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Governor Gardosil’s Gambit on ObamaCare=Phony Nullification, Will TX Follow?

todayJuly 11, 2012 2

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Robert Higgs’ 14 things most people don’t care much for and the 14 things they DO care for (showing the Liberty movement will be tougher than anyone thinks)

14 Things the Liberty Movement ISN’T counting on Pt II: There are LOTS of libs who think the current gubbmint is not big enough

TX Governor Rick Perry crows his neck, stands the hair on his back and draws breath to bark at ObamaCare… but will he bite?

WaPo editorialist operates in fantasy world where “the feds pick up the tab”

VIDEO: Making the Moral case for Free Enterprise trumps the straw man case mad economically

Charlie Daniels sees the devil going down to Socialeorgia

“Repealing ObamaCare on day one” is more campaign slogan than soon to be political reality

Lifestyles of the Brees and Famous: Drew Brees to become the A-Rod of pro football by July 16th

The “Religious Freedom Tax” will cost churches that refuse the ObamCare birth control mandates $36,500 PER employee PER year as Congressman attempts to have the regulation repealed (why not just unfound the HHS?)

Denise Rich does what more and more “Americans” are doing: she turns her passport in to return to REAL socialist countries and escape what this one is becoming –

Mark Steyn on the same subject wonders what kind of silly, misguided “American Ideology” is it that holds taxation as a CONDITION for citizenship?!

Ross Douthat-liberal columnist-gives foreign policy advice to Mitt Romney – Larison responds to Douthat…negatively

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