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Free Student Loans For Everyone!

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Free student loans for everyone wheeeee what could possibly go RIGHT|

Mike:  You know, this is a great point.  And I could talk for the rest of the day about the silliness and the fraudulent advertising, the fraudulent promotion of this thing called higher education and how the bubble has been inflated by the fact that there are student loans and the government does subsidize.  You subsidize something, you get more of it.  It is an inescapable, irrefutable fact that the cost of college tuition has skyrocketed right alongside the rise of available, federally subsidized or federally guaranteed loan programs.  This is undeniable.  The facts are not in question here.Now, what you actually get in return for the investment in a college education, now, that ought to be something that we can debate.  And youre right.  AG, what digital media file was that where Obama was telling the sob story about how when he got out of college he was so in debt?  Well, if Obamas going to use himself as an example, thats a great example.  He was able to pay it back.  He doesnt owe any student loans.  But, as you mention, the President basically says, look, with me as your president, no one will ever pay for higher education.

Now, can you just imagine, where is the moral hazard guy with the sign that says The End Is Near, screaming Thats not going to work very well?  Youre going to have all kind of people that shouldnt even be walking the campus and sweeping the sidewalks going off to alleged colleges to get alleged degrees and allegedly educate themselves.  Go hang out with the Stinkify Wall Streeters, and theyll explain it to you.  Speaking of, did you see the story where they claim to be the 99%, and now the 53% are striking back?  AG, did you see this?  Did you read that guys piece of paper, what he wrote on it?  Did you read it?

AG:  I have started to see that We Are the 53% pick up some steam here in the past week or so.

Mike:  This is what the guy wrote.  Frank Decker said, We are a member of the 53%.  We are not Occupy Wall Street.  And he holds a piece of handwritten paper up to a video screen, and it says this:  I have lived below the poverty line.  My wife and I decided in 1996 that we were sick of poverty.  We went back to school; we earned degrees; we got jobs.  No one handed that to us.  We earned it.  We did it.  I did not go through all that struggle while raising five children so that I could support lazy-ass people who want nothing but government handouts.  You want to occupy something?  Occupy a job and start contributing.  Signed, I Am the 53%.

I think that this is part of the Cloward-Piven strategy being executed here.  And Im not a big conspiracy theory guy, but the Cloward-Piven strategy is documented.  And this seems to me to be how Cloward-Piven would be executed.  What is Cloward-Piven?  It is how to bring about the collapse of the infrastructure of the federal government and pave the way for a dictator like Obama to declare some kind of martial law, declare the Constitution no longer valid and in force, and make himself dictator king.  Bad news for the rest of us.

But Cloward and Piven strategy was to overload the federal government, bankrupt it, and make way for some kind of American version of Castro or Mussolini or that other guy whose name starts with an H.  Thats what Cloward-Piven is.  And the Stinkify, Occupy, Nazify, and Communistify Wall Street clowns seem to me to be useful idiots in accomplishing that.  And youve got a President out there going[imitating President Obama], Theres a great opportunity to go out there and wipe out all those student loans.  I can win reelection.  And I can really micturate on that Constitution.  Although 39 billion losers will vote for me.  Plans going well, isnt it.

People think that Obama is stupid.  Maybe hes just actually executing a well-oiled plan.  Maybe they game-planned  being 40 percent in the polls or 39 percent in the polls.  Maybe they planned this all along.  Maybe.  Possible.  It works just as good as that hes an economic illiterate nitwit and doesnt know what hes doing and thinks hes doing well.  I think he knows exactly what hes doing.  And even if he doesnt, I think hes been told, look, even if you dont believe it, just keep saying what we tell you to say, Mr. Manchurian President.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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