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Mike's famous rendition of the famous Bne Franklin etching has delighted thousands who have the shirt-Order yours today in sizes md-4xxxx
Mike’s famous rendition of the famous Bne Franklin etching has delighted thousands who have the shirt-Order yours today in sizes md-4xxxx

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, bringing you the latest from a world gone mad. The assault on the family unit designed and gifted to us by God continues. I relay the battle brave Catholics like Pope Pius XI have waged against that evil we used to call Communism; THAT sounds today like American, majority rule. Read along with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. Communists hold the principle of absolute equality, rejecting all hierarchy and divinely-constituted authority, including the authority of parents. Refusing to human life any sacred or spiritual character, such a doctrine logically makes of marriage and the family a purely artificial and civil institution, the outcome of a specific economic system. There exists no matrimonial bond of a juridico-moral nature that is not subject to the whim of the individual or of the collectivity. Naturally, therefore, the notion of an indissoluble marriage-tie is scouted. Communism is particularly characterized by the rejection of any link that binds woman to the family and the home, and her emancipation is proclaimed as a basic principle. She is withdrawn from the family and the care of her children, to be thrust instead into public life and collective production under the same conditions as man. The care of home and children then devolves upon the collectivity. Finally, the right of education is denied to parents, for it is conceived as the exclusive prerogative of the community, in whose name and by whose mandate alone parents may exercise this right. – Pope Pius XI, Encyclical on the Evil of Communism “Divini Redemptoris”

Is there life in the “uninsured” world of ObamaCare that will actually qualify you AS insured AND provide relief from medical expenses? There sure is and while it’s not perfect, David Simpson says he and his family of 6 have given it a go for a full year now and offers a report card

Here is what happens when 150 years  of teaching Constitution “precedence” becomes the official owners manual for the Constitution as ratified and the federal government system it created.

WaPo’sPhillip Kennicott makes the point few have the courage to make: the scenes we are watching from Ferguson MO ARE the world we have allowed to be built by and for the United States of America. What I see looks a lot more like Ridley Scott’s “Black Hawk Down” than an episode of the 1970’s “SWAT”. The images of convenience stores burning as a backdrop for the tear gas blasts shows the dispensibility of the shallow, meaningless consumer state that sedates the hoi polloi while creating the taxes for the real world authoritarian state, lurking and ready to mobilize. THIS is what the corrupt welfare, warfare and corporatist states have created. Ferguson is YOUR or MY town, a resentful, rebellious teenager meeting an itchy trigger fingered cop away. My God, what have we done? BIGGER question, what here is good that we can harness to DO something about it?

Tom Englehardt: One Nation, Under SWAT. The rise of the Commando Cop is NOT “necessary” and is not “a logical response” to the “growing violence” of our streets. It is a result of a Mount Everest of cash, made available by an apathetic public that has swallowed the philosophy that they are WHOLLY incapable of protecting themselves in any situation

Fresh from mowing down the 9 millennia old institution of ecclesiastical marriage, Virginia now JOINS the bullying Federal Government in ordering its 132 school districts to welcome with open arms undocumented, transcript and health record free, illegal alien children into their public schools.

Michael Brendan Dougherty profiles the consummate crank: Henry Adams, great grandson of John Adams and what Dougherty terms a “Declinist”. Someone who has given up on changing this world and instead dreams of retreating to the previous one, a proposition I do not find so morose as the perpetual “we march onward and upward” crowd might conclude. The Old-world longing for a better world was to many rooted in that world being a better place to raise future residents of heaven. I would wager anyone that on our current course, this planet’s contribution to the population of souls in heaven is in critical decline. We must repair that state of affairs or God will repair it for us. Does that make me a “Declinist”?

Joseph Pearce defines what Christendom IS not what itv WAS because as Tollkein reminded us history is a  Long defeat with occasional glimpses of victory. Pearce says Christendom is “Christendom is best and most succinctly defined in traditional ecclesiological terms as the Church Militant. Whereas the Church in eternity is the Church Suffering (purgatory) and the Church Triumphant (heaven), the Church in time is always the Church Militant, which is to say that she is the Church at War. Her war is with the world and its worldliness. Her war is not fought with soldiers but with saints and also with those sinners who are trying to become saints. Her weapons are not those that bring death but life to her enemies. The culture of life that she brings with her is animated by the goodness of virtue, the truth of reason, and the beauty of God’s image in His creatures. She is the wellspring of civilization.”

Yes Virginia, There Is A Tyranna-Claus! Hey Virginians, you were told by your governor, your AG and now a Federal Appeals Court that your 236 year-old Constitution is no longer valid or of any force unless Federal Judges say it is. The history of the Old Dominion has just received the greatest slander ever applied. Secede…

Now Buddhists are TERRORISTS!? Yes, as the new fad, religiosity, sweeps the planet and people take free reign to do all manner of violent things in its name. You can see this in the American “christians” who tell pollsters they abhor violence then chant “USA…USA!” when drones strike wedding parties in Yemen because “a terror target” [1] out of the 27 in the party “got his”

Obama drops 130 “military advisers” onto the top of Mt Sinjar in Iraq to assess just how the U.S. might “assist the Kurdish forces” in evacuating the 25-30k Christians and Yazidis still stranded and fearing for their life from the Jihad os ISIS. No word on international Christians forming alliances to take on the Jihad with the blessing of Christ as the Europeans of Christendom did for a millennia

MISH: The new housing market for the new buyer boils down to “Overpay or get shut out” as young buyers contemplate buying 1 BR 1 garage houses for nearly double what that house cost 14 years ago while wages have flattened if not declined. All roads lead to the Fed and the incompetence of Congress that probably does not have enough brains, collectively, to manage a gold standard money supply if they were forced at slingshot point. The crashes all neatly being setup folks, smart money says do NOT buy anything that is valued by the current bloated currency unless you loaned yourself the money

Read the details of the latest abominable news on the Japanese economy and see if it sounds familiar. I will help you along by pasting the pertinent parts and making them bold. “Household consumption plummeted at an annualized pace of 19.2 percent from the previous quarter, while private investment sank 9.7 percent, highlighting the damage to demand by the 3 percentage point increase in the levy [sales tax]. The higher sales tax hit consumers who’ve seen little growth in incomes and rising costs of living as the Bank of Japan stokes inflation with unprecedented easing. Consumer prices rose 3.6 percent in June from a year earlier — nine times the increase in total cash earnings — with food prices climbing 5.1 percent.” The world’s central banking druids are out of spells, toadstools, bat ears and any other remedy save a massive correction of global scale

The geniuses who authored the 2000, 2008 and 2013 Human Trafficking Act that makes our borders the official day care center for the planet forgot to tell the public schools in TX that they’ll have to fork over the $9500 tuition and support, per illegal alien minor, they will be forced to educate this fall

This Catholic family decided that the ‘burbs outside Mordor were no longer the place to raise a TLM family of 7 so they moved to the country, started raising livestock and gardening what they could and are amazed at the results. I wonder where the heirs of the authors of “I’ll Take My Stand” are now?

Sexual Liberty, the God That Failed: CA proposes new law that will require young men to go through a series of questions to determine if their pending sex encounter meets state guidelines for safety and consensuality. Oh but, we MUST ditch those old fuddy duddy rules from The Church on sex, they stand in the way of our freedom to use our bodies man… just wait, this is but the beginning. The L.A. Times editorial on the ill is priceless as the Media that helped create this Roddham & Gommorrah now recoils in horror at it.

Why Do They hate The South? Paul Gottfried, he of Northern heritage, asks and answers the question using the history as recorded not the revised post 1960’s version we are all ordered to accept or face professional and indeed societal condemnation

Every time this subject comes up I get an ear and email box full of police officer hate mail: The unnecessary militarization of nearly all police forces in the U.S. What was on display after the tragic shooting of a teenage in a St Louis suburb on Saturday was right out of a Hollywood backlot, MILITARY gear, armored vehicles, weapons, BIG weapons and an army like presence. For a people who treasure their self-government, these spectacles, viewed cynically do not inspire hope for the future of that practice. For example “Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, which are armored vehicles designed to withstand improvised explosive device attacks, were dispersed to eight different municipalities, the smallest being Pulaski County, population 13,402.” For WHAT purpose!?

“War!? Wellllll, we’re all IN!!!!!” Say the usual suspects, DeceptiCONS and the Obamaphant chorus. As I have been warning, this crowd is incapable of any humble, limited effort to try and repair and salve what their own brutality has broken

For those “Catholics” condemning anyone who dare to question the sanctity of St Robin (Williams), here is a video reminder of his very public condemnation of: The Vatican, The Pope, The Church stance on Homosexuality and then he follows it up with blanket  assertions that for the few Priests that do hear confessions these days, they actually ENJOY the lust confessions involving children. People applaud and laugh uproariously. Share this video with anything but praise and laughter at your own risk.

Matt Walsh discovers the KingDude, text to speech, Transmodificator Model # Paganex Q 1000. YOu see, it doesn’t matter what you SAY on radio or WRITE on blogs, as soon as the peasants of the secular kingdom of Satanistan believe their fun, lust and hedonism are being questioned then it is time to make some martyrs of the faithful, the modern world’s version of the heretic.

UPDATE: Walsh was so inundated with hate and viciousness for his post that he wrote a followup trying to explain himself and answer objections. Predictably, few are interested in the meekness of this thoughtful, Grace seeking man. I experience this everyday and am learning to find joy in it as the Saints taught that all faithful must.

Were TV shows always so vile, predictable and lacking any display of modesty or grace? No they weren’t and Ronald Reagan was once a contestant on one

Imaginative Conservative – If “civilization” were described to you via Wikipedia would you think it would be woirthy of conservation? Here’s the Wiki in part “…urbanization (or the development of cities), centralization, the domestication of both humans and other organisms, specialization of labor, culturally ingrained ideologies of progress and supremacism, monumental architecture, taxation, societal dependence upon agriculture and expansionism.” Joseph Pearce says, let all agrarians be honest and say “let it go to Hades in the handbasket”

The Earl of Chesterfield cautioned his son “Dear Boy” that laughter was “folly” and the work of the “ill-mannered”, words worth pondering while praying for the family of Robin Williams and his immortal soul. Williams died in his Marin County, CA home on Monday morning, suspected cause of death is asphyxiation

Yet another reason to never wear short pants in public: Bill Clinton wears them while strolling UK beaches with Slick Hilly. Recall my essays on the virtue of President James Monroe, dying tens of thousands of dollars in debt, most of that rung up while he was President in his (inadequately funded) official duties. The Clinton’s dropped $100k for a 3 week stay at a beach house

Patrick J Buchanan asks the only question that needs asking in the crisis of ISIS’s jihad, aimed at Iraq’s ancient, Christian communities: If McCain, Ayotte, Graham, King et al REALLY think ISIS is coming to hit San Diego then why don’t they demand Obama call Congress back into session and declare war on the outfit?

My conversation with Michael Brendan Dougherty on Iraq and the deplorable conditions brought about by our hyperbolic, bellicose foreign policies

The Vote Yes for Scottish Independence campaign has produced a new TV ad that is worth watching and mimicking. Take the pro-life themes and apply them to the independent statehood of America’s States and we have an actionable plan to leave Mordor

The latest polling in Scotland shows that the “you cannot make it without Downing street wiping your bottom for you” is winning the fear campaign. If the Scottish people bail on Independence, like Lee surrendering at Appomattox there will be a lethal pall covering a turn away from consolidation and all the war, theft, debt and deceit it so expertly conducts

Andrew Sullivan blogs my sentiments on the ramped up “air-strike” effort in Iraq and against the U.S. armed ISIS (no that is NOT an accusation, rather a “puerae de armis”) precisely because Slick Hilly, McCain and Grahamnesty cannot be trusted with ANY war-making power they will certainly abuse

Meanwhile Obama informs the hoi polloi that the new NEW Iraqi “Premier” is welcomed by the U.S. and that even though we are committed to “humanitarian” efforts, merely dropping bombs on ISIL will not make them go away. Gee, where have I heard that before?

Surprise, surprise, taxpayer, OBEY your federal taxing authority and pay for the public education of the entire known universe’s children, citizen! Obama’s DOE issues edict that all our new, lice infested illegal alien immigrant children MUST be educated at each state’s expense as the Overlords dictate

The Constitution’s “importation” clause is contained in Article 9 of the Constitution which contains enumerated limitations of the Federal Government. I am exploring the genesis of the 1808 (twenty years) sunset and if it was targeted solely at importing slaves in the Prep Better section of this site (Founders Pass membership req’d). “The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year one thousand eight hundred and eight, but a Tax or duty may be imposed on such Importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each Person.”

The New York Times gives the Libertarian movement the spotlight it complains mightily about not receiving. Read this piece thoroughly and you will see why libertarians were, as Russell Kirk termed them, “chirping Sectaries” pursuing a baseless ideology completely detached from any transcendent force (God) and without responsibility to any controlling force outside of the abstract of property ownership and commercial exchange. As St Augustine pointed out, if viewed properly, even this is a result of God’s plan. you won’t find that humble admission among the  findings in this piece.

No sooner was the ink dry on the NY Times “Libertarian moment” piece, listed above, than the usual suspects got busy denouncing the 14 page report by claiming its all just a circumstantial evidence-fantasy. Libertarians are most certainly advancing but there is an even greater movement advancing, it is the renaissance of Catholic Church, reaching back across time, to re-establish a Christian connection to the State

The so-called Prophet’s demonic hordes revel in the de-capitated heads of Christians who refuse to covert to Islam. Anyone who believes that any Deity requires this savagery as an act of worship is answering to the designs of he who is not and never will be God

Meanwhile, the puppet “President” that Bush/Cheney et al helped install to manage their new, islamic state (Maliki) that can’t or won’t stop the slaughter of its 2,000 year old Christian population so we orchestrate yet another Mid-east coup to install someone who will

“Nuke the site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure”. There’s no better gauge of the shallow mindedness infecting most of our fellow citizens than to witness outrage over a TV “talk-show” being interrupted by the news that the citizens country, the United States, has begun dropping bombs in Iraq.

The absurdity of bombing ISIS’s military advances is made clear by the fact that ISIS is nearly exclusively using American made weaponry. Any extended campaign in Iraq to protect Iraqi civilians, including Christians targeted for their faith, will put our forces against similarly armed forces, thanks to the 2003 Iraq invasion debacle

Michelle Obama’s school lunch program gets the boot in KY but not because it has produced thought control but because the kids won’t eat the broccoli

Michael Brendan Dougherty predicted it: ISIS is targeting all the Christian cities of Iraq, Mosul is already a rubble heap and Irbil is next. Christian Kurds meanwhile beg for U.S. help as White House mouthpiece Josh Earnest callously states “there is no military solution for the problems in Iraq”. Funny, when we wanted to remove Saddam, there was ONLY a military solution. Saddam at least kept the Islamic hoardes from murdering Christians but thanks to DeceptiCON arrogance, our brothers and sisters in Christ are slowly being martyr’d. PRAY

Speaking of MBD, his latest pulls the curtain back off the opportunists in high ranking Tea Party outfits. I cleared my conscience long ago when TP groups could stitch together $50k to hire Sara Palin for 30 minute speeches. MBD names names, groups and how they operate while pointing out a painful truth that I can vouch for: the opportunists win again. The Lefties are never in denial of their professional, “consultant” class that earns its “living” off the tax deductible booty amped up by federal grants and outright appropriations. The Right TRIES to play pure with it’s opportunist “work-force” and the tragedy is there are millions of actual concerned citizens, whose [political] lives, [small] fortunes and [now defiled] scared honor is on the line.

Updates from the WaPo show that ISIS has moved into control of Iraq’s biggest water dam, a breach of which could flood Baghdad. The Islamic jihad has also captured the ancient Christian town of Qaraqosh and has pinned hundreds of Kurds to a mountaintop without food, water or shelter. I am not a proponent of intervention by our military in any conflict but since we set these events in motion we may be honor bound to consider a Just intervention

That creepy feeling of the loss of initiative many of us have been trying to express is now a trend you can demonstrate with actual data and the biggest surprise is? All those hoodie wearing tech-ie-naires are an exception to the solidifying rule: young people do not know HOW to be entrepreneurs

Srdja Trifkovic explains the results of the Israel-Hamas war in terms so stark I chasten Israel-firsters to NOT read them. Trifkovic’s analysis could easily apply to the U.S. and the shambles that were once countries we have left around the Mid-East

IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE? You betcha. Members of the United States Senate WANT the President to be the House where bills raising revenue originate? THIS is an example of what the impeachment power was meant to deal with (although a censure can do similar things). The wicked policy of global integration and deadly intervention will prove to be anathema to republics of the future including the ones that will be borne of the impending breakup of the American Union.

America, Have it YOUR way, ALWAYS. We have all been witness to a spoiled brat yuppie demeaning the hourly employees at any popular retailer or restaurant because “the customer is always right”. Now this extends to Catholic churches where remaining REVERENT in the presence of God has given way to being the attention center in God’s house. Witness any Novus Ordo Mass’s “let us show each other a sign of peace” which devolves into a kissing, waving and “brotherly love” fest the hippie pagans at Woodstock couldn’t even pull off.

Liberty The God That Failed, now has Libertarians conceding that Liberty cannot actually be their God by proposing a “libertarian case for a “Basic Income Guarantee”.

The stupidity of the sanction war against Russia by the U.S. and the equally imbecilic EU now bites poor Polish farmers in the butt as Russia bans Polish produce from importation. PROOF that what Ron Paul warned of has come to fruition: sanctions only punish the poor and are acts of economic war

Continuing my exploration of things everyone of us can d0 OUTSIDE of incessant incriminations via media and obsession over the political policy and participants of our day h/t audiosancto: “Rules of Life”

Click for a much sharper image

Let’s just review an important statistic this morning: the top 20 WEALTHIEST countries on earth (UN-2012). Look at the attached graphic and excluding the United States, note what things most of the countries on this list have in common. 1. They are small and the scale of representation is in-line; they are NOT known as military powers and they are not known as interventionists in other country’s affairs….hmmmmm….. is there a message here for the titanic, bloated menace that is the United States today?

AUDIO EDITION of this discussion on wealth & size is here

Obama: “The…’merican people don’t want me…..just standin’ around….waitin’ for Congress to do something”. The American people don’t grant you your power, the Constitution does and it REQUIRES YOU to “stand around” and wait for Congress to act so you can either A. sign & execute or B. veto

More Pulitzer prize winning work from Brandon Darby at, our man on the Southern Border reports that the entire planet seems to have gotten the memo that the United States is open for hauling in our welfare state “safety nets” whomever makes to the U.S. / Mexico border

This long and sordid history of the State of California’s 19th century actions against Chinese immigrants paints a very solid picture of the “alien friends” doctrine I have been talking about now for the last 3 months. Note that California acted as a sovereign entity and imposed her own taxes on Chinese immigrants to dissuade them

Glenn Greenwald via Edward Snowden: Obama and the U.S. government are in cahoots with Israel on most everything they do militarily including military planning and targetingImaginative Conservative: Congratulations new Roman disciples of Nero, the persecution and quest to squash Christianity and Christians is alive and vibrant yet again. The same refutation the pagans suffered last time is set to repeat itself because there is but One Truth.

Brits decide to create, then publicly fund, an “online sperm bank” for lesbians only. In what can only be described by me as the plan to rid the British Isles of pesky men we now learn that it is only the science of biology that matters in creating families,. not mothers (they are temporarily needed) and NO fathers need apply.

Why is the FDA persecuting into closure the oldest cigar rolling factory in the USA? Save Cigar City campaign needs your help and the FDA needs to be abolished, again

SMOKE THIS! If the FDA cigar regulations go into effect, every handmade cigar sold in the U.S. will be “regulated” just like cigarettes, will have to undergo scientific testing, will be subject to new taxes and will not be allowed into the free-market unless approved by FDA. This will shutter the US cigar/tobacconist industries and make brans like my el Rey Dude Corona cigar a thing of the past.

Michael Scheuer unloads on the “Israel Firsters” who have corrupted the US political process by their willing into existence a conflict with jihadi extremists we had no attachment to

George Will thinks the National Legislature has the power to compel every county in the U.S. to adopt 20 illegal alien children, educate, feed and clothe them and “make them Americans”. I would like to ask the foundational question, citing what Constitutional power does Mr Will believe Mordor has such authority? Ilana Mercer has some thoughts on “Robbing Peter to pay Pedro”

Remember all those “Get Putin” demands from last week, because Putin MUST have been behind the downing of MH17, he’s Putin after all? Well the evidence is mounting that it was a Ukrainin military jet that did the shooting and there are eyewitnesses to back up the story

PREP BETTER: Download the original text file of Ronald Reagan’s E.O. 12333 in this week’s Prep Better section for Founders Pass Members. Not a member? Signup today for .17¢ per day.

If you have taken my [r]epublican Challenge #1 (for Fathers) then you probably have a good handle on what to do when confronted with situations that can easily lead into violent, parental, episodes. This FL dad confronted one such episode and dealt with it heroically (yay) only to use the event to a gain a shameful advantage.

An oldie but goodie from Joe Sobran on the Right of Secession as the ultimate and final check against an oppressive Central Government, namely the one in the style of the (sic) United State of America

Read Patrick Henry American Statesman Today-Revived from an 1887 out of print classic, Edited by Mike Church
Read Patrick Henry American Statesman Today-Revived from an 1887 out of print classic, Edited by Mike Church

How would Patrick Henry handle our problems of ObamaCare & never-ending wars? Read a FREE chapter preview of Mike Church’s “Patrick Henry-American Statesman” for the Liberty or Death Patriot’s life-story

When the price of bacon goes parabolic, brought on by conditions the Federal Leviathan says cannot exist so long as they are on the job, it may get the attention of the apathetic hoi polloi

Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

Mike Church’s Founders Pass announces anytime, no limits discount program. Take 17% off purchases off most Founders Tradin Post purchases with your Founders Pass.

NEW, Founders Pass Feature!  Prep Better! Get Mike’s Insider Show Prep and see what ELSE he is reading for today’s Mike Church Show. Take the tour – Subscribe Now – Not a member? Subscribe today for .17 cents per day

Did you know that in 1865, 7,000 Confederation citizens sailed to Brazil and set up a community there and are STILL there today? Hmmmm, maybe there IS still a place to seek refuge from Obama’s Leviathan

Today’s Latin Phrase of the Day:  “Et Libertas set pectus purim et fermium gestate; alias res obnoxiosae note in obscura latent.” Liberty is having a pure and dauntless heart; all else is slavery and hidden darkness

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