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Friday Pile of Prep-The Co-Ed Dorms Can Stay But The Hoop Skirt HAS To Go!

todaySeptember 11, 2015

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Planned_Parenthood_GOD_t_shirt_DETAILMandeville, LA – Mike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, Welcome to mikechurch.com’s Pile of Prep, all the materials used to prepare the Mike Church show. Has the moral rot that is not treated as rot but as “culture” finally become so undeniably sick that the patient it infects, ‘Muricah, has been forced to notice the 80 lb. tumor it is carrying around its throat? One sign of this is the University of Georgia’s Greek groups actually banning the antebellum “hoop skirt” from its campus. What exactly does feminine modesty threaten if not the soft-core porn excuse for a culture the Dawg (and every other “college) co-eds live in? “But they are guilty, Mr. President. And we all know it. You only have to watch the videos for five minutes, and you know it’s true. The subjects of the videos are sincere and candid – casually sharing the secrets of their grisly business with people they think are co-conspirators. The evidence points to only one conclusion: Planned Parenthood really does these horrifying things – and makes money at it, and laughs about it over lunch. But aside from the primary evidence, Mr. President, do you know how else we know it’s true? Because if it were false, we would know for sure. The mainstream media – Big Abortion’s loudest shoe-banger of them all – would be thundering Planned Parenthood’s vindication from every headline, every home page, every network satellite. If the videos were false, Mr. President – if a pro-life group somehow fabricated this narrative of Planned Parenthood’s greed, barbarism, and cruelty – it would be a story.” –  Senator Mike Lee


Baby Body Part Butchers Strike Back – Senator Mike Lee, Reminds those watching special orders on CSPAN2 that Planned Parenthood is still menacing, still butchering and still profiting from the unacceptable, ghastly murder of the soon to be born. I follow this by reminding readers that it is only the ‘Murican people’s tacit acceptance of this that allows it to continue. That acceptance is guaranteed by a culture that canonizes sexual vice and the sin it causes rather than opposing it as the existential threat it always becomes.

REFUGEES OR MUSLIM RECIDIVISTS? – Those refugees I was speaking of two days ago, desperately trying to barge their way into Hungary and now being welcome (foolishly) into Germany are not all the “wallowed in mire” poor the press corps has framed them as. Put another way, this invasion force of Muslims is larger than any army the Ottoman Empire fielded to attempt the annihilation of Christendom, but WHERE are the armies of Knights to repel the evil in the name of the One, True, Triune God? Probably watching Thursday night football’s European equivalent.

BenedictiCONNED: Let me see if I understand this correctly: A. Global Warming is in the last 20 years is REAL and ‘Muricah’s fault. B. This “warming” has caused droughts that the people of the Middle East, 6,000 years in existence, have never seen and cannot deal with. Because of A and B, thus, ‘Muricah must 1. Repent and stop causing “warming” and 2. Assist in providing homes, food and drought relief to the 80 million afflicted by our use of electricity and trains. Sounds like an angry essay posted at the Huffington Post or VOX, right? Well, it is posted by none other than “Benedict Option” promoter Rod Dreher who warns that many more “climate change refugees” are coming our way. The problem is, the people of the region in question have been dealing with FLOOD (see Noah see Genesis 6) and Drought (see story of Joseph in Genesis Ch 37-45) for their whole existence yet they are still here to be “Optioned” out and none of that was ‘Muricah’s fault or responsibility. Oh but, fair conservative, Benedict option friend, you MUST have a “belief” in climate change, lest you be in denial of the science gods and thus be…like…Amish people or even worse: flat Earthers! Well, I have no doubt that climate changes, and it changes for the benefit of life on earth even when that change includes an ephemeral, life constricting correction like an Ice Age or a large drought. Somehow (through God’s Grace) there is still a planet for God’s most cherished creation, Man, to inhabit and prosper in, yet Captain Benedict Option places us into the process of Despair that WE may miss a part of terra Shan-gri-lah. Put another way, did Noah have a “STOP GLOBAL FLOODING NOW” sticker on his ass?

MIKE CHURCH INTERVIEW: A SiriusXM Radio Personality Discovers Catholic Tradition and Perennial Philosophy. EXCERPT: David Simpson: Why does that matter to you? What does history add to your understanding? What value does that add to you?

TRUMPZILLA meets BENTHRA – Dr Ben Carson quietly gains on Trumpzilla and has done so by exhibiting a peaceful sort of humility that I personally admire BUT as long as Carson is willing to tow the unJust War demagoguery of the GOP he is a flawed thinker and thus flawed principally

Does Kim Davis REALLY “hurt religious liberty”? Answer=NO. That is something being said all around the “conservative” internet and TRM and is the result of erroneous philosophical thinking. The original error begins with the misguided belief that to achieve religious “liberty” there must be “founders” and then there must be “constitutions” FROM those founders that “protect” said liberty. The True protectorate of religious liberty is its practice in humility and defense of its Truth by God’s Church.

DeceptiCONNED AND TRUMPZILLA’D on IRAN aka How Walter Mitty Would Do Foreign Policy as Donald Trump – Does Donald Trump really believe that yelling at HotAir.com/redstate.com et al reporters and the employees of AEI about “renegotiating” the Iran deal AFTER imposing civilian starving sanctions on them will produce a “better deal”?  What will he tell the obvious pansies who negotiated for the other 6 countries to the compact “you’re fired”? What will he order the ‘Murican military to do while he plays a clown/redneck version of the neocon (sometimes)stooge Henry Kissinger? Oh wait, I forgot, he’s not one of THEM and the Mullahs always wanted a casino in Theran with that all you can eat buffet they last saw in a Trump resort in Dubai…it all makes sense now, if you’re Walter Mitty.

I’ve Got My Religious Freedom, Constitutional RIGHTS! – Hmmm, Really? W. James Antle III sees “warning Will Robinson, tyranny approaching” in the “conservative” embrace of Kim Davis and her religious opposition to  promoting “gay marriage” via her occupation. Antle, like my show guest (yesterday) and friend Kevin Gutzman have their facts and the pragmatism of their arguments in the proper order BUT proceed from the not proven Universal that our “Constitutional system” is perfect and worthy of perpetual defense if we just arrange the deck chairs properly.

SURVIVOR:STRANDED OUTSIDE HUNGARY BY ‘MURICAN WAR-HAWKS EDITION – Are there consequences for all those UnJust, UnDeclared Wars that DeceptiCONS have waged in the Middle East? Yep, look no further than the same media that cheered the Military Industrial Complex’s muscle flexing now castigating the Christian Hungarians who know all too well what happens when Muslims are integrated into Christian countries of which Hungary currently is. POST SCRIPTUM: The Hungarians have “built a wall” in a matter of months to keep illegals out, why can’t Texas do it?

Teddie and The Cruisers II – Ted Cruz shows up to piggyback Mike Hucakabee who showed up to piggyback the Evangelical vote that Rowan County KY Clerk of Court Kim Davis seems to have awakened. That Republicans see Davis and public opposition to “homosexual marriages” as fodder for votes WITHOUT the foundational basis for that opposition sets up the continuation of the longstanding ‘Murican tradition of castrating authority that begin with flight from the —- read the English Reformation for the modern origins

Mike: I place a lot of emphasis on history because history informs our tradition. We can’t be traditionalists if we don’t know what the tradition is. It does form the tradition, but it also informs us of the past and we see that people have dealt with the same problems that we’re dealing with today.”

ON NULLIFICATION-THAT IS TO NULLIFY A CATHOLIC MARRIAGE – This theologian explains the changes in Catholic Annulment proceedings some of them are just procedural but 1 of them is inexplicably dangerous to the Magisterium and the souls it is to guide.

Gay SCOTUS when well known “liberals” defied the “will of the people” and refused to enforce state laws and Acts of Congress protecting “marriage” (as defined by the civil religion of the State) they were heralded as heroes for their “courage”. Not so much for minority (female) Kim Davis of Rowan County KY who is now breaking rocks ion a federal pen as HuffPo bloggers and radical homosexuals show their love

DeceptiCONNED on ObamaCare: Someone other than me recognizes the “strange” fixation that alleged “conservatives” have toward harnessing the taxing power of Leviathan in order to compel medical industry company’s to provide “healthcare” in a manner approved by the same Leviathan’s tax code authors. Confused? You should be and that’s why the government cannot be the solution to a problem it has largely caused, but don’t tell Rubio Walker and Jindal that.

DeceptiCONNED: Mike Hucakabee cannot escape the history of ‘Muricah as Civil Religion deciding every important facet of Moral Theology for the past 100 years including marriage. It is the fact that there is NO ecclesiastical authority that has defined these issues principally because ‘Murican Christians rejected that authority and transferred it to the State

There is no more E as in employment in GE’s American manufacturing plants as the appliance giant ships the remaining production of its refrigerators south to Mexico. Tim Carney fills in the sad details of why ‘Murican manufacturing is not going to make a comeback that few workers would apply to work in anyway.

Bring back Community to bring back [r]epublicanism and the Remnant will once again freely roam and maybe rule (because he is willing to BE ruled) the Earth. Samuel Goldman reviews the need for community as the building block of civilized life that the modern era has nearly eliminated and replaced with “connectedness”, the two are not the same.

John The Baptist-DeceptiCONNED – When THE Moral Code is abrogated by the “Law of the Land” what is supposed to happen? Well, civil disobedience is what is supposed to happen for faithful, regardless of an earthly court says. Isn’t that the lesson of the Christian martyrs including those were executed precisely because they would not follow the SCOTUS of their day’s edicts? Not according to the moral equivalency of “there are win-win” scenarios where homosexual “marriages” are blessed by the State and “nobody loses”. That’s funny to hear that God is a “nobody” who doesn’t care if he “loses”

St Thomas Moore and his devotees might continue seceding from leviathan by withdrawing consent as many in “The South” are currently being confronted to do when they are ordered by their federal overlords to issue “gay marriage licenses” for example. White martyrdom is here folks, the only question that remains is will it give way to its Big Brother: Red Martyrdom of which St Thomas Moore was a beheaded casualty.


GALILEO WAS WRONG, BACK TO SCHOOL MUST HEAR RADIO! – Today’s Special Guest, Robert Sungenis, gives us a 90 minute long presentation on WHY Galileo Was Wrong, the ground-breaking film series that finally challenges the “settled science” of Heliocentrism that never was confirmed. “Galileo Was Wrong reveals in spectacular graphics and painstaking research that the true scientific evidence not only puts Earth in a central location in the universe, but shows that it enjoys the unique privilege of being the only motionless body around which everything else revolves.” Listen to the 70 minute recap of this presentation and soon to come video with the all new Founders Pass Media Player

WE ARE FAMILY – 50 years ago Daniel Patrick Moynihan penned a study of the then young “Great Society” of LBJ, his predictions have been born out by a factor of 2 while his conclusions on what to do about it remain on a shelf and collecting dust. As this essay recounts, Moynihan knew that it was the natural, God created institution of Family that was key. “Morals and manners—more than legislation—primarily shape the direction of great nations. Any hope for regeneration will likely arise from our families with active and involved fathers, churches that foster family cohesiveness, and various ministries and nonprofits that make strong, nuclear families a priority.”

More Folly of We The Sheople – “The Constitution demands that Congress declare war on ISIS and “We the People should enforce it” is is a noble and laudable demand from this columnist for the Atlantic. But these demands are actually legal affirmations if there IS a Constitution still to be obeyed thus showing the impracticability of written Constitutions that, regardless of their noble intentions, rely on their own created entities for discipline and acknowledge no higher authority.


Ius ad bellum non decepio est – FINALLY someone other than this page and its author takes Obama, Dumbocrats and DeceptiCONS to the woodshed for a Founders whooping over the illegal and unconstitutional “war” Obama is waging with Congress’s tacit approval against ISIS


Darwin Was Wrong Pt I – Chris Ferrara reveals the story of a Jesuit monk who was actually making genetic discoveries in the physical world and not using the fallacious “hypothetical” that the sorcerer Charles Darwin used to explain “evolution”.

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READ: James Madison’s speech to the Congress of 2 February, 1791, opposing the creation of the National Bank (Hamilton’s scheme) for reasons that [r]epublicans should learn, memorize and be able to repeat

Listen to Mike Church’s take on the CIA’s torture scandal “Our Lady of Guadalupe Ended Aztec Torture-The CIA & “Conservatives” Brought It Back”

Read Mike Church’s essay – God and Man at Richmond-Challenging the status quo of “separation of Church and State”


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Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

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Today’s Latin Phrase of the Day:  “Boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem, Good judges seek to increase (amplify) their jurisdiction

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