The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Friday Red Pill Diaries-Men & Women Of Good Will: Muricah Has Become The Mistrial World Of Kyle Rittenhouse

HEADLINE: Kyle Rittenhouse Is America by Bruce Bawer 

  • Did Kyle really need to bring a gun?
  • At the event horizon moment what was behind Kyle?
  • His home, his town, his people.
  • He was facing the attacker.
  • Turns out he did need to bring a gun, he was undoubtedly attacked.
  • He was chased down.
  • He had family in Kenosha.
  • What about the rioters? 
  • Did they have a ‘right’ to be there?
  • Remember they told us, main stream media, that Nick Sandmann didn’t have a right to be there.
  • The media framed HIM as the one that shouldn’t have been there.
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