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Founders Wouldn’t Go For Pooling Money, That’s Socialism!

(Audio) Mandeville -The idea that we send these things calledRepresentatives to Mordor on the Potomac, sometimes thousands of milesaway, to go and retrieve money that has been sent there, laundered anddivvied amongst the connected few and then whatever is left is sent tothe States, is ridiculous. Why this is tolerated, we don’t know. Evenworse, the corruption is on nearly every level of the spectrum withonly the amounts of money stolen changing.

If we continue to letCongress press their way into our lives any further, whether it’sthrough roads, bridges, canals, infrastructure or HealthCare,  then werisk our greatest American right, liberty. It’s like the old saying,’give em’ an inch and they’ll take a mile’, in this case Leviathan hastaken several marathons worth of miles and it’s up to us to begin torear them back to the starting line, or a zero budget, whichever comesfirst – if at all.

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American Government Created to Secure Liberty

2010 Mike Church Show



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