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Gay Federal Judge’s Memo To God: “You’re Fired” For Choosing Eve Over Steve

Mandeville, LA – DeceptiCONNED by The Miracle Amendment Again: The Nine Imperial SCOTUS mystics refuse to hear the Oregon appeal to have its voter approved Marriage Defense Act upheld after a gay Federal Judge declared it to be “unconstitutional”, citing… you guessed it, the 14th Amendment. Note that the Federal judge imparted words into the mouths of opponents of the same-sex-acts in question into his ruling without bothering to back up his claim. Marriage is “…clearly unrelated to protecting children and encouraging stable families… [and] leave[s] the plaintiffs and their families feeling degraded, humiliated, and stigmatized.”

Someone get a EtherealGram™ to God and inform him that the Creation was botched and Eve wasn’t supposed to be MADE from Adam’s rib she was supposed to have a “rib” of her…I mean his own. One might also ask if the poor, near-homeless and those driving used cars in need of paint jobs feel “degraded, humiliated or stigmatized” while waiting for their children in the pick-up line after school in certain suburban areas? What shall the Federal demons strike down for them? Suggestions of hygiene? Hot water tanks and hot showers? Bar soap? Credit bureaus that reported their “FICO” scores preventing them from ditching the 87 Datsun for a 2015 Range Rover? Etiquette and dress codes at elite, private clubs?

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