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Give a Parasite a Free Cellphone and He

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    Give a Parasite a Free Cellphone and He TheKingDude

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    Give a Parasite a Free Cellphone and He TheKingDude

Give a Parasite a Free Cellphone and Hell Call his Peeps-On YOUR Dime

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

Give a man a cellphone and he can call his peeps. Teach a man to fleece taxpayers to pay for the cellphone and he can call his peeps and the beer and barbecue are on him. What is called the Universal Service Fund does provide the parasite class with a means to do just that: receive free cellphone handsets and 250 minutes per month of free airtime. Well the phone and airtime are free for the parasite but for the tax paying sucker class they are an added expense.

You see the FCC requires cellphone providers like Verizon and AT&T to provide the free phones and free airtime but it lets the companies recoup their losses by adding a universal service fund fee to YOUR cellphone bill. I just looked at my bill from AT&T and it is right there $3.65 for Federal Universal Access Fund, hows that for change we can believe in!?

But wait, the parasite fun doesnt end there. Former Obama hit man and now Thug in Chief of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel, extorted a lifetime supply of netbooks and laptops with unlimited broadband access for Chicagos inner city yewts by teaming up with the FCC again and encouraging Comcast to supply the funds in exchange for approval to purchase NBC.

This is how the supply chain works in the most corrupt government in earths history: The Government legislates social policy that unleashes bad behavior which in turn creates a permanent underclass: parasites. This underclass is then taught, in government schools, that they have rights to certain things, like cell phones. The same government then claims regulatory power over an industry, say one that supplies cell phones and service. Initially the industry resists until the light of corporatism shines on them and the way forward is clear: play Big Brothers game and avoid ACTUAL regulation, thats what Big Brother will do to slow down or destroy your competitors, thanks for playing our game.

With this relationship now working in nearly every industry imaginable it is easy to see how Leviathan can squander $3-4 TRILLION per year and that doesnt include the billions extorted through things like the Federal Universal Access Fund. In the end, the middle-class, non-government connected citizenry loses out and slowly become more and more on par with the parasite class but the middle class still has to pay for their cell phones.

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Written by: TheKingDude

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