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Government Mandated HealthCare, Meet Judge Roger Vinson

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(Audio & Transcript) Mandeville, LA – Yesterday after we left the airwaves we were graced with a pleasantbreak from the monotony that is ‘All Egypt, All Day’ and were able toturn some of our attention toward Federal Judge Roger Vinson’s rulingagainst Government mandated HealthCare. The Judge in Florida ruledHealthCare to be Unconstitutional which in turn prompted 26 Republicanled States to follow in the same suit.

Judge Vinson goes intogreat detail with his lawsuit, we had the PDF file printed out thismorning for the show and it totaled somewhere around 78 pages ofhistory based and Constitutionally sound reasoning toward Congress’over reaching HealthCare mandate. Now, before you crack open vintagechampagne and cross state lines with Roman Candles to celebrate with -know that the fight has only begun even though they’ll need perform aCirque du Soleil of Constitutional gymnastics to defeat Judge Vinson’sruling.

We’ve had plenty of guests on the show to discuss thisvery topic and there have been a few Judges like Judge Henry Hudson inVirginia who have already ruled against the onslaught of Government runHealthCare – however Judge Vinson’s is a bit more in depth, so onlytime will tell what Libtardia’s next move is.

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HealthCare Debate A Prime Example Of Their Thirst For Control 

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Now, Judge Vinson goes into great detail.  I mean, someone thats going to overturn and this is probably what his thinking was.  If some yahoo from San Francisco, city by the gay, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, if some yahoo from the runaway rogue Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that once upon a time outlawed VCRs thats right, they outlawed VCRs, and they had to be overturned by the Supreme Court.  If some rogue court out there in San Francisco gets a hold of this, they are going to have to go through some constitutional  theyre going to have to perform a Cirque du Soleil of constitutional gymnastics to defeat Vinsons ruling.

Caller:  Well, thats good because, I mean, thats exactly what we need.  We need more judges like him that can lay it down in such a way that, I mean, all youre going to do is prove yourself ignorant to try and fight it.  I mean, thats what we really need.

Mike:  Well, again, the premise here is that the federal government has overstepped its authority.

Caller:  Definitely.

Mike:  Well, the premise should have been or should be that the federal government has been overstepping its authority for almost a hundred years.  And Judge Vinson does write about this, and he does say, look, I would love to say that Wickard v. Filburn is not the law of the land, but that is the stare decisis here, and thats what I have to go on.  But Vinson says that, even uses Wickard v. Filburn Filburn, Wickard actually his name was Roscoe, Roscoe Filburn actually grew the wheat.  He didnt not not grow the wheat and couldnt be charged because he didnt grow it.

Caller:  Exactly.

Mike:  Okay, so Roosevelt had the Agriculture Adjustment Agency, which was charged with the task of circumscribing or making sure that certain farmers werent growing too much wheat because, if they grew too much wheat, theyd drive the price of wheat down.  FDR thought that he ought to control the price of wheat, so he formed the AAA.  So this Roscoe Filburn cat said, Im just going to grow some wheat for me and my kids to eat.  Were just going to hang out here and eat it.  And some federal bureaucrat got a hold of it, said, No, no, you cant do that.  Why not?  Its on my property.  And so the Supreme Court made the mental jump that, well, the fact that you grew it and you ate it means that you didnt buy it from someone using interstate commerce, and Congress then has authority to regulate that, and so we find against you.  And that just set Congress loose on legislating in anything that they want to, including these days telling school cafeterias what brand and what manner of lettuce theyre going to serve in the healthy school choice meal.  But at least Filburn did something.

Now, Mrs. Brown has done nothing.  She has chosen not to do something.  She has chosen not to buy health insurance, but to pay for her own medical care with her own funds.  And thats what hes ruling on here.  But the fact that this misbegotten notion of stare decisis, and that that binds any judge, is just ridiculous.  Weve had Dr. Gutzman on the program talking about this, and Thomas Woods and others, for years now.  Theres nothing to this.  Theres nothing that says that a prior judges ruling dictates the law of the land.  The law of the land is written in the words of the Constitution.  This is why you write it down, not so that judges can come along behind you and fix it, and judges can come along behind you and interpret it.  You write it down so that its supposed to be clear in the manner in which it was written.

These guys took their task seriously, the founders.  It wasnt just, oh, well, we could have meant that.  No no no no, this is exactly what they meant.  But after John Marshall came along, oh, well, no no no, we can interpret any way we want.  We can set precedents for people that they must follow by and what have you.  So thats the only point of disagreement that I have with Judge Vinsons ruling.

But listen to this.  So after he determines that Ms. Brown, the NFIB because shes a member of the NFIB, and another gentleman that went by the name of  hang on, I didnt write his name Kaj Ahlburg, who filed a similar complaint saying, I dont buy health insurance now, and I aint gonna buy health insurance.  If they make me buy it, then Ive got to start preparing for it now.  Its something that I wouldnt do.  Its money that I would not have spent.  I have no desire to spend it in this.  I want to invest it in my business.  I dont want to invest it in health insurance.  So he made the same claim, and Judge Vinson says, well, youre correct.

Now, when he gets into the Commerce Clause, thats where this ruling gets really interesting.  This is why I told you people, download this and read it for yourself.  I only have a mere three hours and then a little bit afterwards on the post-show to do this.  Oh, you do have Stephanie Cutter.&n
bsp; Hang onto that.  Good, good, good.  Hang onto that.  Stephanie Cutter is a White House stooge.  Well get into that in just a second.  Heres what Vinson wrote in part.  By the way, telephone lines are wide open, 1-866-95-PATRIOT, 1-866-957-2874.

Chief Justice John Marshall wrote in 1824, in the first-ever Commerce Clause case to reach the Supreme Court:  As men whose intentions require no concealment generally employ the words which most directly and aptly express the ideas they intend to convey, the enlightened patriots who framed our Constitution and the people who adopted it must be understood to have employed words in their natural sense and to have intended what they have said.  In other words, no, dude, no.  Youre not interpreting anything.  They meant what they said, and they said what they meant.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

2011 Mike Church Show 


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