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Jindal And Other Governors Not Happy To Be President Of Their Country, As In Louisiana

Crusader_Christ__warned_ISIS_aboutMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“If you work in the political class, there’s ample opportunity and it grows every day.  Your chance of landing a gig with a member of Congress or with a member of a state legislative body increases every day.  Government is the only thing that’s growing around here, and it grows like the parasite that it is.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

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Jindal said he was born to “believe Americans can do anything,” but that he’s come to the realization that “this is not my time.”

“Going forward, I believe we have to be the party of growth and we can never stop being the party that believes in opportunity,” . . .

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Mike:  I have a question.  Opportunity for who?  If you work in the political class, there’s ample opportunity and it grows every day.  Your chance of landing a gig with a member of Congress or with a member of a state legislative body increases every day.  Government is the only thing that’s growing around here, and it grows like the parasite that it is.  So opportunity for who?  To work for Reince Priebus?  To go work for the national GOP?  What kind of opportunity are we talking about here?  Back to Jindal.


“We cannot settle for the left’s view of envy and division” . . .

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Mike:  Wait a minute.  If you’re out there coveting opportunity, you’ve got to bring opportunity back, aren’t you envious of the opportunity that supposedly others either may have had in the past or might currently have and we don’t have?


“We have to be the party that says everyone in this country – no matter the circumstances of their birth or who their parents are – can succeed in America.”

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Mike:  Folks, we could spend the rest of this program today and on into Thursday and Friday and not exhaust the richness of this boilerplate Americanism, this boilerplate fake conservative that emanates, that oozes, that festers its way out of the mouths of Republicans.  Let’s begin with this: “… no matter the circumstances of their birth or who their parents are – can succeed in America.”  Can you define success for me, Governor Jindal?  What does it mean to succeed?  How do we determine, on what metrics is this success to be measured?  Is it to be measured in the square footage of the house?  I’ve got to remind myself when I get home to get the site survey and the mortgage deed out for my house so I can get a chalkboard and stick it up on the wall in the Church household and write the square footage of the house down.  That way, the kids have something to shoot for, so they can succeed.  [mocking] “My dad only had 2,180 square feet.  What a little cracker box doghouse that was.  I succeeded.  I’m ‘Murican.  I’ve got 2,410 square feet.  Call me a success.”  Is that a measure of success?

On the same chalkboard, I think I’ll write down what the current balance is of the old 401k plan.  I’m not going to tell you what it is, but let’s just, for argument’s sake, say it’s $10,000.  Write that down up there.  Then someday the children can go, [mocking] “I played the government’s game, na-na na-na boo-boo.  I got $10,450 in my 401k.  I’m more successful than my parent was.  Yay me!”  How else might we measure success?  Shall we take photographs of the lawn?  I would actually have to glue that picture to the chalkboard.  If we take pictures of the lawn and gauge just how much greenness there is there, and how expertly manicured it is.  If the children are able to have a more lush lawn, thanks to Scotts Turf Builder, and are able to have even more and better manicured than mine, that’s a measure of success.

We can continue on in this ridiculous exercise of trying to ascertain how you define success.  No one seems to ever try and attempt to define it.  This is what is known in govs against refugeesphilosophia perennis as an enthymeme.  An enthymeme just assumes when you say something, one of the parts of your syllogism, one of the parts of your statement, the enthymeme assumes that everyone knows what the universal is that you claimed and that the universal is true.  As I’ve just demonstrated here, the universal can’t be true because it’s not a universal.  It’s a particular.  Jindal and others – it’s not just Governor Jindal – and the other Republicans out there – Democrats do this, too.  Anyone that’s involved in this thing we call The State does it.  That is, to talk in terms of these very nebulous, not very well-defined terms.  But they sound so good.  Man, I want to succeed.  I want my opportunity.  How else might we define success, ladies and gentlemen?


When asked by Baier why his candidacy didn’t take off, Jindal said his campaign spent “a lot of time” developing policy papers, but “clearly there wasn’t a lot of interest” in those papers.

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Mike:  Do you think maybe being all policy-centric and believing that people obsess over the machinations and the inner workings of government, and that Trump’s got a plan, Rubio’s got a plan – how many of you can remember back during – I used to have this.  Maggie O’Connell, can you or one of you two go on that machine in there on the drive and see if there’s a – James would have made this montage way back in the day.  It was called “The Plan” montage.  It’s either there or it’s not, the audio file.  This was a digital media file that we used to have during the time that John “Rambo” Kerry was running for the presidency.  It was a montage of Kerry saying over and over and over, ever campaign stop he would say it 10, 12, 15 times a stop, “My plan calls for . . . .”  It got so bad that I used to joke that Kerry’s plans had plans.  Continuing on with the Jindal statement to Bret Baier of Fox News:


“At the end of the day I trust the American people to select our nominee for the next president,” he said Tuesday. “I want someone who’s got the smarts to make big changes.”

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Mike:  I might ask the question – I’m coming to you live from the studios here, Studio D at the Bulldog Kia Studio.  Please visit our friends at  Even if you don’t live near Athens, Georgia, the VIP Service from Bulldog Kia, my friends at Bulldog Kia will find you a great car at a great price, with the best service you’ll ever get in the automobile industry.  That’s why they’re the title sponsors of this show here in the Bulldog Kia Studio.  I am currently here in Mandeville, Louisiana, about 25 miles as crows fly twixt here and New Orleans.  Bobby Jindal began as a member of the House of Representin’.  I think he was elected back in 2003 or 2004.  From there, after Kathleen Babineaux Blanco was unable to win reelection, basically resigned, Jindal ran for the governorship and was elected governor in a landslide.  There were people that were running around with stickers on their cars after Hurricane Katrina that said “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Jindal.”  I even had one of those stickers.  Once upon a time, the political career of Bobby Jindal was very, very bright.  He was elected in a landslide election for his first term as governor, and then pretty convincingly for his second term as governor, which is about to expire.


There is something to be said here about his aspirations to run for the presidency.  This is what I really wanted to talk about here just a little bit in the opening segment of the program, to try to put some of this into context here.  Remember, at the height of the GOP campaign for the presidency, in the first debate that was held in August, there were 17 candidates.  Remember, the undercard had seven debaters and ten on the over card.  In the first tier there were ten.  The number has whittled down.  Some of them have dropped out, of course Jindal now being the latest.  I remember remarking at the time: Why is it that so many people want to be president?  Why would anyone want that job?  Who in their right mind would want to sit in the Oval Office?  If Bill Clinton is there it’s the Oral Office.  Since Bush and Obama have been in iPadthere, we don’t know at least – we don’t think it’s the way it was when Clinton was there.  Who would want that job?

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You would want that job for various reasons, the least of which is your pride is telling you that you in your own secular form, using your own secular mind and your own secular will and your own secular education, that if you just get in there and turn the policy knobs just right – no, turn that tax knob down.  [mocking] “Mitter Church, Mitter Church, they need to turn the regulation down.”  Turn the regulation knob down.  Let’s turn up the Medicare Part D knob, up, up, up.  It really is quite the statement of hubris that – I don’t pretend to know that any one of those things in particular, as we distinguish between them, is the solitary reason.  Maybe it’s those and dozens and dozens more.  It is, ladies and gentlemen – we can ascertain, because in almost every debate that’s held, almost every time there are questions that are asked of these men and these women that wish to occupy the office of the presidency of the United States, we get Jindal’s plans and policy subscription.  We’re going to fix this.  We’re going to do this.  We’re going to do that.  In other words, they wish to act like kings and queens.

We have a monarchy.  We don’t call it a monarch but we have a monarchy.  It’s a quasi-elected monarchy.  There are some things that one must do in order to be crowned the next king, or in Hillary’s case, Heaven forfend, the next queen.  My thought on this as a republican and as a Christian crusading remnant is to Governor Kasich, to Governor Jindal, and to the rest of them that hold statewide elected offices: What exactly is the fault or the thing that is unsatisfactory in running a state?

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