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Fix the Welfare/Warfare State? Bring Back the Word Vagabond


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Fix the Welfare/Warfare State? Bring Back the Word Vagabond

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

Bloomberg News, known for its coverage of the economy, just published the results of a survey which shows that by a 44 to 34% margin Americans say they are WORSE off than they were when Dear Leader-MaObama took office. What I want to know is what do the 34% of satisfied ObamBots know that the rest of us dont!? Put another way, what are they DOING that the rest of us arent?

Well it used to be called grifting back in the day, you may also have heard it called free-loading. I prefer my own modern vulgar expression: these people are parasites and we are the hosts and I think its time we found a way to force them to become productive organisms. But the parasite class is not going to give up their easy food supply without a fight, This is evidenced by the bi-annual celebration of their harvest, its called voting.

Unlike little r republicans and Founders Red Pill takers the parasite class doesnt vote for principles or philosophies it votes to survive, at your expense. This means that their votes are cast in favor of which thief I mean candidate, promises to deliver the most free stuff. Whether that be business subsidies, student loans, food, cell phones, housing, automobiles, abortions or any other way our professional drunken sailors can burn through $3.7 trillion this year.

Now that tens of millions know that this operation is no different than a mob-like protection racket and is equally illegal and immoral what can be done? Well, lets start with the little things like bringing back use of the words bum, beggar, vagabond and free loader which for 34% of the population these days are synonymous with voter.

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