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Fred Tells Us A Very Suspensful Story That Took Place On His Ranch That Borders Mexico

(Audio) Mandeville, LA – It’s always nice to have a few calls on what is deemed – "Free PhoneFriday". It’s always nice when some of those calls are from fellowdudes who share the same ideals as those of little ‘r’ republicanFounding Father Virtue. But a figurative jackpot on Free Phone Fridayis a call, from a dude, especially when that dude is Dude #1308. Fredand his wife have been listeners of the show since 2004, Fred is arancher in Bisbee, Arizona with 800 acres. Those back few acres butt upagainst the border where his private property has been destroyed bysmuggling illegals and marijuana growers trespassing onto his land.They have suffered mightily through this with no help from theGovernment and Fred’s here to propose some changes.

Fred tells us a very suspenseful story that took place on his ranchabout coming face to face with some trespassers growing marijuana onhis ranch. The ensuing events that took place are sure to make thehairs on your back stand up. Ultimately, Fred agrees with Governor GaryJohnson of New Mexico (whom we recently interviewed) on the stance ofdrug reform – in particular the legalization of marijuana. Please doyourself a favor and listen to this clip regardless of your stance onpot or any other drugs.

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The Useless War On Drugs 

2011 Mike Church Show 

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