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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Friday Red Pill Diaries-Lara Logan Is Right And The Cowardly Hacks At Newsmax Are Controlled Opposition

HEADLINE: Told Ya So: Newsmax Is Controlled Opposition And Lara Logan Is Right About Satan And Borders by Mike Church 

  • You cannot tell their audiences the truth.
  • You cannot say Satan is around w/o getting fired.
  • As Christians you can’t practice publicly or mention anything about your faith on MSM.
  • QUESTION: Do you bow your head when the name of Jesus is mentioned?

HEADLINE: Former CBS Reporter Lara Logan Revisits Terrifying 2011 Rape by Mob in Egypt Amidst $25 Million Lawsuit by Cher 

  • “I thought we were getting away,” Logan said, “but some of the men running with us became my rapists.” 
  • “Ray told me to stay on my feet and hold onto him. If I was knocked down, I’d die. I fought the assault as best I could for 15 minutes, but they tore all my clothes off and raped me with their hands, with flagpoles and with sticks. They sodomized me over and over. They were fighting for my body. I couldn’t hold on to Ray any longer.”
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