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Gingrich to Romney: In Debate I “Go After Their Media”

todaySeptember 27, 2012

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Gingrich to Romney: I will tell you how to cream Obama in the debates, go after “Their Media”

TIC: Fresh off the 1958 Presses, Robert Nisbet’s “Quest for Community” brought some gravitas to young conservatives then and to his death, Nisbet maintained, it could the same today READ THIS

Global Warmists have been cooking the books to try and prove your SUV’s link to a naturally warming & cooling planet and here is the latest proof (in pictures too!)

Meanwhile, the Warmists are no longer happy just crying the “sky is falling” which has given way to “the sky is falling on YOU while you’re sunburned and drowning!!!!”

Not to be outdone, the Fruitcakes at Mother Jones and other Luddites are now CERTAIN that genetically modified corn will kill anyone‘ or thing that consumes it

SECESSION: Productive Spaniards (in the northeast of Spain) want to know why they have to subsidize their parasite class and call for a an “Independence referendum” in November’s elections for Catlonia

Well that was easy: Dick Morris proclaims all polls other than his to be inaccurate, proclaims Romney easy winner in drubbing of Obama

2008 Polls between Obama/McCAin (save for August) look eerily similar to 2012 polls Romney/Obama but all the polls are rigged, donchuknow!?

Audacity of Dopes: Senators join lawsuit claiming Obama exceeded his Constitutional authroity when he made recess appointments when Senate was not in recess (is this the GOP Plan B?)

“Why on Earth would US Senators join a private lawsuit against Pres Obama for exceeding his Constitutional powers when they can convene their own impeachment court?” – Mike Church

And these State by State polls are all rigged too because they do not show Romney triumphing over the evil socialist Obama (dripping sarcasm)

TAC’s Daniel Larison isn’t buying the Morris hype or the “polls are rigged” hype, the fact is that Obama, believe it or not, has been 2012’s mild favorite to win

Katie Keifer is at it again “Ron Paul was right along”, this 22 year old demolishes DeceptiCON arguments for the warfare state

The American Sheople would blame Iran for a war Iran did not start but that we foolishly jumped in to help our “ally” Israel

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Written by: TheKingDude

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