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Friday Red Pill Diaries-Its The Small Farms, Stupid! Why Commies Wage War On Agrarians

HEADLINE: Saving Small Farms by Austin Jepsky 

  • The existence of local breeds of livestock or crop varieties is a defining aspect of a healthy agricultural system. It is evidence of local farmers’ commitment to their trade that they willingly devote years, sometimes generations, to perfecting a breed fit for the local area and climate. These local breeds are a physical embodiment of hard work and tradition within an agrarian society. That fact has made these breeds enemy number one for any communist regime.
  • They aren’t socialist, they are communists.
  • They think in communist terms, they act as communists.
  • They pray to the wrong god as communists.

HEADLINE: Man searches for famous lost apple variety that originated near Williamsburg by Sararose Martin 

HEADLINE: This Retired Engineer Has Saved Over 1,200 Varieties of Apples From Extinction by Madeleine Muzdakis 

  • To counter this de facto communist threat, local agriculture must be supported. Not just with dollars, but with laws. The current agricultural system has been rigged in favor of larger producers since the end of World War II. Passing laws on the local and state levels to support small farms is the best practicable option to truly support local agriculture.
  • We need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • We don’t have to be 100% satisfied all the time.
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