God On The Go’s Janine Turner Greets The Mother of God’s Psalter

todayFebruary 21, 2018

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Mandeville, LA – Author, Podcaster and Actress Janine TurnerNorthern Exposure, Cliffhanger – rejoins the Mike Church Show after a 5 year break. Janine’s new podcast God on The Go, her books, current return to acting and Philosophia Perennis are discussed and then there’s a popquiz question from Janine: “Mike, you’re a Catholic?” The query provides a most surprising, Marian turn of events. In a world gone mad with darkness, there’s a lot of light in this interview!

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Special Guest: Janine Turner

God on the Go (podcast)

  • Ranch life in Texas and your father
  • I am still on the ranch and we are in the middle of a flood right now.
  • Still doing a little bit of acting, daughter is in college, trying to get a movie off the ground. I wrote it a few years ago, I have written 2 books since last we spoke.
  • Episode of Law and Order
  • Studying English, Political Science and Business (little Turner)

Janine’s Books: 

  1. Artificial Intelligentsia vs. Primal Sense
  2. Holding Her Heady High
  3. A Little Bit Vulnerable
  • Moving back to the farm life, I love all the aspects like FaceTime etc but we are just in this depressing contestant feed of people telling us what to think etc We have become robotic
  • We don’t even open actual newspapers anymore.
  • We are being manipulated with Amazon and FB
  • We have lost the ability to think for ourselves, we have false Gods.
  • I only have one….well maybe 2 shows I watch. Turn the TV off.
  • We need to have a REAL relationship with people in our own community.
  • Find the good the true and the beautiful and surround yourself with that. That is the key to a happy life.
  • We need to get outside, and enjoy nature!
  • Janine Turner wants to start praying the rosary!

    One of the “fake Maggie O’Connel’s” (her on-air handle) handmade Rosaries from The Little Bayou Rosery!








  • We don’t adore the Blessed Mother, we Venerate.
  • I didn’t prompt Janine to ask me my religion.
  • We shouldn’t be enemies with any Protestants. We want them to convert because we love them.
  • You have seen the Blessed Mother work on this show again!
  • Janine Turner said she wanted to start praying the rosary!
  • The Memorare Prayer
  • Miracles in Mary of Nazareth
  • stone was stopped by baby Jesus with the baby handprint still in the rock
  • Who left Bethlehem that night?
  • Flight through Egypt
  • St. Mary Salome October 22nd (feast day)
  • Mike Church’s hagiography of Mary Salome is here,
  • St. Mary Salome (first century) by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
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