The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Fixing the Broken

Task of Restoring the Republic lies with the People not Politicians inWashington

(Audio) MANDEVILLE, LOUISIANA – On todays show, Mike discusses the undeniable responsibility we as a people must acknowledge as it relates tothe federal governments never-ending expansion past its Constitutionalrestraints. Whether by repealing the Seventeenth Amendment which designed andsucceeded in democratizing the Republic while simultaneously granting anunchecked strangle-hold to monetarists and corporatists or by turning to thefail-safe engrossed into the Constitution via an Article V convention, in theend We the People must be prepared to act in our countrys time of need.

Sunshine Patriots need not apply.

Listen to Segment from the Show

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Host of the Mike Church Show on The Veritas Radio Network's CRUSADE Channel & Founder of the Veritas Radio Network. Formerly, of Sirius/XM's Patriot channel 125. The show began in March of 2003 exclusively on Sirius and remains "the longest running radio talk show in satellite radio history".

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