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Gal Queda Strikes Back-Feminists Revolt Against Woman’s Call to Find Husbands

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Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of the latest feminists revolt against one woman’s call for young women to find HUSBANDS while in college plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. What’s wrong with TEXAS!? “One also thinks of Grant’s subordinate and close friend, William Tecumseh Sherman, a lover of the humanities and the generals of ancient Greece, and his 62,000 battle-hardened troops cutting a swath of pain and pathos sixty miles wide from Atlanta to the sea.  For the nineteenth-century mind, what more impressive image of a machine destroying the garden could exist?” -Brad Birzer at Imaginative Conservative

Hillary Clinton to run in 2016 on platform endorsing Polyamory & Bigamy – or so says a poorly written April Fools joke from Jeffrey Lord

Most Americans don’t see marijuana as a gateway to anything anymore other than as a gateway to tax revenue

Jeremy Irons wonders whether or not a father might wind up marrying his own son if for no other “gay” reason than to pass his property to him and avoid taxes on it

TIC’s Brad Birzer – What today’s [r]epublicans can learn from Mark Twain and one of his less wel known novels

Losing the intellectual arguments for [r]epublicanism Republicans resort to patronizing their Big Business muses with unlimited LEGAL immigration that drives down wages

South Carolina pardoned for Sanford vote? Recall that Newt Gingrich, captain Infidelity himself, WON the SC primary last february so predicting SC’s cultural demise as a result of Mark Sanford’s victory is just whistling on by the train wreck

Eugene Robinson wants to know why Ken Cuccinelli would try and enforce VA’s sodomy laws AND increase the state’s population by opposing abortions

The Bandwagon “Gay Marriage” is carrying so much dead, politician weight now its chassis is sagging and its horses exhausted as FL Senator Bill Nelson jettisons 8k years of recorded history & tradition for a few thousand FaceBook likes & Twitter followers

Young women are told to…wait for it… find HUSBANDS while in college because “career success isn’t everything in life”!? Gal-Queda / feminists reacts by verbally stoning the woman who made the overdue suggestion

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