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todayFebruary 22, 2014

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The Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE)

el_rey_dude_DETAILMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “In the first hour I brought up that the latest tyranny from the executive, that’s President Obama, claiming he has the authority to raise the automobile mile-per-gallon standards.  I didn’t fully explain this.  This is a scam that was concocted back in the 1970s called CAFE, Corporate Average Fuel Economy.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  In the first hour I brought up that the latest tyranny from the executive, that’s President Obama, claiming he has the authority to raise the automobile mile-per-gallon standards.  I didn’t fully explain this.  This is a scam that was concocted back in the 1970s called CAFE, Corporate Average Fuel Economy.  The automobile industry in the mid stages of its sellout to Washington — there is no automobile industry in the United States.  If it is, it’s owned by the Koreans.  The automobiles that are manufactured in the United States by American manufacturers are all nationalized industries.  They can’t go under; we know that.  They can’t fail; we know that.  Their unions and their union contracts will always be honored; we know that.  All the things that are on the cars are determined by politicians in Washington; we know that.

The fuel economy is determined — it’s not the market that determines that.  It’s not whether or not I want to drive a big car and have the wherewithal to spend 200 bucks a week on gas.  Citizen, you will obey your federal car overlords.  I talked about this many times on this show.  What if I want to go to Wal-Mart and buy a car that’s white and has a black sticker on it that says “sedan” or “coupe,” no brand, just generic, in other words?  Mr. Church, do you want airbags?  Nope.  You want seatbelts?  Nope.  You want mufflers?  Nope.  What do you want?  I want an engine, brakes, and four seats.  It’s hot down here.  gassolutionThrow some a/c on that joker.  You can’t do that.  You can buy a computer, can’t you, and customize that thing?  How many MB of RAM do you want?  I want you to max that baby out.  Give me 20 GB.  How big of a hard drive do you want?  How big of one can you put in there?  How fast do you want the bus to be?  How fast you got it?  How big of a monitor do you want?  What’s the biggest one you sell?  What’s the smallest one you sell?  You can customize a computer, can’t you?  In some ways you can customize a car.  You can go to a dealer and say: I don’t want any of these on the lot.  I want you to make one with this color paint, that color seat.

There is some customization, but the automobile industry has been nationalized.  Corporate Average Fuel Economy ruined the American car, killed it.  There’s always a reason why.  Why did Detroit agree to it?  Because they knew that the Japanese could not — what they did was they basically made it impossible for the Korean and Japanese companies to sell pickup trucks in the United States.

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Why do you think majorities or large portions of advertisements during sporting events and other events that are heavy on car ads have a decided preference or pitch to people that drive pickup trucks?  It’s because for the longest amount of time, there was no Tacoma pickup truck, not like the one that Toyota sells now, which is almost as large, because the Japanese and the Koreans figured out a way around CAFE, or they bribed the right people to give them a way around CAFE, so the CAFE standards were a way to protect American car companies from foreign competition.  Who does that damage?  That damages the consumer.  That’s basically a subsidy then, and it artificially elevates the price not only of the American car but it elevates the price of the import.

We haven’t had a free market when it comes to purchasing automobiles since Tucker went out of business.  It’s a shame because there are certainly enough people, God bless them, out there that love monkeying around with cars.  See John DeLorean.  What did they do to DeLorean?  They got rid of him, too, didn’t they?  It’s a scam, folks.  The whole thing is a scam.  [mocking] “Why don’t you buy an American car?”  The only American car that I am aware of — and even my Saturn was not totally American because I have a Honda engine in my Saturn, but at least it was assembled in Tennessee.  Why shouldn’t I buy a Kia?  I have a dear friend that sells Kia.  They make them right there in Georgia.  People that live in Georgia make the Kia and other cars in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas.  These are all foreign companies that manufacture their cars, because it’s cheaper to manufacture them here than it is to ship them across the sea on a tanker, and they may offer some customization.  It’s the foreign companies that have come in and given life to and provided some competition for the nationalized car industry.  These latest fits of [mocking] “We’re going to tell you what kind of fuel economy you’re going to have,” these are just the latest attempts.  Someone is benefitting from those regulations.

Folks, you may have noticed, and I haven’t talked about this recently here, the planet is not warming; it’s cooling.  If anything, if you believe that the greenhouse gas is solely responsible for Earth’s climate, then you ought to be thinking right about now: If the planet is cooling and we rely on plant life to exist, and plant life eats carbon dioxide, and people are telling us we need less carbon dioxide, they are telling you things that are ultimately what?  Suicidal.  They’re telling you: It’s okay to kill yourself.  You’re not going to need to eat that green stuff.  Don’t worry about it.  Many agricultural scientists have reached the conclusion that producing more Co2 is actually more beneficial and will be beneficial, not only to the planet but to humans.  At every level, at everything we see, everything we buy, everything we use and consume, everything we touch, it seems as though what?  It seems as though the gang, the mob, the general government and its little satellite antagonistic agencies, the state legislatures, are all in on the grift.  They are.

I didn’t talk about this, but let’s talk for a moment here about Mordor by the Marta.  That’s the Georgia Legislature.  I haven’t kept up on this since this came out on Monday, but the State of Georgia is going to have a $300 million surplus this year.  Now, the prudent thing would be for the Georgia House and Senate and Governor Nathan Deal to execute some kind of a tax rebate to the citizens of Georgia.  You guys did a good job.  You didn’t squander all the money you appropriated.  The good thing to do is not to gobble it up.  The good thing to do is project that we’re going to spend less next year and give the surplus back to Georgians.  Instead, what happens?  Republican politicians decided [mocking] “We’ve got kids that deserve and are in need of it.  They’re entitled to high-speed internet access in every school.”  So the Georgia Legislature proposed that they should squander the money and make sure that every student has high-speed internet access and, I assume, high-speed internet access equipment.

More public money thrown at individual, private problems.  Education is a problem to be solved.  It’s not hard to solve.  It’s not like we don’t know how to educate ourselves.  It’s not like we don’t have the capability.  Even any absence of the internet, we can go to a library.  [mocking] “What’s that, Mike?  What are you talking about a library?”  They’re still out there, believe it or not.  Still, the politician and the political class must bow down before the alter of the State.  This is another one of these cows that we’re not allowed to butcher.  It’s sacred, in other words, that the public, the government ought to provide and guarantee education.  Why?  They suck at it.  They are horrible at it.


The problems that we experience are because the public controls and the government runs education.  It’s not in spite of it, it’s because of it.  What’s the solution, fair listener, dear citizen?  Let’s give them more power.  You know what it is?  It’s a funding thing.  Teachers say, [mocking] “Our class sizes are too big.”  Gee, I wonder how that happened.

Folks, decentralize.  Break down, break into smaller, more manageable parts.  Educate yourself.  Become active locally.  Local, local, local.  You will have much more success and probably be happier in your life.  You’re not always going to be successful.  Georgia is a good example.  These guys, I know them, work hard at influencing that legislature.  That legislature basically told those people in the State of Georgia Tea Party and other concerned groups to go pound sand.  [mocking] “We’re smarter than you and we need to spend this money.  You guys need to shut up.  Go with us for once.”  That’s not going to happen and those guys that pass that, if that thing gets through the Senate and Deal signs it, there ought to be heck to pay at the end.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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