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Founding Fathers Roll In Graves As McCain Backstabs Rand Paul, Strips Due Process from NDAA

todayDecember 20, 2012 4

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Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of Founding Fathers, Christmas Spirit  goodness and other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “Tyranny is wonderfully ingenious in the art of inventing specious phrases to spread over its nefarious designs. ‘Divine  right, kings can do no wrong,’ are instance of it in Europe.  ‘Common defence, general welfare, federal supremacy and political economy’ are impressed into the same service here.”John Taylor of Caroline, Tyranny Unmasked

DeceptiCONNED: Rand Paul’s newly minted allies in the Senate just pulled their Brutus daggers out and schooled him on the ways of the DeceptiCON force by stripping due process out of NDAA bill HE voted for-somewhere Ron Paul is shaking his head wondering where Senator John Taylor of Caroline – in waiting – went to

The story of the birth of Christ from the book of Luke as told on “It’s A Charlie Brown Christmas” (I mistakenly referred to Matthew as the source yesterday)

Boehner tells Dear leader to go pound sand, will pass “Plan B” tax cuts and dare Obama to veto it

“Fiscal Cliff” looks to be yet another “Starts with a D and ends with ‘omination’ ” for Dear leader over the feckless GOP House

Andy McCarthy remembers the brilliance that was Judge Robert Bork

AmConMag columnist says original, ratified intent doesn’t matter and shouldn’t be a concern-a lesson Robert Bork apparently (according to Noah Millman) never learned – maybe Millman should read and ingest some John Taylor ”

The American Sheople have spoken: Hire MORE cops and put them stationed at schools to protect our darlings – hmmm, maybe we just pull the current cops off the drug war-DUI jihads and send THEM to the schools?



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Host of the Mike Church Show on The Veritas Radio Network's CRUSADE Channel & Founder of the Veritas Radio Network. Formerly, of Sirius/XM's Patriot channel 125. The show began in March of 2003 exclusively on Sirius and remains "the longest running radio talk show in satellite radio history".

Written by: TheKingDude

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Wil Shrader Jr.

Re: armed and barricaded schools
Let us just suppose that the idea of having armed personnel in schools, or ANYWHERE that children comprise the primary focus is sane. I see several details not many, if any, consider before jumping with olympic dexterity upon the band wagon.
1) Who will employ the security personnel? Without doubt they will be government employees. Private citizens, civilians, cannot be trusted with the immense responsibility of protecting children from the crazed gunmen, right? Arming teachers is no solution, though they are the requisite government employees and therefore eminently trustworthy.
2) Does the Transportation Safety Administration give you a rash? Do they make you feel safe and secure? Any government employee could not fairly attain living wages without exercising the “right” of collective bargaining. WHO WILL PAY for this?
3) A corollary to #2, given the obvious insurmountable debt and looming “fiscal cliff” and associated suffocating taxation, is the question: HOW will it funded?
4) If you are a [r]epublican and have made the dutiful effort to learn proper history, after which you shall readily understand that fear of God is closely and most prudently followed by fear of government, you must ask: Do we want or need more ARMED government agents in any area of our lives?
This is necessarily a new and troublesome layer and barrier in between parents and their children. What is to stop this armed force from preventing a parent removing their child from an indoctrination center?
5) If you understand that criminals will take the path of least resistance then though you may concede this all will prevent future massacres in schools, what about the remaining public places without armed government protection? So a person hell bent upon killing anyone, even children, may be deterred from entering a school, they are not deterred from entering a church, a playground, a THEATER, or many other places where a high concentration of children may be present.
Shall we demand that armed government agents be placed ubiquitously and omni-presently in our society? IS THIS HOW A FREE PEOPLE LIVE? Does this not begin to mirror soviet Russia or Communist China or name-your-despotic-totalitarian-police-state?
But this can’t happen here, right? Not in the good ol’ US of A!

God help us all.


Dude, can you share the name of the book on the history of Habeus Corpus you mentioned on today’s show?

Thank you sir and I hope you and your family have a Blessed Christmas!


Thank you sir!

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