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Five Men That History Says Were Important But Never Played For The Saints

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5 Men That History Says Were Important But Never Played For The Saints
©2012 Mike Church

On the 28th of June, 1776 5 men strolled into Philadelphia’s Independence Hall with a document in hand. While most Americans today can name 10-15 members of their favorite football or basketball teams how many can name those five? Oh and the document was? The Declaration of Independence although not the one you are familiar with today.

Jefferson’s draft that was presented had over 80 charges against King George III, those charges would stay there for another 5 days.

The day before the Declaration was presented for inspection then debate, word had arrived in Philadelphia that Washington’s army, camped out on Long Island NY was drastically short on supplies. This was a difficult thing for men who were revolting against taxes to deal with, where would they get the money to buy uniforms, ammo and food?

Still Jefferson and his crew which was likely led by John Adams whose reputation for being the 18th century equivalent of a ball hawk when it came to debating was exceeded by his reputation for being obnoxious. After the delegates to the Continental Congress got a good look at “the Committee of five’s” work, Pennsylvania’s John Dickinson, an ardent opponent of Independence leaped from his chair and asked that a vote be taken.

Adams and Virginia’s Richard Henry Lee asked for a delay to get a vote count on the matter only to discover that the Declaration would only pass by a bare majority, This after the British had taxed, harassed, invaded and occupied some of their colonies for years. This should put into perspective the challenges the mend we call Founding Fathers STILL faced just 6 days before July v4th 1776. As Adams recalled, the country was made up of 1/3 timid, 1/3 Tory and 1/3 True Blue. Keep that in mind next time you are told there’s no majority to take LA or CA or ME back from our current tyrants in Washington.

By the by, the last names of the men on that Committee? Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, Livingston & Sherman. See if you can recall THAT “dream team” this Independence Day.

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Written by: ClintStroman

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