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The Spirit of '76 - Writing & Ratifying the U.S Constitution. Mike's most popular film, it will be your favorite too
The Spirit of ’76 – Writing & Ratifying the U.S Constitution. Mike’s most popular film, it will be your favorite too

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, my daily roundup of stories that are used in making the Mike Church Show. Another Friday andother mass shooting on an American University. “Looking to what the secular world holds up as “manly” is in fact to look at shadows – or even at outright counterfeits – of masculinity. No athlete, no matter how many awards; no political leader, no matter the power he wields; no performer, business man, or celebrity, no matter how much adored; no physical attribute or muscle mass; no intelligence or talent; no prizes or achievements can bestow masculinity on a man. The idolatry of celebrities at this time is a particular temptation, but to build one’s masculine identity on such fleeting models is to build an identity on sand. My Catholic sons and brothers, we can only build a certain foundation for masculinity on the rock, Jesus Christ. We look to our Savior to be transformed in Him, to be the men we are called to be, and to let others see Him in us.” –  A Challenge To Catholic Men- The Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted


Dear Leader Did Not Let A Crisis In Oregon Go To Waste – The Obama White House and its Dear Leader wasted nary a second rushing to the Gun Control Parapets and blasphemously proclaiming “thoughts and prayers are NOT enough”. This assumes, simultaneously, that Prayer is effective and at the same time that who the prayer is directed to is insufficient to the task of moderating the affairs of Men. Welcome to post-Christian America, citizen.

Oregon Shooting Martyrs? – The latest cowardly maniac with a cache of weapons and devoid of the weapon of Grace is alleged to have asked students if they were Christian and if they answered “yes” they were shot in the head, if “no” in the legs. While we can’t draw firm conclusions from this part of this tragic story we CAN assert that the shooter lacked knowledge of Sin and the Faith Hope and Charity needed to overcome it.

SENATOR DeceptiCON: “The Russians cannot invade a sovereign country’s airspace and bomb it into oblivion…only WE can invade A sovereign country’s airspace and bomb it into oblivion. Senator Bombalot Cotton is outraged that the Russkies actually talk to the Syrians, were invited into Syria and then conducted operations against the Muslim lunatics trying to topple its government, thus the folly of choosing “good terrorists” to arm and “ally” with. SMH

Why “Conservatism” Is FailingCount the anemic views racked up for Senator Rand Paul’s animated rejection of the Senate’s passage of the latest “spending bill” to “keep the government running”.  You might think a moment like this would be shared by hundreds of thousands of “conservatives” in the hope that Paul’s effort might rally support but alas….

The Christian Edition of The Cowardly Lion Has Been Served Notice: You’re Fired – The Left and its demonic promoters never had a problem with being bold and in the process, decimated the opposition to the point of timidity, no more. Steve Skojic’s call to Christian/Catholic Crusaders “…against the crushing weight of an overwhelming foe, I, for one, would prefer tirades to timidity.”

CONGRESS TO PP – IF YOU BILL US FOR A DISMEMBERED BABY AGAIN, WE’LL BE VERY ANGRY, AND SEND YOU A NASTY LETTER! The GOP Congress proves WHY it is the minority/majority party with its incompetent questioning of Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood. It is almost as though Richards was yelled at by the Congress’s janitor and when she objected to that she was told “can you email me your answer?”

DAZED AND CONFUSED TEA PARTY – Read Tim Carney’s piece on the next GOP Speaker’s REAL JOB and see if you can discern any hope of, and this is a big item, stagnation-status quo, much less a rollback of the Leviathan monster’s iron-maiden grip on the puppet strings of the Church… that is the Church of ‘Muricah, whose canon law and scripture are drawn directly or from “penumbras” that emenate from that Gospel, made Holy by the Tea Partiers: The Constitution or the Gospel according to We the People.

YOU’LL DO ‘MURICAN SLUT CHIC AND LIKE IT – You can go back 3 weeks in this space and read my comments on the modernist hysteria concocted to force actress Blake Lively to abandon her “Antebellum, Southern Belle” website, well the judgement porn demons have finally succeeded and Lively will shutter the site in October. Imagine that in this world gone mad, an attempt to highlight the remaining shreds of Southern Charm and Christian Modesty were greeted as though they were the steps leading to an auction block of freshly captured Kenyans. Richard Weaver wrote of this in his classic “The Southern Tradition at Bay”, accurately analyzing that the Southern, Protestant “ethic” was so fluid and malleable, it would be impossible for it to provide a impregnable “Cult” that a bruised Southern “Culture” would need to rally around and rebuild from the ruins of Sherman et al’s marches.

I Know Nothing! The U.S. and the U.N. cannot bring themselves to account for then atone for the UNJust, U.S. backed war in Yemen against civilian populations.

unPLANNED PARENTHOODWhy doesn’t Cecile Richards use her own PP clinics for her “women’s healthcare” needs? After all we are constantly reminded that if PP loses “Federal Funding” there will be tens of millions of women sleeping in boxcars, under overpasses, in discarded Maytag refrigerator boxes and receiving “care” in those places too yet Richards doesn’t lead by example.

THE GAYSTAPO WANTS YOUR CHRISTIAN SCHOOL – I told you this would happen: the march to force-feed acceptance, NAY, endorsement of homosexuality will not end with Obergefell and homosexual “marriages”. This is so because the goal is not to win accommodation it is to END the opposition meaning cleanse the civilization of Christianity in all its forms. This is diabolical work folks and is therefore carried out by those possessed of diabolical influences. The latest example is using a 5 year old to try and force a private, Christian school in California to accept her and her extroverted TWO MOMS

THE RUSSIANS ARE COMINGMBD makes the case that Vlad the Implaer Putin has actually played the anti-terrorism game far better than the War, War, War hawk brigades of Mordor and recent developments bear that out.

CHIRPING SECTARIES ATTACK RAND PAUL – The problem with Libertarians comes shining through as a Rand Paul “SuperPAC” closes its doors and accuses Paul of not being anarchist enough for their tastes. Back in the 1950’s Russell Kirk wrote an essay describing why he would/could never be a Libertarian, perhaps Senator Paul, who would make a good [r]epublican Remnant, should take notice?

The Talk Radio Mafia Has Nothing On The Kill Catholicism Mafia – The story is now posted everywhere there is broadband, including at One Peter Five,  even though its author is desperately trying to retract it: the 2013 coup against Pope Benedict was just that and the resulting war on the Church’s Magisterial authority is exhibit A of its fruit. Will the promoters of homosexual marriage and no restriction on moral behavior by Moral Theology, defended by The Church for 2000 years, have an “teaching” to crow about or will they meet the fate of the other Heretics who thought being dealt 4 Kings on the draw was an unbeatable hand against the weak “Church”? Hint, I wouldn’t bet against the guy named “Paraclete”.

By the By, Did You KnowThe “fixing” of the Vote on the Papacy is canonically illegal, immoral and enforceable. We shall now see just how high up the corruption inside the Church Militant goes

Reality No Longer Bites, It Denies RealityJohn Daniel Davidson nails the point of ‘Murican’s denial of reality when and where it can which thanks to technology is nearly everywhere. “But we’re also separated, increasingly, by the news and commentary we read and watch. To the extent that it informs us of what’s going on, and why, and what to expect, our fragmentation and insularity has reached a dangerous tipping point: we no longer agree on what’s real.”

iCarly, DeceptiCON In a Blue Dress – Carly Fiorina Is Infected With The virus of ‘Murican Exceptionalism, thinks the Bush/Cheney “War on Terror” was just peachy and all that waterboarding and torture was fine and dandy too.

Buchanan: From Russia With Humble Love – Why is it that the Russians, so very often accused of lusting after the U.S.’s obsession with global supremacy, seems to be content taking care of diplomatic business in its OWN REGION

HE’S COMIN’ RIGHT FOR US! Just One Example of “The Christian/Catholic Sky Is Falling” from WND columnist who confesses her Catholicism while bemoaning that Pope Francis has stolen it from her and may have stolen it for All for Good! I will simply offer two passages from Our Lord as countermeasures. 1. “And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the… READ THE REST OF THE ENTIRE ESSAY HERE

What VALUES Did the VOTERS at the VVS Convention promote and then expect Ted Cruz and Gov. Huckabee to act then enact upon? “Protect the first Amendment” they thundered. “Enforce the Constitution” followed. This makes me ask the same question I have been asking “if you cannot agree upon a set of religious, dare I say, dogmatic principles, how can they be “enforced” and under what authority do you appeal for the power to do so?

DeceptCONNED, WE LOVE WAR YEAH, YEAH, YEAH – Big War is big talk because it is Big money for the “conservatives” who rely on the war machine to provide jobs in their districts and “voters” are only too happy to go along for the lethal ride

DeceptiCONNED IIBoehner Quit Because “Conservatives” Demanded “Conservatism” From Congress which the super-state Congress simply cannot deliver.

MBD – Why Conservative Hate Boehner. “The fact that Boehner’s impending departure is an applause line at conservative gatherings, however, is reflective of the Republican leadership crisis. Large parts of the base do not trust the party’s leaders, do not believe they have GOP voters’ best interests or conservative principles at heart, and would mourn their leaving office about as much when Barack Obama’s presidency is over.”

WHO’S AFRAID OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD? THE U.S SENATE, THAT’S WHO – After the Senate fails to smack-down funding for the diabolical activities of murdering the soon to crawl/walk/live among US, the Senate now takes up a The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act which would require the high priests of human sacrifice at Planned Parenthood to play doctor and pretend like they have actually taken an oath to “first do no harm”

OH HAPPY DAY! I KILLED MY BABY AT PLANNED PARENTHOOD! Anyone who has “, an incredibly positive experience” while having Planned Parenthood murder their soon to be born child via abortion and is still walking the streets to pro-create and then kill again, is a menace to civilization, yet that is the latest “rage” at the online home for the fallen: Buzz Feed. I refuse to link to the piece because these people need prayers, not clicks or comments. Here is a sample…“Hi guys! Like a year ago I had an abortion at the Planned Parenthood on Madison Ave, and I remember this experience with a nearly inexpressible level of gratitude. I would tell you all about the exceptional level of care I received from every single woman at the clinic on that day….”. The worst part if the woman who made this diabolical claim “Amelia Bonow” no longer has this post on her Twitter page, every repost of it I can find is an image file (not text) and she is now wearing a mask like she’s in the Prayer Protection Program. This looks like Planned Parenthood propaganda to me making it as evil as the original thought of “shouting abortions”.

GALILEO WAS WRONG, BACK TO SCHOOL MUST HEAR RADIO! – Today’s Special Guest, Robert Sungenis, gives us a 90 minute long presentation on WHY Galileo Was Wrong, the ground-breaking film series that finally challenges the “settled science” of Heliocentrism that never was confirmed. “Galileo Was Wrong reveals in spectacular graphics and painstaking research that the true scientific evidence not only puts Earth in a central location in the universe, but shows that it enjoys the unique privilege of being the only motionless body around which everything else revolves.” Listen to the 70 minute recap of this presentation and soon to come video with the all new Founders Pass Media Player

Darwin Was Wrong Pt I – Chris Ferrara reveals the story of a Jesuit monk who was actually making genetic discoveries in the physical world and not using the fallacious “hypothetical” that the sorcerer Charles Darwin used to explain “evolution”.

PREP BETTER: Read the document that contains all 82 of President Reagan’s vetoes from his first year in Office, 1982, Founders Pass required. Not a member? sign-up now and get 50% off your first year, while this promotion lasts

READ: James Madison’s speech to the Congress of 2 February, 1791, opposing the creation of the National Bank (Hamilton’s scheme) for reasons that [r]epublicans should learn, memorize and be able to repeat

Listen to Mike Church’s take on the CIA’s torture scandal “Our Lady of Guadalupe Ended Aztec Torture-The CIA & “Conservatives” Brought It Back”

Read Mike Church’s essay – God and Man at Richmond-Challenging the status quo of “separation of Church and State”


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Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

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Today’s Latin Phrase of the Day:  “Boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem, Good judges seek to increase (amplify) their jurisdiction

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