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Friday New Christendom Daily-Exorcisms Reveled: Demons Are Creatures Not Creators. Here’s How to Vanquish Them With Mr Kyle Clement of Societas Matris Dolorosissimae

Special Guest Mr Kyle Clement

7th generation rancher

We are behind the gate sustainable!

  • Working with Father Ripperger doing exorcisms and the way of the demonic.
  • Is there a pattern you see in these attacks.
  • The diabolical is the most tightly bond creature. 
  • he is controlled by providence. 
  • Diabolical manifestations in children are usually sins from the PARENTS.
  • Sacrament of Matrimony – 
  • The primary conduit of that grace is the sacrament of matrimony. 
  • It comes under attack often because it is a sacrament. 
  • It is a very fortified position in which one can maintain holiness and obtain heaven.
  • Have you ever encountered a family that was good that the demons still got into?
  • Periodically you run into these but it is typically generational.
  • It could be a family member practicing the occult or pagan rituals.
  • Generational Curse – gold masonic ring – I instructed him to destroy the form and then to dispose of it in deep water. 
  • The Golden Calf – they serve as anchor or attachment points of evil.
  • Counter points are SACRAMENTALS!
  • This is directly a bastardization of holy medals. 
  • Some would call it a contact object but it acts as a beacon or homing device if you will.
  • The stance against Free Masons goes back to 1936 – 2004 was the last address on this topic.
  • Any secret society is not permissible for any Catholic to be in.
  • Curses being generational – Deuteronomy – For those that curse Me I will curse them to the 3rd and 4th generation and those that bless Me I will bless for generations.
  • Unexplained illness when a person is trying to become a Priest or become holier. 
  • This is due to the BLOODLINE.
  • The evil doesn’t seek the individual it seeks the bloodline.
  • If you are experiencing chronic pain what do you do?
  • Litmus test or prayer to determine if your pain is being done by demons – 
  • PRAYER: Lord if this is of You I give you thanks and praise, if it is not of you, I ask it be returned to which it came in a blessing.
  • The quality of the pain will change IMMEDIATELY if it is diabolical.
  • If it is natural it will have NO change.
  • The devil didn’t make you do it.
  • The diabolical is present to you b/c there is a physiological interaction.
  • You can’t entrap and honest man.
  • Someone who has that in their nature may succumb to that scenario.
  • When you sin against God you are disarming yourself, you are dropping your shield or your sword.
  • The things you need to fight off the demons or the demonic.
  • I am very closely related to this pagan person – TKD story – what danger am I in by visiting her and her home and someone w/ a soul in peril. 
  • Your mothers soul is the one in the most peril, the council to the niece was good. 
  • The physical proximity to evil is a distance from God and it is difficult even for most devoted Catholics. 
  • You should pray for a prick of conscious. She is much more open to a prick of conscious b/c she has had all the sacraments. Lord let her see herself as I see her and let her see You as I see You. 
  • QUESTION: What is the longest exorcism you have helped w/ and why do they take so long?
  • ANSWER: It is a very disciplined practice. It is highly technical the exorcism sessions are limited to 1 1/2 – 2 hours. Usually all the afflicted can handle. In the sessions when the demons are in more control and not yet tempered, we have shortened the 2 year period to 6 months. 
  • LIBERCHRISTO Method – all Liberation comes through Christ. 
  • We get 3-4,000 inquires per year for an exorcism.
  • You will certainly come to the attention of very powerful fallen angels. 
  • If you are willing to do that, they can work through you and assist in damnation.
  • The Flower Story –  after 40 years of marriage they are discussing how they just don’t communicate anymore.

WEBSITE with resources and talks – A Virtuous Study with Mr. Kyle Clement


Discussion on topic demons and demonic possession – 

  • This is objective – the demons aren’t shrinks.
  • They don’t sit there and pick apart your life and pounce. 
  • You invite them by YOUR actions.
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