Happy St. George Day-Brought To You By The Assad “Regime”

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St. George is usually represented as killing a Dragon ; and where the representation is complete, there is also given the figure of a Princess, whom the Saint thus saves from being devoured by the monster. This favourite subject of both sacred and profane Art is purely symbolical, and is of Byzantine origin. It signifies the victory won over the devil, by the Martyr’s courageous profession of faith; the Princess represents Alexandra, who was converted by witnessing the Saint’s heroic patience under his sufferings. Neither the “Acts” of St. George nor the Hymns of the Greek Liturgy, allude to the Martyr’s having slain a Dragon and rescued a Princess. It was not till after the 14th century, that this fable was known in the West; and it arose from the putting a material interpretation on the emblems wherewith the Greeks honoured St. George, and which were introduced among us by the Crusaders. – Dom Prosper Gueranger
Mandeville, LAToday is also Saint George’s Day, 23 April, and was ordered to be kept as a lesser holiday as early as 1222. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries St. George’s Day remained a holiday of obligation for English Catholics. Saint George is the subject of many legends involving his slaying of a dragon after making the sign of the cross and converting the entire village that the dragon had tormented.
According to tradition, he was martyred around 300, and numerous sixth-century inscriptions that mention St. George still exist, including one at a monastery at Ezra in Syria from 515, another at a church in Horvath Hesheq in northern Israel dated to 519, and one more at a church in Shakka in Syria from 535. St. George’s in Ezra is thought to be the oldest building in Syria which has been continuously a site of Christian worship. Saint George is the patron saint of England.
To all those cheering The West’s attempts to “regime change” Bashar Assad away by lobbing Cruise missiles at him; funding Al Queda & ISIS and aiding those inside Syria- Mohammedans – trying to bring Assad down, note the location of the 3 church’s that house St. George’s relics and in the enclosed photos that they remaining standing, intact and active. ISIS or a Muslim regime will do to these what they did to similar structures that USED to be in Iraq, until Saddam was “regime changed”. But, hey, USA! USA!
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