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The CRUSADE Channel Fleece is the Sharpest Way Yet to show off your support for the Mike Church Show & his new Radio Station Home.
The CRUSADE Channel Fleece is the Sharpest Way Yet to show off your support for the Mike Church Show & his new Radio Station Home.

Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. 2016 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don’t cost nuthin’).

Sapientia et Veritas – “Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise & seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expresly that the Command in chief of the american army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.” – John Jay to George Washington, 27 July, 1787

Rand Paul: Maybe Ted Cruz Should Run For PM … of Canada? – If you believe that the U.S. Constitution means what those that ratified said it means then you should take seriously the question of whether Senator Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen as the FOUNDERS UNDERSTOOD it. Senator Rand Paul was asked whether he thought Cruz was eligible and quipped that he could run to be “Prime minister of Canada”.

FINAL-THE Definition, FROM The Framers of Natural Born Citizen – To be blunt, Ted Cruz is NOT a natural born citizen as defined by the Framers of the Constitution and the drafters and ratifiers of the Naturalization Act of 1790. This can be PROVEN through diligent research of the historical record if we know what we are looking for: DID the Founders who went to Philadelphia in 1776 and 1787 have copies of Vattel’s Law of Nations? Did they ask then answer the question of what they thought a “Natural Born Citizen” is? In fact they did and you can read the most thorough exploration that I have found of this here.

What Is This History You Keep Speaking Of!? – Forrest MacDonald, probably the best historian of the last half of the 2oth century informs us of the role of the “middle delegates” in the Federal; Convention of 1787. Now WHY is that important? Well, for the same reasons the Fame of Our Fathers is important, it tells the DRAMATIC story of HOW these events occurred by getting to know the players. MacDonald explains: “A better understanding of the alignments in the Convention can be reached, I believe, by approaching the delegates as human beings rather than as abstract representatives of positions or interest groups. We have, after all, fairly abundant (though far from complete) records of the debates, and the private correspondence and political writings of many of the delegates are available. From these sources it is possible to obtain a firm grip on the beliefs, attitudes, prejudices, and values of the principal characters among the Framers. It is also possible to gain a feeling for such intangible qualities as temperament, personality, and ability—qualities not susceptible to measurement but arguably of critical importance in determining whether the Convention would succeed or fail.”

They Are Elfen Women Hear Them RoarJoseph Pearce demolishes the Gal Queda hissy fit that J.R. Tolkein made mockeries of his female characters in the Lord of the Rings books. In fact, Pearce informs us, Tolkein did just the opposite. Can the same be said of what J.J. Abrams has done with his Skywalker heroine? (I don’t know because I have not seen the movie). Pearce: “In the symbolic parallel of the roles of Éowyn and Galadriel to that of the Blessed Virgin, we see the reverence and respect with which Tolkien holds his female characters. Such reverence and such respect throw into confusion the efforts of feminists to cast the author of The Lord of the Rings in the role of the male chauvinist who seeks to trample roughshod on the rights of women.”

Snatch Land…. See Snatch, II – The REAL story behind the Hammond family and their standoff against the rapacious bullies at BLM and their 130 year old land, unconstitutional land grab. Justin Raimando points out that the “arson” the Hammond’s are convicted of committing was actually an action made to save the Hammond’s land, home and livestock. One can almost hear the BLM NFS bullies yelping “Land…you don’t own this stinking land!” Excerpt: “The morning after the fire, BLM agents filed a police report with the Harney County Sheriff’s office, charging Dwight and Steven Hammond with arson. A few days passed without any action on the part of the authorities, until a BLM ranger called Steven and asked to meet with him in the town of Frenchglen “for coffee.” As Steven was leaving the meeting he was intercepted by the sheriff and a BLM ranger, arrested, and told to go back and collect his father…”

HEROIC: Alabama Chief Justice To Sodomites: Natural Law Says You’re “Marriage” Is NOT Valid – Alabama’sChief Justice Roy Moore has issued an order instructing that state’s legal officers to refrain from issuing marriage “licenses” to sodomites. Moore, referring to the Alabama Constitution said he was taking “…affirmative and appropriate action to correct or alleviate any condition or situation adversely affecting the administration of justice within the state.” Imagine that, there actually ARE judges, elected in their states, who know that their state actually HAS a constitution and that under the Tenth Amendment, IT is the “Supreme Law of the Land” (unless it conflicts with an enumerated or granted power)!?

DeceptiCONNED III, The TRUMP Card – The egos of the “establishment” GOP candidates are going to assist Donald Trump in winning New Hampshire despite the likelihood that Kasich, Rubio and Christie. Daniel Larison does not even address the fact that Rubio is not eligible and it is dubious that TEDdie & the CRUZers is either, yet, Trump is the only Republican alive that I have heard challenge Cruz’s eligibility. I ask the question agin: Where are the “conservative constitutionalists!?”

Federal Judge To Pro-Lifers In Utah: Drop Dead And Pay Your Planned Parenthood Monsters – The state of Utah’s legislature decided to completely defund Planned Parenthood (here’s a bonus question, WHY were they funding it to begin with?) but a state judge said no, then said yes. All was well with the matter until the Culture of Death’s foot soldiers wouldn’t take no for an answer and then plied their grisly case in a Federal Court. You probably know the outcome and this begs the question for Utah-ans: precisely WHY would you stay in the union if you are told you must allow then finance the killing of your soon to be born!? Isn’t a Union supposed to be beneficial to the people who make up the body politic of the States? Is killing them beneficial!?

Oregon’s Hammonds Were Subjected To “Cruel & Unusual Punishment”. Too Bad We don’t Have a Constitutional Amendment to Prevent That!?Jacob Sullum points out that the sentences handed down to the Hammond’s of Oregon for allegedly setting brush fires on “Federal Land” should be nullified because they are “Cruel and Unusual”.

I think I’m Turning Japanese, I Think I’m Turning Japanese… – Why are there no reports of orthodox Muslims, executing murderous rampages against the infidel and for Mohammed, in Japan? Well, let’s start with the fact that the Japanese have prohibited Muslims to immigrate into their fine country. Sounds like a plan to me and one every single European State followed until the 20th century, meaning our WASP ancestors didn’t buy the “we are a nation of immigrants” baloney when it came to Muslims

DeceptiCONNEDDonald Trump makes the case that TEDdy & the CRUZers is NOT eligible to run for the presidency using the Founding Fathers definition of “natural born citizen”. Professor Gutzman and I have covered this 70 ways to Sunday on the Mike Church Show and on the Constitution Hour with Kevin Gutzman. Reading Emmerich Vattel, author of Law of Nations, grants us the international law the Framers definition is based on. Question: If Cruz is this über “constitutionalist” why would he run for that documents highest office if he were not eligibale and thus repugnant to “ratified intent”?

Terrorist vs Terrorist – Writer David Marcus admits that he was a PLO and IRA booster “back in the day” and though he approves of their goals he does not approve of their methods. Marcus also takes on the logical fallacy that being a gun merchant makes you a terrorist because terrorists use guns to commit terrorism… ’bout time someone other than Wisdom Wednesday pointed this out.

The British Are Coming The British Are Coming – Yes, I know that Paul Revere never said those words and I also know that there is a strong Remnant in the UK that recently was activated and are looking on with horror at post-Christian Britain. The same horror you and and I view post-Christian ‘Muricah. Giles Fraser reminds his readers as I try and remind you: Christians must NEVER use Christianity and the fable of the GEOGRAPHICAL State of Israel to mask the odor of death via unJust wars. Read the whole thing here, an excerpt:

“Which brings me to David Cameron’s message of Christmas cheer, that we are a “Christian country”. Given the rapid decline in the number of church-going Christians, and given Cameron’s sketchy relationship to faith, what he probably meant is that we are a Christian culture; that the ethos of Christianity is woven into the warp and weft of British institutional life. Oh, what a slippery word “ethos” is – Christianity in homeopathic doses. Barth would not have approved. For what is frittered away in this mutually back-slapping accommodation between faith and the state is the ability of the church to stand up to the state’s propensity for war” – Giles Fraser

unJust Wars Waged By unJust Creeps in Mordor Are a Pox On All Our HousesGod Bless Daniel Larison at amconmag.com who continues to hammer his readers with the inconvenient truth that the Saudi War on Yemen which has caused the slaughter of tens of thousands of civilian, non-combatants, is aided and abetted by ‘Murican War Policy and is further proof that “Christian America” has no concept of what being truly pro-life, really is.

Red White & Blue Dawn – The war-hawk brigade of the GOP & Progressive Liberals ARE trying to start WWIII. Pulitzer prize winner Seymour Hersch dares to investigate then publish the findings of his ongoing investigative journalism into ‘Muricah’s intentional destabilization of the Middle East. “State Department cables made public by WikiLeaks show that the Bush administration tried to destabilise Syria and that these efforts continued into the Obama years.” Recall that Hersch was the journalist that uncovered the actual source of the Sarin gas bombs used in Syria back in 2012, and it was not the government of Assad.

[r]epublican: If You Have To Ask You’re part of The Problem – I knew that our friend and regular guest Joseph Pearce, author of “Converts” was a [r]epublican but he has just claimed his place in the [r]epublican Hall of Fame with his latest piece of the mandate that Christian [r]epublicans must accept and develop: changing the culture begins by changing it where you live; for starters by altering your spending habits.

Slick Hilly A War-Hawk Without Equal – Hersch also dropped the nickel on Mrs Clinton’s blood-lust (not limited to the carcasses of aborted babies0, which is largely responsible for the disaster unfolding in Libya and the catastrophe that the Iraq invasion remains.

Captain Ineligible Rubio Cries “Isolationist!” – History’s a b***ch ain’t it? When Marco Rubio, a wholly ineligible candidate for the office of the Presidency, accuses Trump & Paul of being “isolationists” he means to say they are not willing to militarily intervene in other country’s affairs. Here is another prime example of Catholic Catechism on vacation as Rubio seems to have never heard of the term “Just War” nor can he mitigate his vainglory and pride enough to recognize that other of God’s children might wish to govern themselves in a manner favorable to them, not him.

VERITAS: The Term Isolationist Is NOT a War Term – The term “isolationist” was coined during the administration of Herbert Hoover and has absolutely nothing to do with a lack of bellicose pride to “carpet bomb” civilian populations into compliance with the wishes of TEDdy and the CRUZers and Marco Rubio.

If Obama Was Born In Kenya, Rubio Was Born Next Door – As Professor Kevin Gutzman has stated numerous times on the Mike Church Show, there is no dispute on Rubio’s eligibility, he is NOT born naturalized or OF naturalized parents. The BIG Kicker here is that the faux-conservative TEDdy & the CRUZers is also ineligible using the definition of “natural born citizen” familiar to the Founding Fathers. Now a new lawsuit, appropriately challenges the eligibility of both men. “Which brings us back to this new lawsuit. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio clearly are not constitutionally eligible to run despite the opinion of those who willfully choose to ignore the facts.” – Devvy Kidd

Listen to Professor Kevin Gutzman and Mike Church discuss the eligibility of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz on the last episode of Gutzman’s Constitution Hour available for streaming download here.

Buchanan: Why Keep Bases In The Middle East That Would Obligate Us To WWIII? –  The Founding Fathers counseled us to form no “tangling” alliances” with foreign nations and look what ignoring their humble creed has visited not just upon ‘Muricah but the rest of the civilized world. Case in point is the existence of U.S. military bases in Turkey and Saudi Arabia that, if attacked by Russia, would require us to retaliate. That is not only stupid policy, it is Unjust and lethal.

LAND SNATCHING, SEE SNATCH – The infamous Cliven Bundy saga that centers around the ill-gotten “land management” powers that Congress and its henchman, the BLM, have created out of Constitutional thin air, has roared to life as another “standoff” with BLM, this one in Oregon, makes headline news. I have previously written and spoken on this issue in great detail and have even proven that there is nothing in the Constitution’s ratification history that suggests or even implies that Congress should be playing real estate agent!Project_76_Land_Snatch_see_land

MBDIs Jebediah Bush poised to make the great political comeback of 2016 like McCain made it in 2008? I say no because JEB didn’t fall on any swords or take one for the team 4 or 8 years ago like McCain then Romney did but I also do NOT believe the RNC can allow Trump to be its nominee.

WAPO DEMANDS THAT WE CALL OREGON MILITIA “TERRORISTS”–  That’s because if the “occupiers” were black or Muslim they would be called “terrorists” by white people, so since these white people are doing what terrorists do [sans the mass murder and bombs exploding] we should call them “terrorists”. “White Americans, their activities and ideas seem always to stem from a font of principled and committed individuals. As such, group suspicion and presumed guilt are readily perceived and described as unjust, unreasonable and unethical.”

SOUNDS LIKE A CULTURE OF DEATH TO ME – Planned Parenthood has undertaken a campaign to discredit doctors and laws that permit or require ultrasounds be performed before an abortion is performed because women might change their minds. Tis little wonder then that PP DOES use ultrasounds while performing their grisly executions but does NOT show the women allowing the execution to watch.

DeceptiCONNED – Justice Scalia speaks at a Louisiana high school near Studio D and tells the students that we ought to have a vote on whether the Truth can be adhered to and publicly defended. This is precisely the problem that Chris Ferrara spoke of in our 2015 Year in Review show that you can listen to here.

JUDGEMENT PORNOSPHERE™ ROARS INTO 2016 –  This writer has discovered that the Judgement Pornosphere™ really DOES exist and there really ARE people out there, poised to hurl “judgement” your way the nanosecond your latest thought is “posted” via social media. Welcome to my and many of your world’s, Alan Jacobs!

REVEALED!: CHRISTIANITY’S HISTORY IS THE HISTORY OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH – I discovered 5 years ago that it was impossible and say that with certitude, IMPOSSIBLE to perform a study of Christianity without studying the Catholic Church, a priori, as The Church established by Christ and therefore, the sole, Divine, legitimate guardian of the Deposit of Faith. This writer, formerly an Evangelical Protestant, has arrived at the same conclusion. G.K. Chesterton eloquently wrote of this after his Conversion. “As a matter of fact, a real study of history will show it to be curiously contrary to the fact. In so far as the ideas really are ideas, and in so far as any such ideas can be new, Catholics have continually suffered through supporting them when they were really new; when they were much too new to find any other support. The Catholic was not only first in the field but alone in the field; and there was as yet nobody to understand what he had found there.”

GAL QUEDA BEGINS 2016 IN ARREARS – Purported “feminist magazine” publishes the story of women leaving their careers, shoulder padded pantsuits and complaints about “sexism” and follow their husbands even if that means traveling halfway around the world…. JOBLESS! “The choice third-wave feminists would have Dobson make elevates the selfish pursuit of power and the confines of comfort above all else. Instead, like a classic heroine, Dobson jumped into the great unknown: a new life in a new country, with only the man she loves by her side.”

DeceptiCONNEDThis is what boilerplate “conservatism” looks like in print. It says all the right things, proposes all the right remedies and actually makes some common sense HOWEVER this piece is also pie-in-the-sky sentimentality that doesn’t acknowledge the staggering lack of intellectual and philosophical talent missing from the “conservative ranks” that would be charged with leading the political class toward “smaller government”. We might find this intellectual gravitas via Philosophia Perrennis and through its practitioners like….

… DECEPTICONNED NO MORE. IMAGINATIVE CONSERVATIVE GEORGE PANICHAS TO THE RESCUE – Panichas is back (we had him on the Mike Church Show in the old country i 2012) with another magnificent essay that is heavy on the condemnation of Big War “conservatism” that requires little brain and a lot of macho-man brawn. If you have watched the GOP debates, recoiling in the blood-lusting horror on display, here begins the remedy. Read Panichas as a prep for the intellectual and philosophical task ahead in 2016. “The word conservatism has been so much relativized that its meaning and import are now shorn of noetic and dialectical validity. Even those who are steadfastly loyal to conservative principles and ideas are uneasy and defensive when applying and defending them. It is becoming painfully obvious that conservatism, as a word, has lost its compelling power—its definition confined, exponentially, to prefixes, ellipses, brackets, and adjectival equivocations, even as its essential properties have been annexed and manipulated”

RON PAUL: WILL 2016 BE THE YEAR PEACE REIGNS OVER ‘MURICAH? – This is the same question I have been asking every New Years Eve since 2008 and every year, the bellicosity of the ferocious American Empire and its armchair generalissimos in Congress has spiked save for one brief retreat after Romney’s crushing defeat in 2012-13. Perhaps the drive for peace must begin with each of our “peace missions” to be executed toward our friends and family and poisonous social media and the Judgement Pornosphere™ it creates.

DID YOU KNOW? – That there is ONE remaining Christian Prince that hails from the Arabian Middle East? This interview will help you get to know Prince Gasanîda and what his plans are to warn the West about Islam’s current rise.

THE WAR ON CHRISTIANITY IS REAL, DRIVEN BY THE MYTH OF A GOOD CHRISTENDOM – Daily Beast essayist Jay Michaelson claims that the “war on Christianity” is a result of the Myth that there ever was a “Christianity” that was a force for good in Europe and then in ‘Muricah. That the “myth” is what’s driving the “war” narrative and the scapegoating of gays and lesbians. “Even when the church controlled half the wealth in Europe, it styled itself as the flock of the poor and the marginalized. Whether true or not as a matter of fact, it is absolutely true as a matter of myth.

WAR IS HECK, EVEN FOR ‘MURICANS – CNN poll reveals that ‘Muricans aren’t expressing buyer satisfaction with the prosecution of “The War on Terror”. This should come as no surprise seeing that the war was never officially declared, has no set goals, no terms under which a surrender could be negotiated thus no hope for what a victory would entail. The guts of the poll are here.

BUCHANANThe end is near for the European Union, both as a political entity and as a grouping of populations of people. “The enclaves of Asians in Britain, Africans and Arabs around Paris, and Turks in and around Berlin seem to be British, French, and German in name only. And some of their children are now heeding the call to jihad against the Crusaders invading Muslim lands.”

DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY AND MUST BE CALLED “MA’AM – NYC Human Rights Commission is issuing rules that provide for fines up to $250,000 for businesses that mis-state the gender of the in-process transgenders; denying facilities to men claiming to be women and mandatory dress code policies that apply equally to men and women meaning if Stella wears wigs and red lipstick to work then Stan must be allowed to wear red lipstick and wigs to work too.

THE COURAGEOUS, VIRTUOUS AND BOLD ALSO DIE – Mrs Solange Hertz, an author who dares to go where others will not without the fear of being denied by major publishing houses. I have read Solange Hertz for the last 2 years and will join her family in praying for her soul.

DeceptiCONNED by his own unJust War deception – How Rick Santorum has boxed himself into an unelectable corner, since 2006, over his obsession with unJust war, never-ending and never effective

CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA OBAMA (over Yemen and war-crimes) – The Obama admin demolishes the “leading from behind” bumper sticker that war-lusting GOP hawks and Hillary have been peddling as the carnage wrought in Yemen by Obama’s war-machine, in cahoots with our Islamic pals in Saudi Arabia, becomes lethally clear.

TOP 10 RELIGIOUS LIBERTY COUNTDOWN – The problem here is the “liberty” described is either to be put on trial or has been put on trial and found wanting. If you’re looking for the top religious liberty event of the year look for those who have advanced the faith at their own expense of wealth and reputation…as The Truth commanded us to do.

BUCHANAN: ISLAM WILL CONQUER IF IT IS NOT THEOLOGICALLY OPPOSED. Patric J Buchanan asks why Mrs Clinton is so gung-ho to import hundreds of thousands of Islam practicing “refugees” when the historical record and the late-great historians agree, where Islam dominates, Sharia becomes the secular law, end of story. This would not matter to the agnostic or in Hillary’s case, apostasy practicers whose use of religion mocks the supernatural to achieve the natural.

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES – Witness the predicted results of “religion” becoming an intellectual exercise that is completely subjective and has rejected the known Truth as its basis.

THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS HAVE SECRET MEANINGS– And you’ll never guess what those meanings are from watching Bad Santa or listening to the Pogues alleged Christmas song “New York fairy Tale Christmas”

PAGAN DRUIDS AND SCROOGES BEGONE! YES, it can be proven using the historical record, that St john The Baptist was born at the end of June (24th) and that Christ was born 6 months later (December 24-25). This is not “an arbitrary date chosen by the Catholic Church to squash a pagan ritual”, the facts, stated in the Gospel of Luke and the known Jewish calendar at the time say that Dec. 25th is the correct date for the birth of Our Lord. Read the whole thing here.

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