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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – One of our three amigos from the top ten politicians to look out for in 2014, Dr. Greg Brannon, running for United States Senate in the great State of North Carolina is on the Dude Maker Hotline, a mere four days before the primary voting in the Tar Heel State.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  One of our three amigos from the top ten politicians to look out for in 2014, Dr. Greg Brannon, running for United States Senate in the great State of North Carolina is on the Dude Maker Hotline, a mere four days before the primary voting in the Tar Heel State.  Dr. Brannon, my friend, how are you?

Greg Brannon:  Very good, Mike, very good.  This morning I was at the hospital.  I’ve got a lady in labor and I was listening to your 7 o’clock hour, at the beginning listening to Patrick Henry talk.  I was like: What a prophet.  That was beautiful.

Mike:  Unfortunately, his prophecies came to bear.  We would wish that he had been incorrect, right?

Brannon:  Exactly.  The thing about our campaign, you talk about going back.  I believe we can have a second great awakening if we do go back.  The two questions I’ve been asking the last 15 months in this campaign was: Who is sovereign?  What is a legitimate role of government?  When you go back to those all the time, they’re answered in our Declaration.  You and I are made in the Creator’s image.  He is sovereign in the universe.  We’re stewards of earth here, so we’re the consents that govern.  The only role of the general government is protecting individuals’ inalienable rights.  Mike, that message has permeated this country, as you know, by your mouth and other great mouths.  The state we have, we have 75,000 on Facebook.  We have, I think, 14,000 volunteers.  We’re endorsed by Senator Mike Lee, Senator Rand Paul, Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks, Tea Party Patriots.  It’s exciting to watch this grassroots race against Mr. Tillis, who’s backed by Jeb Bush, Mr. Common Core, amnesty, backed by Lindsey Graham.  It’s great to see this kind of battle.

Mike:  Let me ask you, Dr. Brannon, a couple controversial points.  I don’t want to put you into a corner here.  Some writers of late have been questioning: Who is this Brannon guy?  He’s barnstorming the countryside.  He wants to talk about nullification and interposition.   He wants to talk about how the State of North Carolina doesn’t have to get permission slips from Congress to do certain things.  They’ve tried to make you out to be, and they’ve taken many of your public speeches that you gave before you were a candidate out of context.  How do you address the critics that say that Greg Brannon is on some kind of a whacko political fringe?

Brannon:  Well, I blame you and Thomas Woods and all those wonderful people —

Mike:  I knew you were going to say that.

Brannon:  I don’t care about the critics, I don’t care.  I know the truth.  You know the truth.  You know what a republic is.  Everything I’m saying is correct.  Article VI, Clause 2 says the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and pursuant thereof.  That book led me to read the convention notes of Virginia.  It led me to read the convention notes of every state, but Virginia’s where Patrick Henry of those 600 pages does a quarter of the talking.  In our state, the Hillsborough Convention, Iredell said: If the federal government ever usurps their power, if Congress has passed laws not enumerated, it is null and void.  Obamacare is null and void.  But it takes the states to understand their positions.  My thing is yeah, come attack me.  You know what?  You and I know that two plus two is four and we’ll expose them.  That’s why Senator Lee said the only guy he’s ever met close to Greg Brannon on constitutional is Ted Cruz.  I know they’re brilliant.  Again, I blame Thomas Woods.  I blame you.

When I was trained to be a surgeon, an OBGYN, I spent 15 years after high school to prepare for that, to have a scalpel in my hand for the first time by myself.  If I did not prepare knowing this document, how arrogant would I be?  That makes this the rule of men, which actually dehumanizes us.  The rule of law, based upon the consent of the governed, actually picks up the individual.  As you know, society is at its best when the individual has the opportunity to succeed and fail.

Mike:  We lost candidate Stovall.  I don’t know if you followed Dwayne’s campaign.  Dwayne did what you did and what you’re doing.  Dwayne spoke to hundreds and hundreds of Tea Party groups where neither of the other two candidates, Mr. Cornyn and the congressman from Dwayne’s district, neither one of those two bothered to travel the state, bothered to go to San Antonio, bothered to go to Austin, bothered to go to Amarillo, Corpus Christie, that Dwayne went to.  What Dwayne found out, Greg, was that the more he talked about federalism and explained it, the more opportunities he got to explain the concept of federalism and why the State of Texas ought to reclaim its original charter and act as though they were living under that federalism that they joined the union under, the more he talked about that, the more amenable, the more friendly people became to the idea, and the more their thirst for this knowledge could not then be quenched.  They began asking questions: Why hasn’t any other candidate come and spoken to us and said this.  Why is this the first time I’ve ever heard that?  Is that your experience in the great State of North Carolina?

Brannon:  Yes.  The thing about this is, I’ve been doing this for about five years as a Tea Party person and constitutionalist running around the state.  Our message, we take everywhere.  What’s beautiful is, I think out of the last 15 — this is establishment rank and file functions, district conventions, county conventions, we’ve won, I think, 13 straw polls out of 15, Mike.  We won big counties 45 to 33.  We know the numbers because the message is there.  We can articulate it and answer the questions.  You go back to those all the time.  We’re a casteless society.  It’s not your gender, your pigment, your religion.  I think we’ve had a longer time that has allowed this to come up.  What’s great is we take that message out.  I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Republican.  Forget all those labels.  We know principle over party wins.

I believe the republican idea in the sanctity of life, which is — Mike, without the sanctity of life, I’m talking about from the moment of conception to natural passing.  If you cannot protect life, you cannot protect liberty or pursuit of happiness.  That we are articulating and taking out people that may not agree with us.  When you show them the heartbeat at 31 days, you talk about that — being an OBGYN I have that benefit — and you tie that to what general government is, Mike, just what you said, that’s taking a day.  That’s why Senator Paul, Senator Cruz, Senator Lee are the stalwarts of our future.  By taking the beautiful from our foundation and applying it today, we can have a great second awakening if we stand up and pledge our life, our fortune, and our honor.  That’s why we need people to donate to our campaign at to fight the machine.  We also need volunteers.

Here’s a thing that’s very interesting, Mike.  These bureaucrats I’m running against believe that if you move the chains a little bit you call it freedom.  That’s garbage.  You and I know a statesmen rips these chains off the individual and starts liberty.  That’s what’s going to win this.  I believe we’re going to win this on May 6th.

Mike:  It’s

Brannon:  Yes.  We have a great rally, those in North Carolina, at 12:00 on Monday, May 5th, at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  Senator Paul is coming to do a rally for us.  This is awesome.  Mike, this is clear.  This is the future of our state.  Do we want a Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz-type senator, or do you want a Lindsey Graham?  This is awesome because the big machine, the architect, last cycle, he lost ten out of twelve.  The grassroots win campaigns.  In this state, Mike, in 2010, the grassroots put Ken in as speaker, put the Republican Party in to make sure he’d get over because they promised a fight against Common Core, against Obamacare, but yet Mr. Tillis actually said Obamacare is a good idea.  He actually put state exchanges in the Senate and the House.  The Senate stopped it.  He actually signed a bill for Common Core.  He’s actually backed by the chamber for amnesty.  That’s why this is a great race and a bulwark for the rest of the country.  We’re going to see the grassroots constitutionalists fight the progressives and the Republican Party and I believe we’re going to win on May 6th.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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