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Hate Mail: If We Can’t Rely On You To Homer For The GOP, You’re FINISHED, Mike!

Mandeville, LA – UPDATED (see below) With lightning speed, the – hate mail – threats to end my radio, web and film career have been made by those oh so virtuous defenders of the “republic”, “conservatives”. I knew it would be a long day that when I dared to express and then allow my producer Andrew Gruss to express any opinion on Senator Ted Cruz outside the 3×5 GOP talking point card.

“I have also contacted the Patriot channel in the past to let them know of the issue but I am now taking it one step further.  I will just contact your sponsors directly because at this point your show really needs removed.” – Anonymous

I would like to pose a question for those working tirelessly for my firing: please identify WHEN I became Chief Radio Spokesman for the GOP? When I talked about Senators McCain, Graham and Speaker Boehner in far more desultory tones I never heard from “arrogant bastard” and “Ryan”. Well boys here’s your chance, click the “reply”: button below and don’t be bashful!

From: Mike Ura Ignorantbastard , Email:

Comments: You guys are arrogant bastards.  If you want your show to succeed you should really put down your ignorant pride and at minimal be civil to your callers  (most of which have better points to be made than you).  Rather if you agree with the caller that was on at 7:30 this morning or not,  you should at least be civil to them.   Anything else just will piss off the rest of your listeners.  I have worked to give the show a chance for about a year or so but the one thing I can’t get past is how you handle your callers.

At this point I am done and I will make a point to let your sponsors know.  I will be contacting “my pillow” among other directly encouraging them to pull sponsorship to the show.  I will let them know that I will not be purchasing their product as long as they are sponsoring this show.  I have also contacted the Patriot channel in the past to let them know of the issue but I am now taking it one step further.  I am not giving out my name here because I know Mike will just ridicule and chuckle like the arrogant sob that he really is.  If he could be civil to others I might call the show, give out my name, and discuss the issue over the phone.  Since this does not seem possible I will just contact your sponsors directly because at this point your show really needs removed.  You guys are doing more to destroy the republican party then any democrat ever could.

Thanks for your time and for wasting mine,


(Note Bene: I am fairly confident that I know who the letter writer is)


During this particluar show and the one most prior to it, I had expressed my very consistent position that I was a spokesman for no party and for no politician. Paraphrasing a story from the life of James Monroe, I relayed how John Taylor of Caroline had espoused this point of view to soon to be PRESIDENT Monroe. Author Adam Tate, writes of this exchange in his must read book

“In 1810 Taylor wrote two revealing letters to his friend James Monroe explaining his disenchantment with the Jeffersonian Republicans and highlighting his sense of declension. On October 26, he cautioned Monroe that “a number of people . . thought.. that Mr. Jefferson did manygood things, but neglected some better things.” These critics viewed Jefferson’s policy “as very like a compromise with Mr. Hamilton’s.” He insisted that the “mixture of federal and republican policy” did not gain Federalist support and only “disgusted many republicans.” He asked, “What could reflecting republicans see in a compromise between monarchy and democracy?” Despite the fact that Jefferson’s election in ifioo had defeated Federalism, it gained “a new footing, by being taken into partnership with republicanism.” Real republican principles had been betrayed, and present Republican politicians only paid lip service to Revolutionary republicanism. Taylor told Monroe that such men and principles ought to be “opposed in all [their] pernicious consequences.” He thought that all true republicans were minority men, those who remained steadfast to principles while opposing the fallen away Republican majority. A month later Taylor wrote Monroe again about the state of the Jeffersonian Republicans. He declared, “I am destined to live and die a republican minority man.” He added, “Majority republicanism is inevitably, widely (but not thoroughly) corrupted with ministerial republicanism, and it is also tinctured with the folly of certain sympathies towards strong parties, popularity, and noise.” He maintained that his business as a “true minority man” was to “unveil ministerial republicanism, and to awaken honest majority republicanism: He tried to fulfill his task as a minority man through intellectual means rather than by practical politics.”

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Then there is the puzzling protestation that the “caller” I “gave up on” was making some point about…. when in fact a review of the call would reveal he was making a point about the GOP. My point, specifically, is that when Cruz is correct as a [r]epublican he will find my highest approbation but when he is not in the right & then furthermore carries his dialogue in a manner unbecoming a gentleman (A.G.’s point) he deserves no quarter.

Comments: Good morning, Mr. Church.

 I’m glad AG took the time to clarify his comparison of Cruz to Greyson.  With all due respect, the point you’re trying to make is as nuclear with conservatives that is not worth fighting because all it appears is a justification to be watered down. The caller who you ‘gave up on’ was only trying to make the point that conservatives are sick and tired of having their principles watered down. Listen, you’re an absolute genius when you’re not cheeky and you scoffing at Cruz and the caller doesn’t serve the quality of listener you try to draw.  Good luck and God Bless, Sir.

Ryan, Vista, CA

UPDATE 2 (08:43 p.m. CST) – From email we learn that “Gloen Beck” stole my REAL job, made me a “liar” and I have been plotting revenge for 3.5 years. This revenge culminated today in my “attacks” on Sen. Ted Cruz.

Name: Lynn

Comments: I listen to your show on an off for a few years and I have had my suspicions about you.. trying to protray your self as a Constitutionalist, Libertarian but in reality your a Phony… a true Deceptacon.

Either that or your so upset they bumped you off the 9-12 and gave it to Glen Beck and whatever Gloen Beck is for your  now its TED CRUZ  

It is obvious that your not enen close to a conservative and but far left by the comments you have made so many times. 

You’ll make a couple of statements about the Democrats and Obama and then go off on the Republicans and its all their fault and the Republicans shoud lbe doing this or what the Rebublicans didnt do  and nothing about what the Democrats need to do its all the republicans fault!

Stop pretending what you are ..I give you a chance and ever time I listen have  to change the channel because your so upsetting…..and theres noting worse than starting our day getting upset by listening to liars….. 

UPDATE 1 (07:08 p.m. CST) – From my FaceBook Fan Page. Just when I thought it was safe to post my [r]epublican thought of the day, I get called a Cruz hating “idiot” and compared to John McCain. Wow, from nearly “Anonymous”, Joe Livingston:

Mr. Church…

I have enjoyed your show, but I have to say that I am shocked at what I have heard this morning from you.

You, of all people, should know that the job of political representatives in a republic is to represent to the best of their abilities their constituents. Senators, who were and should still be appointed from state legislature, even more so. Ted Cruz is a senator from my great state of Texas. You may not agree with how he debates and communicates. I state for the record, it is not YOU who he cares to please. It is “I” who he represents. And millions of “ME” in Texas who voted him into office to represent us. Oppose this liberal- fascist agenda by any means possible. To stand up to anyone who trashes individual rights and the Constitution. To tell those traitors like “Feinstein”, who still doesn’t know what a magazine is for a firearm, that they are ignorant, which they for fact are.

You disappoint me. Your theory of playing nice reminds me of idiots like John McCain. Mr. McCain employed your recommended statesmanlike sentiment when he cowered to every liberal while running for President. His “Obama is a great man, and I won’t say he would be a bad President” speech is just one example from this bafoon. You are wrong Mr. Church. Cruz will do just fine as our next President as long as he doesn’t become another Karl Rove like liberal as you and the establishment republicans want him to be.

Thanks for your time,

Joe Livingston

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Mike, I would not consider myself a fan of yours, so much as I would consider myself a student. I think that your listeners fail to realize the old point of not getting everyone to agree 100% of the time. It just isn’t possible. Unfortunately, yours is the only program that I can sit through as I agree with you over any other personality on the air, be it radio or TV. The reason I felt compelled to chime in on this subject is that my one complaint about your program is the way you handle callers. Granted, some callers are just a waste of space, but I would prefer that you use the opportunity to try and educate the caller as to why they are wrong. Is this naive? Probably, but you help the audience in phrasing arguments in their personal lives. I myself have trouble composing my thoughts into verbal communication. So the repetition of the lesson helps build that muscle memory, so to speak.


How does one purport to arrive at the conclusion that provided for objectivity deserves seething vitriolic and bitter criticism such described above? In what paradigm is it respectable; that during honest open discourse concerning ideas and subject matter as primary, meaningful, and necessary as what is discussed on our host’s forum; for such wrongly focused indignation. Insufferable childish behavior.


Mike…Be a DUCK…let it roll off your back…YOU Sir…are a voice of reason! I also agree with some of what Cruz is saying… He stood for those that elected him, but he needs to be ABOVE the fray and be a Statesman. Mike…Keep preaching…keep learning…and keep teaching! We are LISTENING….and LEARNING ourselves!


I like the fact that Mike doesn’t simply fall in line with the GOP mantra. He is just as critical of Republicans that do not adhere to the Constitution as he is of Democrats and that is a good thing. We need more people like him that force the public to spend a little time applying some critical thinking skills to the issues of the day. If more people did, and then questioned their representatives at every level, we might not be in the mess we are in right now.

Thanks Mike, and I will be ordering A My_Pillow and letting them know where I heard about them.


More passionate responses from inflamed republicans. I understand the frustration, but in order to draw an unbiased conclusion about the downfall of an entire government you have to take a step back remove emotion and look at it from a factual stance. I do not agree with the likes of McCain, and “The Party”, and I agree with a lot of what Cruz had to say, but Mike has always held the consensus that he doesn’t fall under ANY party. In fact Mike also pointed out the fact that Cruz was correct in the fact that he stood for the citizens of Texas not the Republican party. He has just as much right to express his opinion as anyone that comes on HIS radio show. If you don’t like it, turn it off. For me, I will continue to listen for education, information, and the comical Parodies from the Mike Church Band.

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