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Government Entitlements Acclimate Future Generations to Accept Lost Liberty

[mp3t track=’24032011_transcript_1_Thomson_Mason.mp3′]MANDEVILLE, LOUISIANA With each legislative oppression weendure, the consequences reach much further than the headlines of the day. Forwhile apathy is in and of itself a most dreadful condition, the effects onfuture generations is the gravest result. For in our inaction, by silent proxy,we tell our children that such intervention by government in to our lives isthe new normal.

We see this folly illustrated quite succinctly in our own lives,as most of us never knew a time before government intrusion into:

     Income Tax (1913)

     Social Security (1935)

     Medicare (1966)

     Government-run television & radio, CPB(1967)

     Government-run trains,  AMTRAK (1971)

      Governmentcontrol of the environment (EPA, 1970)

     Fully fiat currency (1972)

     ObamaCare (2010)


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The encroachment will continue ad nauseam and will go unabatedunless we are willing to stand up here and now and cease accepting one more momentof Indentured Servitude under a National government, which so long-long agofelt it safe to abandon its Constitutional constraints.

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Mike: Thomson Mason was George Mason, the great founders brother.  Thomson Mason thought that, in the 1770s,that the citizens of the united colonies, or soon to be united colonies, wereabout at the same station.  We are alsotold by DeceptiConians and by citizens of Libtardia that Obama can invade andgo hither and yon and send the military wherever he wants because Bush did it,and Republicans didnt do anything to stop it; and because Clinton did it, and Republicans didnt doanything to stop it.  So we have thisgodawful thing called precedent.

Well, lets talk about this precedent here.  We have to have Medicare and Medicaid, weretold.  Why?  Because previous congresses have voted forit.  So? Theres no such thing as someone having an entitlement to my earnings,to my wealth, to my capital, to my private property.  But no, they do.  Its called precedent.  What did Thomson Mason say on the eve of theAmerican Revolution about precedent? Well, Ill read to you what he said.

Now, youve got to remember, many of our founders werewriting under pen names, pseudonyms and what have you.  No one knew who actually wrote Common Sense,and youll learn about this in my movie, The Road to Independence The Movie.  As a matter of fact, remindme, please, before I get out of here today, to talk to the fans and theaudience about the movie because I have a couple things Id like to share withthem.  But anyway, many of them wroteunder pseudonyms and what have you because they didnt want to be known.  They feared being hanged or brought up oncharges by the Brits and being executed.

So Thomson Mason had gotten to the point where he wastired of hearing the John Boehners of his day talk about precedent.  He was tired of hearing about how they hadrepresentatives, but they werent represented. He was tired of hearing about the precursors to Medicare and Medicaidcalled the Navigation Acts.  And he wastired of hearing that, Well, listen, weve been doing this for years.  Its not right to stop now.  We have all these commitments that we have touphold here.  Well, Thomson Mason wouldhave none of it.

Heres what he said: It is objected that this measure strikes at the Navigation Acts, whichwe have long submitted to.  The veryobjection evinces the folly of trusting the decision of this dispute toposterity, who, familiarized to oppression, will never resist it, and who, bylong use, will be accustomed to look upon every badge of slavery with as littlehorror as we do upon the Navigation Acts, which ought certainly to beconsidered as impositions of the strong upon the weak, and as such ought to beresisted as much as any [of the]

Reclamation of Liberty falls Squarely on this GenerationsShoulders

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other Acts we complain of; nor will thedispute ever be ended till, by refusing submission to them, we remove sodangerous a precedent.  You must drawyour swords in a just cause, he said, and rely upon that God, who assists therighteous, to support your endeavors to preserve the liberty he gave, and thelove of which he hath implanted in your hearts as essential to your nature.

And now, my friends,fellow-citizens, and countrymen, to convince you that I am in earnest in theadvice I have given you, notwithstanding the personal danger I expose myself toin so doing; notwithstanding the threats thrown out by the British aristocracyof punishing in England those who shall dare to oppose them in America; yetbecause I do not wish to survive the liberty of my country one single moment;because I am determined to risk my all in supporting that liberty, and becauseI think it in some measure dishonest to skulk under a borrowed name upon suchan occasion as this, I am neither afraid or ashamed to avow that the letterssigned A British American were written by the hand and flowed from the heartof Thomson Mason.

Put that in your collective, Oh,we cant talk about new federations, Mike. We are committed to this.  Mike,we cant talk about not having Medicare. We have precedent.  We haveNavigation Acts.  I mean, we haveMedicare acts.  We cant talk about nothaving SCHIP.  We have precedent.  We cant talk about not having the Departmentof Education.  We have precepts.  We cant talk about not having SocialSecurity.  We have precepts.  We have, in other words, as he calledit  boy, this is just so brilliant here a disposition to supportposterity, meaning that, oh, your forefathers did it, so you have to doit.  And of course he said, well, peoplewill become accustomed to this.  They willbecome accustomed to look upon every badge of slavery with as little horror aswe do upon the Navigation Acts, which ought certainly to be considered asimpositions of the strong upon the weak, and as such ought to be resisted asmuch as any of the other acts we complain of; nor will the dispute ever beended till, by refusing submission to them, we remove so dangerous a precedent.

So hes saying, till we get offthis idea here and hes not talking about institutions, hes not talkingabout civic life, communities, about churches and cultural things.  Hes talking about acts of government.  Hes not talking about anything other thanacts of the British government.  Weretalking about acts of the American government. He was talking about Acts, with a capital A, that had imposed variousduties, taxes, laws, rules, and regulations upon all the residents of the 13colonies.  We talk about previous acts,whether they be Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, you name it,  that impose the exact same thing taxes, newrules, laws, and regulations upon the people. Yes, our forefathers assented to them.&
nbsp;Does that mean that we have to assent to them?  Well, according to the great founders,according to the founding generation, no. These are things to think about and to be reminded of.  When someone says, But we have to have, wehave senior citizens out there, so? There will be something else that will take its place.  If Anthony Weiner and rest of the citizens ofLibtardia are correct, and that the Affordable Care Act is going to institutenew and theyre very careful when they say this.  They talk about it all the time.  Ask AG. He listens to this.  How muchWeiner did you have I said that wrong. How much Anthony Weiner did you have to suffer through today?

AG: Well, we got a 20-minute Politico interview, and then he also had acouple other appearances yesterday.

Mike: So he is making the case, as Obama made the case, and as the defendersof the Affordable Healthcare Act are making the case, that this is a new way ofadministering health benefits; right?  Itsnot old, this is the new way; correct?

AG: That would be correct.  And healso wants Obama to go on a tour promoting it.

Mike: Right.  He wants Obama to go on atour to promote the new way.  Well, ifone thing has been accomplished, sadly, in the last year, two years of thisdebate over healthcare, it is that the Weiners of the world have won thedebate.  The new Deck Chair Party hasgiven in.  Everyone now agrees that, yes,something must be done, and government must do it.  And Im not talking about government gettingout of the way.  Im talking aboutgovernment actually doing it, government actually running healthcare,government actually administering it.  Sothe debate has been won, if youre a Republican or a Democrat.  But if youre an independent, it hasnt.

So if Weiner and Obama can go outthere with impunity and talk about, hey, were going to do this new thing, andwere going to tax the living bejeezus belt out of you, were going to regulatethe living bejeezus belt out of you, and were going to require you to dothings that you werent required to do before, if they can have their way withnew things, why cant we have our way with new things?  Were not constrained by the previous thoughtof previous conservatives who said, no, weve got to have we have to supportthese programs.  Weve got to keep theseprograms.  Oh, no, no, theyve been goodto us.  Were not bound by that.  And if we are, then we are bound by chains toslavery.

This is why I bring Thomson Masonswords to you today.  I will repostthem.  Theyre already posted  Ill make sure that theyrein the breaking news or that theyre in a nice little content item that you canread and forward along to your friends and family who may not be convincedhere.  My point is, is that, number one,were in a state of nature.  We donthave a representative government anymore. Number two, we are not bound by any duty or honor to support priorunconstitutional illegal and immoral acts of previous congresses.  And, number three, it is our duty to try andpreserve and pass on to our posterity a better form or a better brand or abetter life lived under liberty and lived in an actual free country, free fromslavery and bondage, which we are not going to pass on in its currentform.  This is my point, and this is whyI bring it up.

1-866-95-PATRIOTs our telephonenumber, 1-866-957-2874.  So I like tobring the founders into this because so many people think the founders weregreat.  Thats great, okay.  Lets listen to what many of the radicalsactually said.  Thomson Mason would havebeen considered a leader at that time.  Hesbasically saying the same things that Patrick Henry would make famous in hisGive me liberty or give me death speech.

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