Gal-Queda Take A Beach! Women Now Allowed in Military Full Combat Units

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Mandeville, LA – Outgoing Offense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that the Pentagon is ordering women INTO combat units. At least one member of Gal-Queda is ecstatic about the equal opportunity of dismemberment in the latest slaughterhouse for “equality: the military.

” ‘This is monumental,” said Anu Bhagwati, a former Marine captain and executive director of the Service Women’s Action Network, which has advocated for full inclusion for women. “Every time equality is recognized and meritocracy is enforced, it helps everyone and it will help professionalize the force.’ “

No, this madame is an inexcusable assault on the threads of remaining chivalry and decency. Men that stand idly by while inferior women take bullets deserve the gallows of history. The Rubicon is now but a prologue, fading into the rear view mirror of an APC driven by a test-tube made heir of Molly Yard. We already fight wars of convenience all round the planet & now will send our women into combat to attempt victory for political convenience. The American Exceptionalism crowd that continues instigating our never-ending interventions abroad must be so very proud of themselves. Now we can begin to see the Army’s female suicide rates spike just like the mens tragically are.

For shame…

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Written by: TheKingDude

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Women in combat are going to get a lot more people killed. I have nothing against women serving in the military. The front line is a different story. So many things can and will go wrong. The enemy will, most definitely, look for women soldiers. It will be their mission to find them. Just wait till they rape them on tv, to get back at us. This is the feminization of America. All you wussy men better stand up against this… OH wait, your wussies, you can’t stand against anything any more.


Hannity, Libmbaugh, O’Reily, Levin, are part of the problem. It is a major reason why Obama won. They helped Romney get the nomination. They claim to be for the constitution, but ignored Ron Paul. They sold out to the establishment. If they stood with Paul and the constitution, he would be president right now. They are truly traitors to the constitution in my eyes, and no one on tv calls them out. The sheeple just get sheepier. lol

Paul Arias

Mr. Hall and Mr. Church

Mr. Hall while I agree with your statement of “Our love of freedom requires us to never condemn others to live by our prejudices just as we demand to never be forced to live under theirs” I disagree with your argument about women serving in the front line.
I served as well but when it comes to putting our young women in the line of fire to me it is not about if they can serve appropriately, I have seen it and they can, the position that men should take in the terrible state of war thrust upon either in defense or thru political ends as Von Clausewitz stated should not be a place that we put women in. Protection of women should be inherent in all species on earth but more so for humans who have so many emotions that they can destroy people by the loss of a mother. We tend to me matriarchal in our society but lately it seems that we want everyone to be equal but something in my humble opinion are just too horrible to contemplate such as interaction on a battlefield. I think Mr. Church brought up a great point when he discussed the issue of a woman being captured, what do you think will happen to her, do you really think the other side will follow the Geneva convention, we used to an “army” that did but that has gone away with our torture tactics and other methods employed to get information, put a woman in that place and tell me that you would feel ok with that in your heart. I bet not.

Sincerley former US Army Airborne Soldier Paul

Herb Hall

Mr Church,

Sir, I love your show and I respect your opinions. I believe your assumptions about women in the military are correct to a point. I believe we need to end the draft forever, because only a volunteer should ever serve. We also need to end the Quota systems in place within the Military and restore Qualifications for positions in the Military. If a woman wants to serve and meets the qualifications then she should be allowed to. There are women currently serving with honor in very dangerous jobs. I served with many who were as good or better than many Men. Equal standards and voluntary service will, in my opinion, result in a small number of exceptional woman serving proudly alongside their male counterparts. Having a non-interventionist government would further reduce the need to employ troops and decrease the number of positions to fill. The notion that all women are angelic and require male protection is noble, when warranted, but not applicable when rejected by the intended recipient. Our love of freedom requires us to never condemn others to live by our prejudices just as we demand to never be forced to live under theirs.

CE1 Herb Hall, USN Seabees, Retired

Tom Cherry

You Sir, are correct.

We need you on more airwaves. Your message (on this and so many other things like non intervention, military spend, decency, little r repblicanism) rings true and has enormous appeal.

The vast mass of Repblicans are lost and misled by Hannity, Libmbaugh, O’Reily, Levin, decepticon punks.


Three cheers for you Michael Church!!!!!

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