R. Giger.  He was operating in Switzerland.  The documentary filmmaker was asking him – his art is very provocative, in some instances pornographic and vulgar, just demonic.  You look at it and go: This guy is possessed!  It’s obvious he’s possessed.  [mocking] “Mike, you watched the Alien movies.”  You’re right, I did.  I did, guilty as charged.  That doesn’t mean I can’t caution myself on posters hanging up in my room that are paintings or prints of Hans Ruedi Giger.

The documentary filmmaker asks Hans Ruedi, at the time he started coming out with the soft-core porn, diabolical, demonic stuff, if anyone opposed him.  He said: In the beginning, yes, I was opposed by the Catholic Church.  He snickered and laughed and said: We overcame that.  We were stronger than they were.  The desire or the lust for my art was stronger than the condemnation of the Church.  That’s a good example right there that the artist, H.R. Giger, who gave us the creatures from the movie Aliens, when he first started this diabolical soft-core porn, he was opposed.  In Europe, there’s no Church left in Europe.  There are shreds of Church left.  They did raise an objection and they were resoundingly shouted down and told to shut up.

Ferrara:  John Paul II in 2003 spoke of nothing less than silent apostasy throughout what was once Christendom, Europe, the Western world in its entirety.  What is apostasy?  Apostasy is the abandonment of the Christian faith.  People profess to be Christians but they live, John Paul II observed this, as if there were no God, as if they needed nothing but their material possessions.  They weren’t having children in Europe.  We see the problem now with the Muslim influx combined with the depopulation of Christian Europe.  The Muslims are recapturing Europe without firing a shot.


We’re welcoming them in because, again, the Catholic Church succumbing to the spirit of the age sings the songs of political modernity, majority rule, diversity, inclusion, so on and so forth.  As they blather on with their liberal blather, the Western world sinks ever deeper into this abyss of immorality.  It’s no longer opposing the dissent of the Western world into immorality.  It’s going along for the ride, most of them anyway.  There are some noble exceptions, obviously.  I’m not saying that every single churchman has failed in his duty, but the great majority of them have fallen silent.  We see the results.  There is no defense of the moral order of any kind of militancy on the part of the Catholic Church any longer.  That’s obvious.

Mike:  Special guest Chris Ferrara is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  This may come as a surprise to some of you that are listening out there, that came over from the old station in the old country.  You’ll remember that frequently – I have appeared on his podcast shows – we would have the presence of Thomas E. Woods as a guest on this show.  What may shock you, and what you may not know, is that in the first edition of The Great Façade, this is a book that is co-authored by Chris Ferrara and Thomas E. Woods Jr.  Of course, Tom would follow it up with his own paperback book, Sacred Then and Sacred Now, which was kind of on the same subject but about the campaign to get rid of the Tridentine Latin Mass.  I just thought I would mention that you wrote the first edition of it with Tom Woods.  This edition you added – there are additions to the first edition, right?

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Ferrara:  Yeah.  The additional material I added by myself and I take full responsibility for what I’ve added to the text.  I certainly don’t want my coauthor to have the responsibility for what I assert.  What I assert is essentially what the original work asserted, although it’s more fully developed because 13 years have elapsed since the first book was published and quite a lot has happened since then.  Once of the things that was a hopeful sign was the brief reign of Benedict XVI, who began a process of restoration in the Catholic Church starting with the liberation of the traditional Latin Mass from its false imprisonment for nearly 40 years.

That’s part of the great façade, by the way, the idea that somehow the Catholic Church “banned” the traditional Latin liturgy.  Benedict in 2007, with his Motu Proprio Sacrosanctum Concilium, revealed what traditionalists have been saying all along, that in fact the traditional mass, which is the bulwark of worship in the Church and therefore essential to maintaining the Church’s militancy, had never been abrogated.  Those two words reveal more powerfully than almost anything that I could say the nature of this great façade, which led to the false impression that the traditional way of worship in the Catholic Church for 1,000 years had somehow been banned when in fact it was never so.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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