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Fresh Fried Donuts – The Breakfast of Liberty’s Champions

Fresh Fried Donuts – The Breakfast of Liberty’s Champions

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks it’s Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

I attended a pair of Tea Party rallies this weekend, one in New York City and one in Tyler Texas. How ironic that the citizens of New York, which has a population in excess of 8 million people don’t find their own government an imposition and instead focus all their energies on Mordor on the Potomac River!

New York City has had disastrous rent control policies since the 1970’s, this has driven the cost of real estate up and made finding rental housing the subject of adventures King Arthur would envy yet nothing is ever said about them. The city has recently outlawed certain cooking oils, considered banning table salt in restaurants and banished tobacco users to cold dark alleys and even there they may only stand in designated areas. When I brought up how ridiculous it must look for a city of 8 million to even NEED an external government I heard crickets chirping. When another speaker brought up electing more Republicans to Congress there was applause, Jefferson would be so proud.

The next day in Texas, the same speech, with the same points was received with cheers and enthusiasm even though the only beef I have with Tyler, Texas was its status as a dry county. I think this illustrates perfectly the problem of scale we are dealing with when cities that number in the thousands have rejected government meddling at all levels while cities that number in the millions just become immune to it, like they’ve become immune to tasteless donuts.

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