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Give The Long term Unemployed A Pipe Wrench

todayJanuary 8, 2014 3

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    Give The Long term Unemployed A Pipe Wrench TheKingDude

The Mike Church Show Band's Greatest Hits. Download all 67 tracks and the Autobiography of The Mike Church Show eBook
The Mike Church Show Band’s Greatest Hits. Download all 67 tracks and the Autobiography of The Mike Church Show eBook

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of the latest [r]epublican news, reading selections and Mike’s take on things including  “Why be unemployed? I bought you a gift to help, here’s a pipe wrench.” Read along with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125.“The thinking conservative, young or old, believes that we must all obey the universal law of change; yet often it is in our power to choose what changes we will accept and what changes we will reject. The conservative is a person who endeavors to conserve the best in our traditions and our institutions, reconciling that best with necessary reform from time to time. “To conserve” means “to save.” –  Russell Kirk, What Is Conservatism

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Nomocracy in Politics: Is there a “conservative way back” to where “conservatives” think they want to go, using the Republican Party? Not according to the brilliant George Carey as he critiques a former students work on the subject.

In Dear Leader’s propaganda session today, President Obama managed to find a way to criticize Senator Rand Paul for daring to leave the 3×5 index card of approved thought and stating the obvious: keeping people contented with “benefits” so they aren’t compelled to go back to work is not compassionate or smart

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    Give The Long term Unemployed A Pipe Wrench TheKingDude

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    Give The Long term Unemployed A Pipe Wrench TheKingDude

The  counter-argument presented by John taylor of Caroline AFTER the government’s lawyer, Wickham, presented his case for the tax. I did not include this in the Carriage Tax Pamphlet but have found it online. Begin reading on pg 423.

John Yoo produced a memo for President B usb 43 that purported to make a Constitutional case for the President’s unilateral war making powers. This essay is the best, most detailed, historical answer to Yoo’s ridiculous and destructive argument, used by Bush and now Obama Download Mad About Yoo by Stuart Streichler

An Englishman, James Spence, wrote a book in November of 1861 that argued the case FOR secession and AGAINST the Union’s case. His reflections on the usefulness of union are profound Washington Irving was a writer without equal, who felt compelled to biography his namesake. This “Student Edition” of his 5 volume bio of Washington is just thrilling to read. Paoul Anderson’s tale of time travel is an insightful reminder that our ancestors were as smart if not smarter than we are and in complete control of their technology

There’s no better long form reading project than getting familiar with John Taylor of Caroline’s “Tyranny Unmasked” quite possibly the best tract ever written on the subject of what he called “protection” but what we call “corporatism”

What did the English think of the North’s ridiculous claims that the Confederate States 1. Could not secede 2.Were never sovereign & Independent and 3. Were justified in their defense of themselves? Read all about it, start on p. 650

H.L. Mencken is worth reading on many topics but especially on Gettsyburg, you will find his entire critique of Lincoln’s “Gospel” beginning on page 173

The biography of Albert Gallatin is worth knowing and this “American Statesman” book on him is a good start John Taylor of Caroline was the most influential [r]epublican voice of his day and his work remains as  necessary reading.

This essay by the great Joseph Stromberg, first published in 1982, explains Taylor’s [r]epublicanism and libertarian thought, unlike any other American of his time

S.J. Quinn’s The History of Fredericksburg, VA is a most thrilling historical walk through 18th & 19th century American history &b includes episodes from 1776, 1798 and 1861

One of the most accomplished yet little know Founder AND Christian Gentlemen was John Randolph of Roanoke, I am researching him for reference and for a good volume on his life to republish, this one is rare and good [/private]

The Imaginative Conservative: Russell Kirk explains what conservatism is and what it isn’t in ten, useful points, each one a challenge to some while an affirmation to others. I suspect that most are challenges thus the legitimizing of my claim that there is no conservatism today being practiced by great bodies of Men.

Page 42 from the autobiography of the Mike Church Show Band "Anthology"

Vermont is not satisfied with the slow creep of ObamaCare slaughtering the medical services industry over a course of years and wants it done NOW by moving to implement a “single payer system”, Single payer is just another way of saying single provider because that’s what monopolies always produce.

Maybe the Vermonters should ask former Soviets who suffered under a “single payer” utopia in Russia, Yuri Maltsev explains the horrific dirty details of a hospital monopoly turns out to be (don’t mind the smell and unsightliness of cats roaming the halls) “The filth, odors, cats roaming the halls, drunken medical personnel, and absence of soap and cleaning supplies added to an overall impression of hopelessness and frustration that paralyzed the system.”

One Millennial offers advice to other waste-kid millennials who still believe the solutionvtto their ills lies in what their “professors” taught them while they racked up four years (4? try 6, ha ha) of sloth and an average of $30k in debt.

Double Speak: Democrats pledge to tax future producers, “providing sustenance for their families”, to “provide sustenance” for this currently not producing -the unemployed- to the tune of 6 billions of dollars

NRO writer makes my case that extending UE benefits does nothing to arrest the rise of the long term unemployed. His own charts prove the point.

Mike Church has some advice for the next long term unemployed friend you meet: Why be unemployed? I bought you a gift to help, here’s a pipe wrench.

Why is John “Rambo” Kerry telling the planet that the “Assad regime must be replaced by a transitional government”!? Run by who!? Picked by whom? Another U.S. puppet for us to manipulate and destabilize the Middle East with while sacrificing lives and hundreds of billions in the process? Oh, but the Iranians can help us pick their new neighbors if they’d like.

Michaels Scheuer exalts us to the ramparts of [r]epublican rule reminding DeceptiCONS and Lib Internationalists that 1. Israel is not our country to defend 2. The U.S. and its laws are 3. If President Obama treats those laws as arbitrary & is selective in their enforcement then 4. The citizenry must then “unking” him (and future tyrants). Scheuer painted a bleak picture of the results of Clinton, Bush, Obama, Blair, Brown and now Cameron’s policies against Islamists and their war against the West

TICBrad Birzer wants us to remember the 240th anniversary of the First Continental Congress by reconsidering our foreign policy and the claim that we have become-in a post cold war world- the new, slightly more likable Soviet Union

Is Patrick J Buchanan out of touch (and less than informed) when he pines away for a tranquil drug-free America that the writer claims “never existed”? I’ll accept Buchana’s less than libertarian points about easing drug laws and counter that it is faith, family and community that make drug use of less concern not government fiat

Reefer Madness on a Rocky Mountain High – Colorado is running out of marijuana just 6 days after legals sales began. I wonder how their supply of fast food and Twinkies are holding up?

INCORPORATIONISTAS SRIKE AGAIN: Here is yet another message string that features uninformed citizens bellyaching about “our constitutional rights” being taken away. This is the curse and the disease that Incorporation has infected the corpus populi with

Supreme Shocker: Sotomayor grants Little Sisters of the Poor a reprieve on their appeal to not acquiesce to the Obama Empire’s demands that they provide, by proxy, birth control through ObmaCare mandates. Obama responds by telling the Little Sisters they’ll meet their maker-Eric Holder-in court, lose and pay anyway.

The EMPIRE Ices Back – Why does the United States Coast Guard feel obliged to claim they “are duty bound” to sail the length of the globe and rescue Chines & Russian sailors stuck in Antarctice Ice? Did we claim Antarctica as a territory? If the Greeks find the submerged lost city of Atlantis and some Greek divers get stuck in it while exploring is the U.S. Coast Guard “duty bound” to go and rescue them? The only duty the U.S. Coast Guard has is to patrol the territorial waterers of the United States if Congress orders them to. Has Congress authorized the Coast Guard to act as ice breaker policeman of the world?

NOMOCRACY IN POLITICS: Kevin Gutzman reviews the new book “The Age of Strict Constructionism” by Peter Zavodnyik. The book covers the rarely discussed fact that the Constitution is what failed the Southern States and thus the Union by the election of Lincoln. Gutzman concludes “For all its flaws, Zavodnyik’s account of this crucial development is worth reading.”

Rand Paul asks every citizen with a cell-phone to join a class action lawsuit filed against the NSA for warrantless wiretapping, meanwhile he doesn’t think Edward Snowden should spend his life behind bars or at the end of a noose. “Lying to Congress is a felony, and I don’t think we can pick and choose the law. You’ve got all of these people, like James Clapper and others, beating the table and saying ‘We want to put Edward Snowden in jail for life,’ and yet they don’t want the law applied to themselves? The law has to be applied equally.”

I wonder who Mark Levin thinks he is defaming by referring to unnamed “neo-confederates” who are stuck on this silly idea of “nullification.” After all, he informs us, “Nullification” does’t appear anywhere in the Constitution or in the ratifying conventions (it actually does just not called “nullification”) so it can’t be legitimate much less constitutional. Funny, I can’t find “Israel” in any of those documents yet Levin seems to think the Constitution guarantees them a share of my wealth and my daughters blood for its defense.

Gallup Poll: And the most dangerous nation on Earth is? If you guessed Russia or China, you must be a DeceptiCON, go back to the top of this post and start reading from there and guess again

LATIN PHRASE OF THE DAY: Pro patria, pro liberis, pro aris atque focis suis certare – Tp fight for our country, for our children, for our altars and for our hearths


Order Mike's "Founding of America" Trilogy, 3 CD sets featuring over 9 hours of family friendly entertainment
Order Mike’s “Founding of America” Trilogy, 3 CD sets featuring over 9 hours of family friendly entertainment

The KY ObamaCare exchange issues Senator Rand Paul’s son a Medicaid policy when his family makes 5 times the maximum limit for a subsidy

Seattle’s mayor signs council ordinance declaring minimum wage at $15 per hour in that fair city. Like it or not this is [r]epublicanism at work and if the Seattle laws of economic deniers wish to subsidize entry level work and make it executive, let them reap the rewards!

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) files a lawsuit against the Obama administration and ObamaCare because they provided a health insurance subsidy to congressional staffers

Andy McCarthy responds saying that Johnson’s suit (or any from a legislator) is “no more valid than the President breaking the same laws.”

FLASHBACK to “Times That Try Mens Souls”, Mike’s latest feature length docudrama – The Widow Who Saved The Revolution, who was she? the mystery is finally revealed. This woman took the Hessian Colonel Donop into her home of Dec., 23rd and kept him there until December 27th, long enough to prevent him reinforcing Trenton, NJ and squashing Washington’s Crossing
Cell Mates Snowden & Clapper!?

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