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Mike Discusses The Joy In Searching For Truth

Humility_of_Heart_on_black_for_emailMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“To me, ladies and gentlemen, that is the fantasy.  The guys out on the right-wing far edge and the guys and gals out on the left have something that’s going for them.  I believe both of them are incorrect principally speaking.  They do have one thing going for them, and that is that their intellect is telling them that there is a truth that they can conform their mind to and thus be in conformity with reality.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  To me, ladies and gentlemen, that is the fantasy.  The guys out on the right-wing far edge and the guys and gals out on the left have something that’s going for them.  I believe both of them are incorrect principally speaking.  They do have one thing going for them, and that is that their intellect is telling them that there is a truth that they can conform their mind to and thus be in conformity with reality.

The problem is, and this is a big problem, the far right-wingers that want to see if sand can glow at night by dropping nuclear bombs on it, and the far left-wingers that want to see if the government taking over all private services that are currently just being regulated by it and then paying for it from a central location, that’s not pursing the truth.  They’re not conforming their mind to reality.  Instead, they’re conforming their mind to ideology.  Ideology is always dangerous.  The Nazis were ideologues.  The North Koreans today are ideologues.  The Russians, the Soviets were ideologues.  People that think like your average rank and file right-wing hawk Republican are ideologues.  People that think like your average rank and file left-wing Bernie Sanders are left-wing ideologues.

What’s the difference between right and left wing?  Does it matter?  They’re both wrong.  In either instance, death and discoloration of the soul is the result.  What difference does it make what side they’re on?  They’re wrong.  The ones in the middle are even worse off because they don’t believe that there is a truth.  They think, [mocking] “That’s your truth.”  This is what opinion has done to the ‘Murican electorate, to the ‘Murican population, and to the Western population at large.  It has totally removed the once well-known concept that there is a truth, we can know it, and we can repeat it.  Woe to you that is not willing to die for it.  See: thousands if not hundreds of thousands of martyrs who did.  What has been repealed and what has been lost in modernity is precisely that which these people in the middle will never conform their mind to unless they receive the grace to do so, and what these people in either extreme think they have conformed their mind to.  All of them are principally incorrect.

When we had Benjamin Wiker on the show on Tuesday, we were talking about the 10 Books that Screwed Up the World: And 5 Other that Didn’t Help.

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Wiker started with Leviathan.  Go read Leviathan.  You don’t even have to read the whole thing.  Just read the first three or four chapters and you will see that it is a pretty accurate prediction of what is currently happening today, which is Hobbes saw and knew that if God can be denied – God was denied – and that man could be elevated to the highest of all beings and thus to be his own master and his own lawmaker, then the only thing that would restrain man would be something else that would have to be created that would replace God.  What was it?  You and I today call it government.  That is exactly what has happened.  That is exactly the problem today.

My friends, I ask you here at 10:25 Central, here’s the question of the millennia.  Brother Andre Marie asked this two episodes ago of Reconquest, which airs every weekday evening from 6-8 p.m. right here on Veritas Radio Network Crusade Channel.  What are you prepared to do about it?  I’ll give you a phone number.  Call this hotline and tell them what you’re prepared to do about it.  844-5CRUSADE, 844-527-8723.  Email me directly, [email protected].  You can get those memberships to the website at  Still batting zero point zero for the day.  Me conforming my mind to reality?  This time next year if this keeps up, here’s the reality: I won’t be here.  Hey, we’ll enjoy it while we can.  You can shop in the Founders Tradin’ Post as well.

That’s another thing that McClanahan brought up about Donald Trump.  When Kreslins pushed: Why do you think Trump would be a better constitutional president?  McClanahan said: When Beauvoir was being rebuilt (Jefferson Davis’s home) and the people that were rebuilding it were trying to find donations and funds to rebuild it, guess who one of the biggest donors was?  Of course, Kreslins demurred: I don’t know.  Donald Trump.  Trump gave money to rebuild and preserve Jefferson Davis’s home.  McClanahan’s point was: Do you think any of these other political hacks would ever have on their donation sheet or from their own personal account that they even ever visited the home of Jefferson Davis, the evil, despicable president of the evil, despicable slave-owning racist 10 books that screwed up the worldConfederacy?  Trump did.

As a matter of fact, I’ll bet you, I’ll wager you this will come up.  Somebody is going to say, [mocking] “Mr. Trump, you made a donation in 2008 to restore and preserve the home of the racist slave owner and president of the racist and genocidal Confederacy.  How do you justify being such a bigoted racist and helping them preserve Jefferson Davis?  I’d love to hear Donald’s answer on that: Well, it’s a great piece of American history.  We should preserve that part of American history.  I can hear him now: Was it Jefferson Davis’s?  I don’t know.  It’s a beautiful home.  It’s a great piece of real estate.  It’s a beautiful place that should be preserved.  Because the guy was in the Confederacy we don’t preserve his house, what kind of madness is that?  I can hear Trump saying that.

It would totally confound everyone because they would be expecting, [mocking] “Please, Spike Lee, don’t say you won’t vote for me.”  Do you think Trump is going to go on: Well, I’m going to lose the vote of Spike Lee, but I did it because it was the right thing to do.  Ooh, do the right thing.  I think there was a movie by that name.  Is Davis a Traitor? Was There a Constitutional Right to Secession Previous To The War of 1861 is the book that Brion McClanahan and I edited.  The text is from 1866.  As Kevin Gutzman says in the liner notes: No one has ever bothered to answer Bledsoe Taylor because they can’t.  There was a constitutional right to secession.  There remains one today.  Get the book in paperback, $10.99.  That is half price, but there are only 15 copies available at

Let us go to the telephones, shall we?  This is Lisa in Minnesota next up on the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network and the Crusade Channel.  Hello, Lisa.  How are you?

Caller Lisa:  Hi, Mike.  I’m good.  How are you?

Mike:  I am fantastic, thank you.  What can I do for you, my dear?

Caller Lisa:  You had the question that you said Brother Andre asked and you asked about: What do we do about now that we know all the wrongs in the world, leaving God out of everything?  I have an answer.  I’m pursuing the truth.  I’m trying to find the truth.  When I find the truth, I speak the truth and I live the truth in my life.

Mike:  That’s all you can – well, that’s not all you can do, but that’s the best place to start.  When Brother Andre asked the question, I didn’t hear the final segment.  Did he answer it?

Caller Lisa:  I don’t know.  I don’t remember.  I listened to the episode but I don’t remember that part of it.  I’m sorry.  No, I just turned on the station and I’m like: I know I have an answer to this because I’m taking your philosophia perennis course.  I’m learning so much.  You just have to commit to speaking the truth.  I think no one pursues the truth.  Very few people, when they find the truth, will speak the truth or live it in their life.  It’s not easy, but I think that’s what we all have to do.

Mike:  I think there is a very good reason why that the canon of saints is filled with stories like the one that I told the other day about St. Francis de Sales, of men that, in the full swing of the enlightenment, chose to not follow the so-called enlightenment.  They went: I think our forefathers were actually correct and you guys are full of it, and you’re a bunch of heretics to boot.  The interesting thing is that when you read the stories and you read the biographies – just pick any saint that’s been canonized and that we have some kind of an historical record on.  What’s amazing is – we call them saints today, Lisa.  They weren’t saints at the time.  He was just Francis from Sales; he was at the monastery at Sales.  Francis of Assisi, he wasn’t St. Francis of Assisi; he was Francis that lived at the monastery and that church that he built with him and his monks’ bare hands outside the walls of Assisi.  They wouldn’t even let him in the walls.  His father kicked him out of the town.


When you read the story of St. Clare who was also from Assisi, and St. Clare, who was inspired – she was romantically involved with Francis of Assisi.  When Francis converted at the same time Clare had a conversion, Clare, like Francis, could have been a very wealthy baroness or whatever they call them in Italy.  Instead, she decided that she was going to live a life of chastity and of purity and of service to others and to help the poor like Francis.  There are still orders of nuns and still orders of religious that have as their patroness, as their founder St. Clare.

My point is, in all these instances, we tend to think of them as saints and not as people.  In every one of those instances, they actually did things.  They didn’t just cloister themselves inside a bunch of stone walls like this Benedict option may purport.  They actually went out there and lived among people and lived the life, like you said, seeking the truth, pursuing the truth, and then repeating the truth, and doing that.  Here we are 800 years after Francis of Assisi.  Movies are still being made telling his story; 800 years after St. Clare, movies are still being made, still telling the story.  Now 600 years after Joan d’Arc, people are still telling Joan’s story.  You do realize that the real feminists – if you’re looking for a feminine hero of antiquity that was a real superhero and had real supernatural powers, which she

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most certainly did, Joan d’Arc would be who you’re talking about.  When’s the last time you saw a – there have been – portrayal of Joan d’Arc as such?

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Caller Lisa:  Never.

Mike:  There are some.  As a matter of fact, the actress Milla Jovovich was in a movie called The Messenger.  My point is that they were real people and they confronted real situations.  They had real temptations.  They had real vices that they dealt with and chose not to participate in.  My point is that it can, what you said can be done.  You may not hear anything about it in this life, but we’re really not gaming for this life other than for its happy end.  We hope that it’s a happy end, don’t we?

Caller Lisa:  Um-hmm (yes).  The truth is there.  The truth doesn’t die.  The truth is always there waiting to be found.  You just have to have an open mind.

Mike:  Inevitably.  Lisa, thank you.  Thank you for the volunteer work you do with the philosophia perennis course.

Caller Lisa:  My pleasure.  It’s doing so much more for me.  Thank you for all you do.  God bless you.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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