Finally A Senate Candidate That Knows Why His State Ratified The Constitution

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Read the book everyone is talking about: Patrick Henry-edited by Mike Church
Read the book everyone is talking about: Patrick Henry-edited by Mike Church

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “I’m running to be an ambassador, as if there was no 17th Amendment [for U.S. Senate].  I’m running to be an ambassador from our sovereign state in the federal union to hold them accountable to do everything in Article I, Section 8, no more, no less.  The message is building a coalition that’s winning.  We’re like happy warriors.”  – Dr. Greg Brannon,  check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let’s go to the Dude Maker Hotline for a moment, shall we, and say Merry Christmas and hello to Dr. Greg Brannon.  Dr. Brannon is running for the opportunity to square off against Kay Hagan in the North Carolina senate race next November.  He’d have to win the Republican primary in order to do so, and he’s making great strides in that direction.  As always is the case, Greg, it’s a pleasure to have you this morning.  How are you, sir?

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Dr. Greg Brannon:  Very good.  Having Henry this morning, that wakes you up.  Thank you very much, that was awesome.

Mike:  I knew that you would like it.  You’re one of the people I was talking about that has your, you don’t smoke, but you’re out there going: Play some Henry!

Brannon:  Yes, Mike.  I got the DVD set.  I got the book.  If that doesn’t get your true patriot blood boiling, nothing will.

Mike:  Tell us, Dr. Greg Brannon, candidate for United States Senate, you just received a very encouraging endorsement, didn’t you?

Brannon:  Yes.  About six weeks ago, Rand Paul endorsed us, which is phenomenal.  He’s looked at all the work we’re doing.  We are just going across this state, I think about 16,000 miles so far.  It is just beautiful.  We got over 5,500 donations.  The last two polls came out.  The last poll, we’re the only person beating Hagan.  Now we’re two percent high, I think 45-43 against Hagan.  Things are really growing, Mike, it’s phenomenal.

Mike:  What are you finding out as you traverse the State of North Carolina and you talk to people about their federal government?  What would you say is their, if you can quantify it, what is their biggest complaint?  If you can’t quantify it, what are their biggest complaints or concerns?

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Brannon:  The idea of people using the word conservative and what that means.  Every two years, everybody runs around saying we’re conservative, we love our Constitution just to get elected.  I think the hypocrisy is being called on people.  You just have to look at their records.  My opponent, Mr. Tillis, is a Karl Rove, McConnell-backed, Boehner-backed conservative, which is not a conservative at all; it’s a progressive.  We’re making a clear delineation.  I’m running to be an ambassador, as if there was no 17th Amendment.  I’m running to be an ambassador from our sovereign state in the federal union to hold them accountable to do everything in Article I, Section 8, no more, no less.  The message is building a coalition that’s winning.  We’re like happy warriors.  This is a phenomenal opportunity.  We have to look in our children’s eyes and grandchildren’s eyes.  The next generation will not have the opportunity that we had if this generation does not stand up.  It’s a beautiful, great opportunity, and I’m loving it.  We have this thing now going on  We are not retreating ever on the idea of our constitutional principles.

Mike:  You can also follow Dr. Brannon on Twitter.  What’s your Twitter handle these days?

Brannon:  @DrGregBrannon.

Mike:  Many of you do not know, even you North Carolinians, even though you’re going to be embroiled in the middle of this race, do not know that when I refer to Dr. Greg Brannon, he shares a medical field with the one and only Ron Paul.  I don’t know if this is a coincidence that you Constitution-adhering-to doctors gravitate towards obstetrics.  Is it a coincidence or you were just inspired by Congressman Paul?

Brannon:  The whole idea of the Constitution — I’ve been an OBGYN for 26 years.  I’ve been honored to deliver 9,000 babies.  Maybe in life when you make mistakes and get back up, which is the best thing about America, you start gravitating towards Austrian economics.  You start gravitating towards what true freedom and liberty are.  I go around the state and ask two questions of myself: Who is sovereign?  What is the legitimate role of government?  As you know, Mike, both those are answered in the second paragraph of the Declaration.  We are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.  I get to be an OB from the moment of conception to natural passing.  The only legitimate role of government is to protect an individuals’ inalienable rights.  That’s why we’re a republic based upon the individual as a collective.  Mike, that is a building coalition.  We’re not going against anything.  We are by standing firm, but we’re going to show why we’re optimistic in this.

Mike:  Dr. Greg Brannon is candidate for the United States Senate in the great State of North Carolina on our Dude Maker Hotline.  You’ve been a longtime North Carolinian.  Were you ever inspired by and look up to the model that was set by the great Jesse Helms?

Brannon:  Yes, sir.  I’m from Los Angeles but I was living in New York.  After Clinton won the election, I was living in Cuomo’s state.  We got up one day and I told my wife: We’ve got to move to North Carolina.  She said: Why?  I said: There are two great things there, Jesse Helms and golf.

Mike:  That’s a good combo.

Brannon:  A great combo, Mike.  The idea of what we could be is — what our founders laid down, we’re still not seeing that.  I believe this progressive collectivism is shadowing — I just heard Boehner on a commercial: If you’re not for deficits, you’re not for this bill.  That’s baloney.  We’re done with smoke and mirrors.  I believe we’re all getting together, male, female.  That is so optimistic.  I think our future of better years are ahead if we get to that, if we don’t back down on what we know the truth is.  The individual freely associating is the future of America, which was our dream of America at the beginning.

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Mike:   You being an OBGYN and I believe you actually have an appointment with a surgery you have to get to this morning, but you being an OBGYN, as you said, you’ve delivered 9,000 babies.  That is quite a, I would think, and you can talk about this for just a moment, I would think that is quite a life and outlook on life-altering experience to just witness so many times this miracle that God blesses us with of life, of being born.  How does that influence your views on — I know you’re pro-life.  Now that you’ve seen it so many times, what do you say to people that are like, [mocking] “Well, you have to keep the freedom of choice for the mother intact.  We can’t just obliterate it because that wouldn’t be fair to the moms.”  You’ve seen all these babies being born.  What’s your response to the pro-choice crowd.

Brannon:  It goes back again: What’s the legitimate role of government?  It’s to protect your inalienable right to life.  What does the fingerprint of the DNA occur?  The moment that sperm and egg meet and form that little human being.  I have never had a mom and dad come into my office and want to see the product of conception.  They want to see their baby.  What we’ve got to do, Mike, is we can’t beat them over the head with a hammer.  They’ve been lied to all these years.  We’ve got to go with love and kindness and show them the beautiful innocence of life.  You and I know in the so-called Orwellian Affordable Care Act, the idea that they’re going to decide who gets care and who does not get care actually dehumanizes us.  We have the answer with love and kindness.  I believe it’s going to come because we can show there’s a heartbeat at 31 days.  We can show fingers and toes popping out at eight, nine weeks.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Life is gorgeous.  We’ve got to show it with love and kindness.  I know it’s catching on.  You and I studied the 14th Amendment does not give any right for that at all.  We can have that argument.  We can win this battle.

Mike:  Dr. Greg Brannon is candidate for United States Senate.  You can find him at  I don’t want you to give this away so please don’t, but we have quite a surprise for our listeners and for your supporters in North Carolina coming.  Eric, what day do we air our special we toiled over yesterday?

Eric:  It will be December 27th and January 1st.

Mike:  December 27th and New Year’s Day.  Dr. Brannon knows what the surprise is.  Don’t say it.  I probably won’t talk to you publicly between now and then, so let me just say in advance congratulations and good work.  I think 2014, if you have to look into your crystal ball, what do you think will transpire with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act?  You are a physician, so you have to work under it.  Number one: What do you think may happen?  Number two: What has your experience been with the ACA so far?

Brannon:  We all know the tax that kicked in four years ago.  We understand the regulations.  It’s just more of an accumulation of the progressives involved in the doctor-patient relationship.  Men like Senator Lee, Senator Cruz, Senator Paul, that is the future to win using the Constitution to defund it, to have the tax removed, the Commerce Clause used correctly.  I think there are about 110 or so health insurance companies in the United States.  What if all of them were in every state competing for your dollar?  Prices would go down and quality goes up.  So the answer what I think is happening?  With the leadership there now, not much.  I believe come May, we win this thing, and then I want to be next to Senator Hagan on that debate table.  I want her to defend 11.5 million words of regulations that exempt her and her friends against an OBGYN.  This is going to be a beautiful event.  I believe when we have majority leader Senator Lee or Senator Cruz or Senator Paul, I think things will change very quickly come January 15th.

Get your republican coffee mug & travel mug at Mike's Founders Tradin' PostMike:  Dr. Brannon just said something that I think is very profound.  I’ve said this myself.  I’ve only ever heard two elected members of the imperial congress say this, and that’s Congressman Amash and Senator Paul.  The Congress does have a limited Commerce Clause power.  It is not as it is being interpreted today.  Using the Commerce Clause, if you want to do something about medical insurance and about the portability and all the other things they gripe and complain about, then Congress ought to use its Commerce Clause authority to make medical commerce regular.  That’s what regulate commerce in the 18th century meant, to make it regular.  In other words, you cannot allow states to deny access or states to deny companies to exchange commerce over state lines.  You can have your own rules for implementation for your state, but you cannot deny the commerce.  That’s what’s happened.  Dr. Brannon is correct, 115 insurance companies out there.  We would have GEICO geckos and nurses dressed like Flo that would be selling us insurance on television for medical services just like they sell us automobile insurance.  That’s the way I view it or envision it.  Is that what you’re talking about?

Brannon:  Yes, exactly.  Those words that you just said, the definition is so beautiful.  We are a free-trade zone.  That’s the whole idea behind Article I, Section 8, a free-trade zone.  They use it now to strangulate not regulate.  You’ve educated me.  I’ve been listening to you for eight, nine years.  Your education is catching fire, and that’s why you have guys like Amash and Massie and Paul and Lee.  We all say: No, this six-page contract, which I’m sworn to uphold, I will not run from.  That gives us all equal opportunity.  Mike, I think the greatest part about America is these 50 laboratories of republicanism is the goal.  The best part is it’s not us succeeding in life, it’s that every time we fail, we have an opportunity to get back up.  Our neighbor puts their hand out and helps us back up.  That’s what makes America great.  I have failed many more times in my life, my seven kids could tell you that, but the opportunity is the shining city on the hill.  That is a republic, to let other people see what a true, individual-based republic is, and that is what we are going to show the world.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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