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Five Things To Remember On The Fifth Of November

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Video and Audio – Five Colorado counties got it right yesterday. That’s five counties you can remember on the 5th of November for voting for Secession. This may be the most encouraging thing that has happened in at least the last decade. That these 11 counties officially got the S-word on a ballot and successfully voted for it in 5 of them. This is why there’s very little news on this… because the national news doesn’t know how to deal with the S-word. If it is brought up on the news, it’s immediately shot down as “well, the state legislature isn’t going to ALLOW these counties to do this”. Oh, so it’s okay to abort babies and gays to get married but GOD FORBID a few counties want to leave their state. For more on this be sure and check out today’s Founders TV and sign up for a Founders Pass if you haven’t already!

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