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Free Phone Friday Prep-The GOP Debate Review: Consent Withheld

todayMarch 4, 2016 3

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Life_of_Washington_on_black_for_emailMandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. 2016 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don’t cost nuthin’).

Sapientia et Veritas – “What I wish to emphasise is the duality of the human requirement when it comes to the question of size: them is no single answer. For his different purposes man needs many different structures, both small ones and large ones, some exclusive and some comprehensive. Yet people find it most difficult to keep two Seemingly opposite necessities of truth in their minds at the same time. They always tend to clamour for a final solution, as if in actual life there could ever be a final solution other than death. For constructive work, the principal task is always the restoration of some kind of balance. Today. we suffer from an almost universal idolatry of gigantism. It is therefore necessary to insist on the virtues of smallness — where this applies. (If there were a prevailing idolatry of smallness, irrespective of subject or purpose, one would have to try and exercise influence in the opposite direction.)” – E. F. SchumacherSmall is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered, 1973.

Father DOES KnoW Best And He’s Making a Comeback – I continue to be encouraged by the emergence of what I call Real Man Culture. A revival of men as bold, vigorous, faithful and chivalrous leaders diametrically opposed to the Cult of Deaths metrosexual-male-placebo. What’s REALLY encouraging is that women are clamoring for this emergence as forcefully as men, so perhaps we can edit this post’s title: MOTHER, does know best….


I Am The Establishment I Now Reject – Mitt”for Brains” Romney Denounces Rich Guy Trump – In a “hail Mary” act of desperation, the K Street Industrial Complex wheels 2012’s “also ran” candidate, Mitt Romney, to deliver the pampered rich guy outrage that another pampered rich guy, Trump, can represent the GOP on the ballot. Trump, Romney bellows, “is a fraud”. If Romney wants a battle for the Truth, a movement to combat “fraud”, then let me inform readers that Romney practices and parrots one of the greatest heresies since Pelagius.

Donald Trump, Not Apostasy & The Heresy of Americanism, Is Now A “Grave Threat” To ‘Muricah – Can the press become anymore hyperbolic over the prospect of President Trump? Is it even possible that there is a yet to be hurled, green-room concocted doomsday prediction, that is going to finally topple Donald Trump from the upper turret of the Presidency’s parapet? Now, the WaPo’s elder doyenne, Ruth Marcus, recoils in the horror of Trump as a “grave threat” to the republic (it hasn’t been a republic since 1822) because he’s “unhinged”. Why are these “establishment types” so shocked when a chimera of their own creation crawls from the slime of Americnism and obtains the throne of government? The same creeps have been exalted and feted as Presidents of clothing, soda, movie and computer companies, why not the USA! Corp?

Do Baby-Killers Have The Right To “Practice” Without Medical Licenses? Gal Queda Says YesThe Hellerstadt case comes before a now evenly divided SCOTUS that has 5 Catholic jurists on it: Kennedy, Sotomayor, Roberts, Alito and Thomas. if Beazelbub is to be repulsed from the federal monstrosity we call a government, then this case is the touchstone. Hellerstadt must answer the question (and I am not granting the SCOTUS authority to do so) of whether a state, Texas, can require its baby-killers to be officially recognized by the medical boards that govern that profession. A diabolical decision will “affirm a woman’s right to choose” her baby’s executioner, regardless of medical expertise. Logically carried out, this means that witch doctors, voodoo doll makers, “channelers” and even “holistic healers” can now be enlisted by the cult of death to carry out its lethal ritual. What is then to stop any state from requiring medical licenses to dispense pharmaceutical drugs or marijuana?

GOP To Offer: Playground Wars IV: Trumps Mother Wears Brogans, Tonight On Faux News! – Believe it or not the Republicans are still hosting debates between the remaining candidates even though the late purpose of the debates has not produced the elusive fruit of the canning of Trumpzilla. Now, Megyn Kelley will appear on this debate, no doubt as the result of a deal brokered by Trump himself that insures Kelley gets in the Trump smackdown line of the year which boosts Murdoch’s investment while simultaneously giving the Trump Nation what they crave: another chance for their hero to insult and degrade the “establishment media”…US GREAT….US GREAT…US GREAT!

We’re A War-Like People…But, Oh, We’re Pro-Life!? (sure we are) – FINALLY, someone writes about the twisted mentality behind so many “pro-lief” groups and “pro-life” politicians “Win a FREE AR%-15!!!!” campaigns.

Headline of The Day: Texans Have Chose A Canadian Born Citizen For Their President – Congratulations Texas and Oklahoma, you have just selected a Canadian born citizen, Ted Cruz, as your choice for President. Apparently Dudley Doo-Right is preferred to Walker Texas Ranger, so much for Texas being our landing pad after the Dollar Crash, FEMA camp herding and the POTUS tyranny of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Super Tuesday Results: Trumpzilla Vanquished Mothra & Jurassic WorldTrump has taken 7 states, handily, yet Tedley CruzRight, the not natural born American but Natural Born Cuban refuses to go softly into that GOP night, vowing to demagogue on to the bitter end or the campaign cash runs out. Cruz is now shamelessly building his political powerbase, scoring tens of millions of email addresses and will become the email king over Newt Gingrich for “conservatives”. Mark my words, folks, you will rue the day you elevated this demagogue as the king of conservatism and you will now see, clearly, the play: the TRM (talk radio mafia) mobilizes against Trump and for a 3rd party “conservative” run, in a pre-conceived losing effort so THAT, in 2020, Tedley Cruzright can ride in as  THE conservative to derail the Clinton juggernaut.

Tim Carney: The RejectiCONS Cannot Compete With The Tax Break of TariffsTim Carney has hit on something of an explanation for the Trumpzilla phenomenon: Trump promises to tax our manufacturing competitors which the working classes wrongly view as a tax break for them.

A New Political Animal Emerges: The RejectiCONS – The RejectiCONS are those “stalwart Republicans” who even voted for Bob Dole and John McCain, and who now refuse even the prospect that they must vote for #TRUMP and who are now saying they refuse. Megan McArdle gathers a batch of emails from friends, readers and family member RejectiCONS who pledge to vote Hillary. What is amazing about the Trump Industrial Complex is the fact that it is precisely because the “base” has failed to make good on any of the promises made by “conservatives” who were for “free-market capitalism” and “family values” and “shrinking the size and scope of government”. That Trump has filled the vacuum left by the political hacks that live and prosper inside what I call “the circle of power”.

RejectiCONS II – Now comes the former CIA Director Michael Hayden saying that if Trump orders waterboarding or other tortures, the Just-war committed CIA agents and military men may choose to “reject the order…as illegitimate…and illegal”. My oh my how times have changed! It was just 2 GOP debates ago that torture, waterboarding, “enhanced interrogation” and even “women in combat” were part of our war-machine & military industrial complex but apparently only when “experts” like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio are ordering the torture.

Tedly CruzRight & Marco Ineligibilio Get Their Ineligible Day In Court – Rubio and Cruz are still not eligible for the Presidency and it is a dubious claim that Cruz is even eligible for the U.S. Senate. On March 4th, judges in FL & 4 other states will hear cases brought against the dynamic, foreign born duo. if the ratified Constitution prevails, the 2 will be declared ineligible, if not, status quo for the rule of the mob and the D E D Constitution.

Apple Will Prove That 1789 Won’t Be Like 1984A judge in New York rules in favor of Apple Computer’s refusal to hack their own OS and provide the rapacious FBI with complete, back door access to any iPhone ever made.

Slick Hilly To Be Fitted For Prison Fatigues of a Tiara and Gilded Throne? – I have consistently held that the Obama Administration cannot and will not indict Hillary Clinton because Hillary is the default 2016 nominee for the Presidency AND there are those hundreds of millions of $$ that slime their way out of the Clinton Global Initiative of which Obama will surely profit beginning 21 January, 2017. I stand by my reasoning because I still think that a coverup is Obama’s only play here but there are writers proposing alternative scenarios that place Hillary as the subject of an FBI based prosecution.

The New Modesty Is The Immodesty of “Slut Shaming” – The Cult of Death has been so successful in making normal, soft-core pornography in dress and action, young damsels actually think they are required to dress in a state of undress and now express that tramp-like dressing is the newest frontier in civil rights. Who now speaks for the teaching and rights of God when it comes to feminine modesty?

Anti Trumpzilla Hysteria Hits New Low: Dump Trump Because He Might Talk To Vladirmir Putin – Folks you can’t make this stuff up. Our friends at the Federalist.com have unloaded all available ammo on Trumpzilla including this hysteria driven screed from Paul David Miller that NO AMERICAN should support Trump  because “In December, Trump openly admired Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him a “strong leader.” Putin is, of course, a dictator…”. So “open admiration” of homosexuals is cool and must be observed, including by “conservatives” but “open admiration” of the President of the largest armed force “enemy” is verbotten. Question: how many countries has President Putin invaded causing the death of hundreds of thousands and the destruction of entire country-wide infrastructures?

Anti Trumpzilla IINow comes Rod Dreher, the solon of “christian conservatism” at the American Conservative Magazine with a lampoon of the Lintany Prayer aimed at Trump voters. Apparently Dreher doesn’t know that the Litany prayer is an ancient product of the Catholic Church and that there are but 7 current “official” litany prayers recognized by the Magisterium. Litany prayers are reverent invocations for the intercession of Our Lord, Our Lady and the Saints. This should place the Litany prayer above the reach of satire but alas, Orthodoxy is not practiced very often these days.

Anti Trumpzilla III – Now comes MBD positing that Trumpzilla’s flame will burn out and the GOP faithful will ultimately be successful in saddling him with their warts and baggages.

Whither The Ideal Presidential Candidate? John Horvat bemoans the reality that ‘Muricah cannot produce a decent, modest and humble leader for the Presidency. “The ideal candidate, who is not running, should be a representative character that perceives the principles, moral qualities, and virtues desired and needed by the nation and dares to translate them into concrete programs of life and culture … and does so quickly.”

The Empire Will Strike Back With Debt & Enslavement For All – The “Establishment” has now heard the revolter’s plea for equanimity and found it wanting. Still, they’ve plotted a counter measure of increased debt, centralization and WW III. That the train wreck these diabolical creeps have visited on the rest of the planet that exists outside their jurisdictions is emblematic of the scope of their unrequited power.

Trumpzilla To GOP: Treat Me Well Or I’ll Run 3rd Party – Remember that pledge that Trumpzilla signed back in September that he would endorse the eventual GOP nominee and would not run as a 3rd party candidate? Well, if GOP’ers keep rigging debates and promoting the ineligible Marco Rubio, Trump’s claim that they have violated the compact is interesting when we consider that the Federal Constitution is a compact that has been micturated upon so many times its words are not even legible.

Slick Hilly Voters Actually Want FEMA To Build Those Internment Camps – We’ve all heard the InfoWars claim that FEMA has erected death camps across the US and kidnaps ‘Muricans from their sleep, throws them on camoflouged trains for transport to the nearest camp, right? Well, did you know that a significant number of Slick Hilly voters (24%) are all cozy and snuggly with Japanese Internment camps!?

DeceptiCONNED – The Bill Kristol DeceptiCON Industrial Complex is bolting the GOP they invaded in 1976 for their true home, the Dumbocrat Party and their war-hawk candidate who survives: Slick Hilly Clinton. DeceptiCON Robert Kagan has supported events that featured this statement that the party is wrongly composed of people who keep quoting John Quincy Adams’ plea that “Muricah “not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy”. “And I disagree with voices in my own party who argue that we should not engage at all, who warn that we should heed the words of John Quincy Adams not to go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. I disagree, because all around us, we see the human face of America’s influence. It actually begins not with our government, but with our people.”

When Hell Freezes Over II: Slick Hilly Will NOT Be The Next PresidentPatrick J Buchanan posits that Slick Hilly is the conceited, entitled, political anathema I have been telling you she is and that for all the warts and scars, Donald Trump is not. ‘Muricans do not want another Bush and they don’t want another Clinton, matter of fact they don’t want anyone from either “establishment”. This portends the result of Election 2016: Trumpzilla humiliates Slick Hilly Clinton FTW.

Confederacy_of_DuncesToward a humane [r]epublic – The American Conservative Magazine’s editors herald the end of “neo-liberalism” and hope for the rise of a “humane republic”. Note the lower case [r] in “republic and be encouraged that we are not the only Remnants we have been waiting for. “The ideal candidate, who is not running, should be a representative character that perceives the principles, moral qualities, and virtues desired and needed by the nation and dares to translate them into concrete programs of life and culture … and does so quickly.”

It Was Thursday Night But It Was Not “Must See TV” – The GOP Debate last eve devolved into an insult contest worthy of grade-school playgrounds. Watch this video with a bowl of popcorn and a tall glass of Bourbon, neat, you’ll need it to conform your mind to the reality that there are no statesmen left and we truly are, as John Kennedy Toole posited, a Confederacy of Dunces.

DeceptiCONNED: Leviathan Orders Apple To Do The Job It Squanders $260 Billion Per Year to Not Do – While the playground insult contest was raging on CNN last night, Apple Computer was waging a heroic battle to scream “To Arms, To Arms!, the federal government is Coming!” If the FBI is granted the power to force Apple to write a software program to make hacking their products possible, what is it they cannot force you and I to do in our businesses? It is beyond time to divorce this abusive spouse we never gave our consent to wed. S E C E D E

The Great Apostate Nation of ‘Muricah, By The NumbersThis very lengthy essay at the AmConMag site (from the Feb print issue) provides the hard data details on the decline of Christian culture and Christian behavior in ‘Muricah since 1970. The conclusion the author reaches is that a “Christian party” is not surprising coming from a party regular: The GOP must provide more and more room for “non-Christians” and thus the party must adapt to “same-sex marriage” etc. This gentleman’s effort is precisely WHY we must make the break with Mordor, the corrupt excuse for a union and get to the organization of new republics and or federations. S E C E D E

MBD Throws In With the “Conservative Strength Through Elections” Crowd That Produced Trump – Now, MBD proceeds from the POV that the current electoral system had somehow previously produced “conservatism” and therefore can produce it and “conservative” principles in the future, but where do we find the evidence for these claims, Sir? In our “culture” which currently produces the next generation of voters who then become “conservative” lawmakers. The fact is that when the pieces of “I’ll Take My Stand” were written the “knell of the Union” had already been rung, loud for all to hear.


Insanity: We Must Understand Trumpzilla, So We Can Preserve ‘MuricahAllan Jacobs pleads with official conservativedumb to work harder to gain an undestanding of the phenomena that is the Trump Voter. This is now going to be the mantra we’re going to hear when we mistakenly turn on the Fox News/Talk-Radio Industrial Complex.


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