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Financial Sanity – In Three Easy Lessons by David Simpson

Financial Sanity In Three Easy Lessons

by : David Simpson

You have heard him on the show, you have seen his videos and transcripts on the website and now… can have his book!

Is finance a difficult subject to understand?  Or is it made unnecessarily complex by the maze of products, laws and advice that surround it?  To arrive at Financial Sanity, all that is required is applying the common-sense, tried and true advice of the past while taking into account modern monetary realities.  In three easy lessons, the author offers guidance on faith & money, the mechanics of a sound financial plan and the “happy end” to the money story.  Applying these ideas can make financial sanity yours.


“The three easy lessons are things I encountered throughout my financial planning career.  I just saw some tendencies in people.  I think they were tendencies that were corrupting their ability to have success in growing their wealth.  All these things, I think, will correspond in the political world and the philosophical world and wherever else, but they apply in the financial world.  The first lesson is that you have to keep God at the center of all your decision making.” ~ David Simpson


(as with all books sold in the Founders Tradin’ Post, this too is autographed by the author)

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