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Friday Prep: Trump Will Post a “Going Out of Business” Sale Sign on Mordor

The Spirit of '76 - Writing & Ratifying the U.S Constitution. Mike's most popular film, it will be your favorite too
The Spirit of ’76 – Writing & Ratifying the U.S Constitution. Mike’s most popular film, it will be your favorite too

Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. 2016 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don’t cost nuthin’).

Sapientia et Veritas – “You have successfully and completely pulverized Mr. Adams’ system of orders, and his opening the mantle of republicanism to every government of laws, whether consistent or not with natural right. Indeed, it must be acknowledged, that the term republic is of very vague application in every language. Witness the self-styled republics of Holland, Switzerland, Genoa, Venice, Poland. Were I to assign to this term a precise and definite idea, I would say, purely and simply, it means a government by its citizens in mass, acting directly and personally, according to rules established by the majority; and that every other government is more or less republican, in proportion as it has in its composition more or less of this ingredient of the direct action of the citizens. Such a government is evidently restrained to very narrow limits of space and population. I doubt if it would be practicable beyond the extent of a New England township.” – Thomas Jefferson

going-out-of-business-usaDeceptiCONNED – Donald Trump says the only common sensical thing one can say about the Leviathan monster’s $19 TRILLION debt: have a sale ofall “Federal” assets and use the proceeds to pay down the debt. The reaction from the CruZombies is predictable “yeah, yeah, that’ll never work and besides we can’t sell off precious federal assets, we need them to conduct Teddy’s experiment and determine if sand glows.” The imbecilic reaction from the anarcho-pagans is, the Feds only have $3.2

DeceptiCONNED II – Senator Tom Coburn made some attempt to do what Trumopzilla has proposed but could not move a bill to sell a measley $15 BILLION in unused, dust-collecting “federal” real-estate. In “How Congress Snatched The Power To Own Lands” I made a compelling and history based case that the Federal Leviathan should NOT claim the power to own and manage ANY lands beyond “Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards and other needful buildings”

Papa Sonstray Island Isn’t Far Enough Away From The Diabolical Hillary Clinton – The reasoning behind my threat to leave the USA and move to Papa Sonstray Island has now come into full view with her wicked, diabolical exhortation (to loud CHEERS!!!) that a human child can be aborted hours before it is born and has “no constitutional rights”. Watch the video for your self or listen to the embedded audio file and conform your mind to this reality: if this maniac attains the Presidency, the United States will implement population control and babies will become targets because the Holy American State cannot afford them. Mark my words, folks and do not put this past the Clintons and Gates, eugenics and population control are the grisly hobbies of our ruling elite.

The Pope Affirms That “Love Is A Battlefield” – There will be much, much talk about Amoris Lætatæ, the Pope’s exhortation on the Family and Marriage. Cardinal Brandmüeller pre-empts His Holiness with an Apostolic Reminder that the infallible teaching of Holy Mother Church CANNOT be altered, watered down or undermined. I talk about this every day and will continue to update the subject as Amoris is translated and better understood…

The Pope Makes Moral Teaching A Sponge Instead of A Rock – Digging into Amoris Lætatæ we find what faithful Catholics have feared: Pope Francis has swung wide open the door to normalizing homosexuality and divorce. One Peter Five is first to the rampart to explain what this means to tens of millions of Souls: “What this means concretely is that the pope is sending a deeply troubling message: those who are living in the objective state of adultery (since they are still sacramentally and validly married to their real spouse, not the person they are living with) and have children from this second “marriage” are essentially bound to stay in this relationship, living as husband and wife (which they are not) and continuing to engage in acts proper only to spouses, and thus, adulterous in nature. Otherwise, the pope reasons, their new relationship – and the welfare of the children involved – could be put at risk! In this, Pope Francis undermines Catholic moral teaching at its core, and puts supposed practical concerns over the higher concern of the salvation of souls.”

It Takes a Village – Is it really far-fetched to think that Rod Dreher’s “Benedict Option” might be implemented sans the Hadrian’s Wall replica, in a village somewhere? Well, we’d have to move to England (I’m cool with that are you?) but this village is available for sale, when do we move in!? Seriously, the idea of people sharing a similar view of what kind of culture they wish their children to be marinated in; what structure of governmental authority they wish to live under; what system of law enforcement would be best to effect their happiness and enforce the government’s prime directive: to remove impediments from saving one’s souls. This idea just happens to be quite American in character and we have this on the good authority of Thomas Jefferson himself. “Were I to assign to this term a precise and definite idea, I would say, purely and simply, it means a government by its citizens in mass, acting directly and personally, according to rules established by the majority; and that every other government is more or less republican, in proportion as it has in its composition more or less of this ingredient of the direct action of the citizens. Such a government is evidently restrained to very narrow limits of space and population. I doubt if it would be practicable beyond the extent of a New England township.”

For an audio version of Jefferson’s [r]epublicanism via Project ’76 Webisode, click here

In Village Veritas, No One Will Mistake Dominican’s For KKKlan Members – To demonstrate just how far away from the path that Christendom’s Tradition beat for us witness our kids, happy and hooking up at the University of Indiana, mistaking a Dominican Priest, walking the campus while praying the Holy Rosary, for a member of the KKKlan with a whip in hand, seeking minorities to beat into Jim Crowe submission. “So what happened tonight goes like this: a person saw white robes and what looked to them like a weapon, got scared (rightfully so), warned people, warned staff, which in turn caused me to warn my residents because I need to look out for my residents, which in turn made it spread. Then my residents, terrified, come running to me, saying yeah the report must be true, they saw him and couldn‘t believe there was a klansmember with a whip. And I see this picture. It’s a priest. With a rosary.” Use this story as Exhibit A-ZZZ as to why the continent’s moral slide cannot be arrested by laws, elections, ballots or “Making America Great Again” but only by returning to these same poor, misguided yewts, to a Scholastic regimen to BEGIN their education and supporting them with a restoration of The Church Militant as the fount and guard of the moral law.

All Hail The Sole Honest Man In Congress: Rep Thomas MassieMassie tells NPR what CRUSADE Channel listeners already knew: the two gang system holds the $4 Trillion federal buffet hostage to the wishes of the real bosses in our democracy, those who get slices of the grift Congress has stolen and or borrowed. “Powerful committee chairmanships can cost millions of dollars, Massie said. Massie sits on three House committees: Oversight and Reform, Transportation and Infrastructure, and Science, Space and Technology. “I’ve paid them zero,” Massie said, which yielded a scattered applause at the pizza parlor. “It looks like a phone bill they send to me. An overdue notice.” He said the bill has a footnote reading, “Note: price is subject to change based on your leadership positions.”

DeceptiCONNED: Trump Loses Cheese Head State Because There Are “Educated Republicans” There – The latest “conservative establishment” smackdown at the Trump phenomenon comes in the form of “educated” Wisconsin voters delivering the Badger State to Ineligible Ted Cruz. What a cruel joke that those who are said to be “educated” will not accept Cruz’s Constitutional ineligibility. I take that to mean that “educated, conservative” voters possess “educated minds” that deny the truth when it is revealed to them thus making those minds programmed NOT educated. As Chesterton wrote of secular education: “In short, the only thing they share is the one thing they profess to dislike: the general idea of authority. It is quaint that people talk of separating dogma from education. Dogma is actually the only thing that cannot be separated from education. It is education. A teacher who is not dogmatic is simply a teacher who is not teaching.”

Reason # 76,761 To Reclaim Arts From Anarcho-Pagans: Lena Dunham – Obscenity has now been made to be not obscene in the sense that public display of what were once “private parts” are now no longer obscene and therefore private parts are now public parts. This is plainly the virus that has infected the producers of HBO’s series Girls. In the latest episode, Hillary Clinton’s biggest fan, actress Lena Dunham, shows how young women are to deal with male authority figures: (WARNING! NSFW)  bear your once private parts to him as a genitalia based “flipping the bird”. Ms. Dunham, poor, tortured and blackened soul that she has become, then takes to social media to boast of the act thus insuring her now public parts are seen by more of the public. Just one generation ago this would be obscenity, alas,  the modern world has no arrows in its genital quiver that are obscene. Is it any wonder that perverted men are being granted access to young girls bathrooms? How long before it becomes illegal to pronounce something done by someone as obscene?

Johnny Beefcake Edwards, Meet Ted “Ineligible” Cruz, Both of You Meet: The National Enquirer –  Devvy Kidd explores the Enquirer’s claim that Ted Cruz’s name appears on the “D.C. Madame’s Black Book” and presents a rundown of the historical facts surrounding the Enquirer’s claim. What is most intriguing is the attorney for the Madame, Montgomery Blair Sibley, has demanded that the SCOTUS allow the release of the complete list of numbers and email addresses she left with him and that this be done in a timely fashion before the presidential primaries are concluded which implies the names on the list include someone still campaigning or affiliated with a campaign.

SCOTUS To DC Madame’s Attorney: The Truth Must NOT Be Revealed – The above cited story has advanced after the SCOTUS refused Montgomery Blair Sibley’s request to release the DC Madame’s “black book”, yesterday. Will Montgomery follow through on his boast that if SCOTUS failed him, he would release the documents anyway?

Leviathan vs Little Sisters: The Last Stand For Religious Authority – The Little Sisters of The Poor have recently taken their refusal to accept Dear Leader’s edict that they must provide contraception and abortifacients to their employees, to the SCOTUS. Bruce Frohnnen makes the observation that not since the days of Germany’s Bismarck has The State sought direct control over the Catholic Church and we all know how that turned out.

Buchanan: Trumpism Has Won Hearts & Minds That DeceptiCONS Have DivorcedPatrick J. Buchanan reads the tea leaves created by the Trump campaign including the return of real talk on trade. Buchanan makes the bold prediction that Europe’s goose is cooked and this delicacy will adorn the dinner plates of the ascendant Mohammedan hordes that will continue their invasion north: “Four months ago, Angela Merkel was Time’s Person of the Year for throwing open the gates to the “huddled masses” of the Middle and Near East. Merkel’s Germany is now leading the EU in amassing a huge bribe to the Turks to please take them back, and keep them away from the Greek islands that are now Islam’s Ellis Island into Europe. Africa’s population will double to 2.5 billion by 2050. With 60 percent of Africans now under 25 years of age, millions will find their way to the Med to cross to the Old Continent where Europeans are aging, shrinking and dying. Look for gunboats in the Med.”

Orestes Brownson: The Originator of Christian Supremacy Over ‘Murican Civil Government – This audience should be familiar with the writings of 19th century Catholic [r]epublican Orestes Brownson but perhaps not the details of his work and the brutal truth that Brownson deduced the end of Christian ‘Muricah long before it became apparent.

DeceptiCONNED II – Conservatives have mailed in the actual practice of LIVING and PRACTICING “conservatism” and  the Christian life that tradition requires. The surrender of the artistic battlefield to the perverted anarchists that control it today. Claes Ryn bails the point home that this must be reversed: “The power that may be ultimately decisive in setting society’s direction is found in what will strike many as an unlikely place, in the arts and humanities broadly understood: in the arts—from dramatists, novelists, and movie-makers to composers and painters—and in academic disciplines—from philosophy, history, and English, to politics and psychology. In these fields, trendsetters have long been chipping away at the moral and spiritual core of what can loosely be called traditional Western civilization. Hence the basic orientation of our society. Putatively conservative political victories here and there have made little difference to the fundamental trends of Western society.”

Muricah’s Porn Addiction Defies Secular Solutions But Time Magazine Tries AnywayTime magazine’s recent cover carries the title PORN and relates the porn addictions which are now just another secular habit young men consider “normal” (the story is behind a pay wall). As Danny Burk points out, Time cannot bring itself to condemn the immorality of Porn because of what it does to the modesty of young women and the psychological damage done to young men: “One of the most striking aspects of Luscombe’s article, however, is the complete absence of a moral framework. The big question is not about whether one ought to use porn or not. The big question is whether or not porn use is a “public health crisis.” In other words, the main problem with porn is not moral or spiritual but that it keeps men from fornicating with lots of women. That is why the title of the article is “Porn and the Threat to Virility.”

DeceptiCONNEDPaul Ryan’s got a challenge in the primary and boy howdy does he have a lot to say about the non-establishment taking out the Establishment so it can become a better, improved Establishment,. woohoo, reforming Congress is awesome!

Bring Back The CRUSADES, The Mohammedans Are Here – For all the heretical ink that has been spilled castigating the CRUSADES as blood thirsty lurches made by blood thirsty Catholic savages (read the REAL Crusade story here), hardly a peep has been written or said about WHAT the Crusaders went to the Holy Land to do and how the Mohammedans governed themselves that made the first 3 CRUSADES existential. Now, who is going to denounce and call for immediate cessation of foreign aid and support for the Sharia Law enforcing, homosexual executing, Orthodox Muslims in Saudi Arabia. Hey Europe! This is coming to YOU.

All Womandom is Outraged by Michelle Fields’ Arm Being Grabbed, Where’s Outraged When Blessed Virgin Is Beheaded? – A Statue of Our Lady at a Catholic Church in Burlington MA has had its head and arms cut off! The Cops don’t know who did it and the Michelle Fields Booster Club 69 have not posted a reward for the capture of the assailant of the Mother of God but 16 of them have demanded the alleged, violent, “arm-grabber”, Corey Lewandowski

The Talk Radio Mafia, R.I.P. – Talk Radio has devolved into a forum that delivers the fourth and fifth most useless forms of thought: opinion and error and yet that is precisely the formula that shot talk radio from low powered a.m. signals to the pinnacle of entertainment mediums. Now comes Trumpzilla vs Ineligible Ted Cruz, the 8th election since the TRM got its sea-legs and ‘Muricah is no more “conservative”; is no closer to “reducing the size and scope of government”; has not ended the legal protections afforded to baby killing and has failed to energize and install a “moral majority” to replace the noxious pool of secular humanism that is now a fully funded part of the American Civil Religion, that not spiritual heresy that rules our public affairs (see recent defeats for “religious liberty” bills). That talk-radio ever could have delivered the salvation of “conservative” America it was much ballyhooed to, is dubious at best and delusional at worst, yet it is fair to say that was its charge and hope. Read this piece and note the aura of uselessness the medium now has hanging over its head; some of us saw this coming and have withdrawn our consent from the medium’s default direction. I hope you’ll continue to see the difference the Veritas Radio Network presents and assist us in growing and refining it.

Get your signed-numbered copy of Mike Church's newest feature "Spirit of '76-Story continues"
Get your signed-numbered copy of Mike Church’s newest feature “Spirit of ’76-Story continues”

DeceptiCONNED & Incorporationista’dIdaho Governor Butch Otter has signed a bill that basically forfeits the Idaho Constitution and its sole prerogative to regulate weapons including guns in the state to the Feds. Claiming that Idaho is now 2nd Amendment compliant, the ID legislature has  completely surrendered their sovereignty. Otter even bragged that he is a lifelong NRA member and thus a “second amendment” believer. I have previously discussed this subject, 15,000 ways to Sunday, the second Amendment is NOT universal unless your state’s militia has been called “into the service of the United States”. Please download or purchase a copy of my docudrama on this subject from Patrick Henry’s point of view: The Spirit of ’76-The Story Continues.

I am Woman, Hear Me Roar [in childbirth]Lumma Sims pens an essay that not many Olive Gardenian women are going to warm to: the ‘Murican Dream for women needs to be put back into its proper perspective: “The American Dream is a call to create a society with the space to pursue what in history was known as God’s cultural mandate to male and female alike: “be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it.” The laws of nature and of nature’s God call humanity to work hard, to strive for the basic goods (e.g., the transcendent/God, knowledge, life/health, friendship, etc.) with excellence, and to pursue what Aristotle called Eudaimonia—flourishing by practicing virtue—the happiness of friendship with God.” Wow, just wow, read the entire essay and may a small spark of hope be ignited in your Remnant souls.

Take This Film And Shove It – Louisiana taxpayers subsidized the secular “Marxist Sodomite Vampires” of Hollywood for a decade and Hollywood South flourished on our backs. When the state had to face fiscal realities and seriously cut-back on the

Travel To New York? Fuhget About It – The cowardice and apostasy of the elected class continues with NY governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill DiBlassio banning “non-essential travel” to North Carolina after it passed an act to reign in towns passing statutes allowing perverts to use opposite sex restrooms. I’ll restate what has been said previously, this is a capitulation to evil served with a side of corporate greed. As Our Lord himself said for the record, for cowards and the lukewarm like Governor Deal: “For what doth it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his own soul?” That Apple Computer and the Disney company now have become de facto interpreters of the Magisterial teaching on morality should shock the Evangelical populations of IN, AR and now the worm infested peach-tree state of GA.

GA Gov. Nathan Deal: If The World Is Perverting In The Streets, Make Streets Safe For Perverts – If you resolved to donate a freshly opened box cutter blade to the Egyptian prisoners the Roman’s employed to scourge Our Lord, you’d be inflicting less pain on Our Lord than men like Governor Deal. Christ’s Church’s teaching authority!? Bah, humbug! Here’s Governor Deal from today’s AJC:  In stark terms, the governor said earlier this year that he would reject any measure that “allows discrimination in our state in order to protect people of faith.” Rooting his critique in biblical language, he urged fellow Republicans to take a deep breath and “recognize that the world is changing around us.” And that’s the point, the world always attempts to change and reject the known and revealed Truth because we are Fallen. The duty of government whether it be Kings or Governors is to arrest the change and preserve the conditions needed for the people to pursue passage through the narrow gate. Pope Leo XIII in his magnificent Encyclical Immortalé Dei, stated this in language so clear it cannot but spur obedience from even the most animated papal critic. “It is to the Church that God has assigned the charge of seeing to, and legislating for, all that concerns religion; of teaching all nations; of spreading the Christian faith as widely as possible; in short, of administering freely and without hindrance, in accordance with her own judgment, all matters that fall within its competence.”

Yes We Pray For Souls Recently Departed, NO, The Murdered Muslim Was Not MuslimBarrels of ink will be spilled in praise of Asad Shah, a “Muslim” who was murdered in Glasgow Scotland for wishing his Scottish patrons a “Happy Easter”. Just as Andrew Bieszad and I discussed on last Wednesday’s show, Shah was not acting Muslim and was thus taken out by an Orthodox Muslim. EXACTLY as Bieszad and then Chris Ferrara and I discussed, the “Muslim” that does not act out his “faith” in an Orthodox manner will be treated as an infidel dog the same way a Christian or agnostic is. THIS is the future Europe now faces and the sooner the pagan Euros find their way back to Christ’s Church and living the Faith the better off they will be to defend their civilization. Failure to do so will result in The Continent becoming an Ottoman Empire of sorts, 20 times It’s former size.

Mrs Cruz & Trump, Meet Sally Hemmings – The fatuous claim that Wifegate has broken new low ground in ‘Murican politics and that the attacks on candidates wives or mistresses are new to the 2016 campaign and the logical result of “Trumpism” is historically retarded. In 1802, Thomas Jefferson was savaged by vindictive newspaper man James Callendar and accused of fathering the children of Monticello slave, Sally Hemmings.

Meet Ted Cruz, Ambitious Conquerer of The Conservative “Movement”Ross Douthat writes in the New York Times what I have been telling you about Ineligible, Edward Rafael Cruz: he is an ambitious demagogue who wants to win elections because he wants to win elections and be declared the winner. This is a far cry from the savior he is being made out to be by Glen Beck et al…

Christ’s Kingship Is All The More Majestic When you Ponder Him AS God – Ann Barnhardt nails the tragic and yet beautiful mystery of the Passion of Our Lord. That Jesus, 1/3 of the Trinity that created every atom of Man, meandered about the people of Jerusalem and Galilee knowing they would scream for his death. This is a must, post-Easter read.

What Is The Significance of March 25th?Joseph Pearce informs us that March 25 is the date of the Annunciation to Our Lady AND the date, traditionally remembered as Good Friday! This Rorate Cæli research piece makes the historical record clear.


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