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From Kennedy To Covid, It’s Not A Conspiracy It’s Our Government At Work!

todaySeptember 21, 2023 15

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SPECIAL GUEST Donald JeffriesJohn F. Kennedy Assassination (see related)

Paul Landis – Secret Service Agent – they did nothing for 5 or 6 seconds and watched him get his head blown off.

  • They were ALL out drinking until 5am the previous morning.
  • Instead of taking this bullet which is prime evidence, walks in the hospital and just sticks it on the stretcher next to the President?
  • There is a chain of possession of all evidence.
  • Even after the bullet, 2 different people claimed they found the bullet.
  • They passed it to the supervisor and he walked around and tried to give it to the FBI, then to Secret Service and NO ONE wanted it.

HEADLINE: Nothing to Fear but Fear Porn Itself by Donald Jeffries

  • He then claimed he didn’t even remember doing that.
  • The highlight of your career you don’t remember?
  • Maybe it makes the case for conspiracy bigger.
  • But it makes the case against the Secret Service Agents.
  • They were either incompetent or part of it.
  • Single Bullet Theory –
  • They could have been told they were going to have a ‘simulated assassination’.
  • President Kennedy didn’t take the SS guarding him to be important.
  • You can have 3x the IQ of a police officer but if you get pulled over, who has the power?
  • Not you!
  • It is all connected maybe not directly but it is definitely connected.
  • Some police departments have an IQ cap b/c they just want people to comply, to listen to orders and carry them out.
  • McVay – his trial was a legal lynching.
  • He was for the 1st time they really made his trial the frontrunner of all other Alex Jones trials etc.
  • It was a trial agains this beliefs.
  • The fact he was reading XYZ meant he was XYZ.
  • They had all these people that were distraught of course b/c they lost family members but they didn’t SEE anything so that should have been hearsay.
  • They didn’t even present any evidence he was there b/c he was always noted as being w/ someone else.
  • Kurt Loudenslaghter – officially they claimed he rescued tons of people there.
  • Now they say he died in the bombing.
  • I spoke w/ Timothy McVay’s dad, he didn’t talk to me long but that is the reality.
  • There is so much about Oklahoma that was a forerunner for 9/11.
  • They had eye witnesses that said there were bombs in that building already.
  • Donald Trump on WTC and Twin Towers and Oklahoma City bombings –
  • These drills are always front and center in these instances.
  • NIC report said the first person jumped from that building 4 minutes BEFORE the first plane hit.
  • And remember the call from the hijacker that called his father the day AFTER he supposedly flew a plane into the building.
  • They tried to tell the Port Authority about the ‘power outages’.
  • Their own facts always conflict so how can you believe any of it?
  • These subjects do draw some crazies but I just go w/ the evidence.
  • I don’t tell you what happened.
  • I tell you what the evidence is, I give you reports they are in the National Archives etc
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Written by: TheKingDude

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