The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Patrick_Henry_American_Statesman_paperback_cover_DETAILMandeville, LA –  Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of the latest outrages generated by our all knowing, benvolent SpyFare friends at the NSA with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “This proclamation is hailed with the loudest hosannas by the coalition and Clay party. If this is his former doctrine, how comes it about that every old States Rights man abominates it, and it meets so hearty a welcome by the Henry Clay party—the ultra tariff, ultra bank, ultra internal improvement parties— yes, and the whole mass of political heretics? But real true believers will stand firm, even though they, like the devil, believe and tremble. All these combined make fearful odds; but, zeal in this cause, this true religion—political religion— is sure to triumph. Small as the minority may be, we are not too small to triumph, unless betrayed by those who are entrusted with the ark of the covenant.” – John Randolph of Roanoke

Surprise! The NSA spies on Obama and for extra credit ex-Cardinal and now Pope Francis. After all, we all know that the Pope is making calls to “terrorists” all the time, right?

Google, Yahoo, safe and secure from the NSA’s Spyin’ Eyes!? How about, nooooo. The NSA has developed methods to tap into nearly all “cloud” activity on earth including google’s. Why they would need to monitor your purchase of “Adwords” or your clicking of “google ads” is any liberty lovers guess

TIC: John Adams- For all his quirks, the alien & Sedition Acts and his admiration of aristocracy arises today as a Statesman, founder and a model for the future? 

Sign up for a Founders Pass and get a digital copy of this book for free!
Sign up for a Founders Pass and get a digital copy of this book for free!

Tuesday I reported that a Federal Court had struck down Texas’s new abortion law and wondered where they got the authority to do so, now today a Federal Appeals Court has reversed MOST of that previous court’s deviousness and I ask the same question: from where do they claim the authority to do so!?

Grandpa, what’s a Federalist? Senator Mike Lee of UT tries to answer that query by proposing and end to federal domineering over hi way projects, cutting the “gas tax” from 18.4 to 3.7 cents per gallon, turning all those roads and bridges over to the states to manage. It sounds like Lee might have read James Madison’s “Bonus bill-veto”

MIKE CHURCH VIDEO – You could have “tricked or treated” as a “Free-citizen” last night as your costume

Food stamps to be “slashed” by 13.6% next month which amounts to a rollback of a previous “recession-era” boos meaning there is to be a cut in the increase… nothing to see here citizen, move along!

That didn’t take long: Just as predicted, President Obama now heaps the blame for the 2 million people getting booted off their health insurance plans on “bad apple” insurance providers!

When the patient is the primary decision maker AND payer for their “health care” THEN you will see prices fall and service improve. Until then you get  inefficiencies

The revolving door of corrupt money and positions of power continues through ObamaCare. Follow the  hundreds of millions scheduled for “digital advertising” then read all about the “outreach sessions” conducted with what are supposed to be non-partisan groups like the NAACP!

“Please discontinue use of all electronic devices while taxiing and take-off” will soon get a well deserved case of Leviathan sized mothballs as the FAA admits what the MythBusters discovered almost 10 years ago: Airplane radio equipment is NOT susceptible to cellphone and iPod interference

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Peter Genova

The electronics ban has nothing to do with the electronics, it has to do with $$$$. Cell signals do not reach above 10,000 feet. Gee the magic number when you can turn on your devices. Now with the advent of $14.95 daily internet availibility on airplanes suddenly the devices are safe for use. Cell service has always been available at their $10 per minute charge.

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